Pay Roll Dates Are Announced By Firms

Times- Leader, Wilkes-Barre, PA., Friday Evening March 30, 1934 page 5
Pay Roll Dates Are Announced By Firms
Leading industries of Wyoming Valley, aside from coal companies, announce the following pay schudules:

Firm Number of Employes Time of Pay
Armour & Co. 103 March 31st and every other Sat.
Ashley Borough Employes 7 1st and 15th
Banks Construction Co. 12 March 28 and every other Wed.
Bertel's Metal Ware Co. 60 Saturdays
Boston Store 450 Mondays
Carr Biscuit Co. 100 Weekly
C. R. R. of N. J. 400 11th and 26th
Cohen-Fein 200 1st and 15th
Comerford Theatres 125 Fridays
B. G. Coon Construction Co. 23 7th and 22nd
Crane Bros., Kingston 300 Semi-monthly
Duplan Silk Corp., Kingston 1600 Semi-monthly
Duplan Silk Corp. 286 About 1st and 15th
Edwardsville Borough 12  
Forty Fort Bor. Employes 15 1st and 3rd Mondays
Forty Fort School Employes 65 March 29th
General Cigar Co., Kingston 1400 Weekly
Georgetown Silk Co. 200 March 30th and every other Fri.
Goeringer Construction Co. 50 April 7th and every other Sat.
Hazard Insulated Wire 250 Thursdays
Hazard Wire Rope Works 453 Thursdays
Hessler Laundry 107 Fridays
Hess-Goldsmith, 4 mills 800 Semi-Monthly
Kingston Borough Employes 40 April 6th
Larksville School Employes 95 Last of month
Lion Brewing Co. 61 Thursdays
Luzerne Borough Employes 12 April 6th
Luzerne County Employes 329 Middle and last of month
Mallow-Sterling Hotel 182 5th and 20th
Martz Company 225 Mondays
Miner-Hillard Milling Co. 120 About 4th and 18th
National Cash Register Co. 15 Fridays
Newark Silk Co. 150 March 29th and alternate Thurs.
Plymouth Borough Employes   April 2nd
Plymouth Excavating Co. 95 12th and 26th
Pressed Steel Co. 60 April 5th and alternate Thurs.
Redington Hotel 60 5th and 20th
Sanitary Cleaning & Dyeing 137 Tuesdays
Spauldings Bakery 80 Tuesdays
State Department Employes   2nd and 16th of each month
State Liquor Stores of County 50 Middle and last of month
Stegmaier's Brewing Co. 165 Thursdays
Superior Spinning Mills 90 10th and 25th
Times-Leader 150 Saturdays
Vulcan Iron Works 450 1st and 15th
Wilkes-Barre Can Co. 212 April 5th and alternate Thurs.
Wilkes-Barre City Employes 450 5th and 20th
Wilkes-Barre Lace Co. 700 Thursdays
Wilkes-Barre Post Office Em. 200 1st and 16th
Wilkes-Barre Railway Corp. 500 5th and 20th
Wilkes-Barre School Employes 750 March 28th
Wyoming Brewing Co. 56 Mondays
Wyoming Textile Co.   March 30th and alternate Fridays
Wyoming Valley Lace Co. 200 Fridays

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