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From LDS Film #384,539, Bible Records from Berks Co. by Steinmetz, at the Historical Society, Phila.:

p. 73-74 NAGLE Title - "The Life of Our Blessed Lord and Savior Jesus Christ" by the Rev. John Fleetwood, D. D. Printed by Virtue, Son and Co., London and New York (no date given)


p. 73 Jeremiah NAGLE was married to Elizabeth KISSINGER the tenth of Sep.1839.


p. 74 Jeremiah was born 29th of April, year 1818

Elizabeth KISSINGER was born May 9, 1821

Sarah Ann was 3rd of March, year 1840

Hendry (sic) Augustus born the 30th of March 1841

Ellenner was born the 9th of March year 1843

Catharine was born 23rd of Nov. year 1845

(Christiana) Christian was born 22nd of Dec. year 1847

Mary Elisabeth born 1st of Jan. year 1850

George Washington born 18th of Oct. year 1851

Caroline was born 26th of Nov. year 1853

Jeremiah was born 8th of Dec. year 1855

Cora SELLERS was born 10th of Mar. year 1860

Emma CASWELL was born 24th of Jan. year 1862


Emma died July 15, 1862

Caroline died June 2nd 1863

Christiana died in the summer of 1849 and was laid in Palmer Burying Ground.

(The Bible Record of my great grandparents) this book is now in the possession of J. E. Sturgis NAGLE, Aldan, Delaware County, PA. (Copied by J. E. Sturgis NAGLE, Aldan, PA July 19, 1928)

(Note: All of the above including this statement about the Bible was on the film and has nothing to do with me, Ruth Steffey)


 The following was found in book 974.8, A1, No. 1 (Family History Center, Salt Lake City, Ut) "Burial Records of Zion's Church/Cemetery, Zion's Stone Church near Kreidersville, Allen Twp., Northampton Co. PA:

NAGLE, Maria 1-14-1822 6-26-1861

NAGLE, Charles 12-20-1822 11-18-1872

NAGLE, John May 16, 1769 Feb. 7, 1845 - 75 y.8m.21d.

NAGLE, Reyben Nov. 14, 1828 Oct. 14, 1842 - 13y. 11m. 13d.

NAGLE, Daniel Sep. 7, 1849 Oct. 4, 1849 - 1m. 3d.

NAGLE, Jones Oct. 26, 1835 Jan. 15, 1830 - 2m. 20d.

NAGLE, Mary Ann Jan. 25, 1831 June 3, 1837 - 6y. 4m. 9d.

NAGLE, George Jan. 24, 1793 Sep. 12, 1843 - 50y. 7m. 18d.

NAGLE, Rosina Nov. 7, 1801 Dec. 29, 1842 - 41y. 1m. 22d.

 Book 974.838/E1, K2w: St. John's Evangelical Lutheran Ch., Espy, Columbia Co., PA


NAGLE, Morris, residence, Marietta

GREENAWALT, Anna Helena, residence, Espy

25 Dec. 1878


NAGLE, Rebecca: 20 Aug. 1868 (death date); 64y. 3m. 27d.

NAGLE, Wm.: 12 May 1931 (burial date); 74-5-4; Place of burial: Almedia

NAGLE, Hurley E.: 24 Dec. 1941 (burial date); 79-11-11; Place of burial: Creveling Cemetery.


From LDS Film #384,539, Bible Records by Steinmetz:

Bible, Nurnberg 1736 Historical Society (This is my note, but I'm not sure exactly what it means now. )

This appears to be part of the WITHINGTON Bible records and it included the following mentions of NAGLE:


Frederick W. NAGLE: 29 June 1748

Elizabeth Catharine D. NAGLE: 23 March 1752 (wf. of Fred. W.)


Eliz. Cath. Dean NAGLE: 25 Sep. 1823 - age 71y. 6mo. 2 da.

Frederick William NAGLE: 10 Nov. 1833 - age 85y. 4mo. 11da.

"This is the property of Mary D. NAGLE, Jan. 16 Anno Domini 1834"

Mary D. NAGLE: 29 May 1784

Took on Easter Sunday AD 1801 for the last time the Holy Supper Rev. Pauli off. Sponsors: Adam Scheury and Elizabeth Schuery.

(Note: all of the following simply say, "my daughter was born, named ---and gives the dates:)

Catharine, 31 July 1774

Maria Elizabeth, 16 -- 1776

Margaretha, 15 -- 1779

Marie, 8 Oct. --

Susanna, 3 Sept. 1786

Sara, 5 Nov. 1789

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