Some Early Residents of Hazleton, Luzerne County, Pa.

The below was taken from articles printed in the Hazleton Newspapers of 1941.

The staff of the Hazleton Sentinel Newspaper in 1894 was composed of:

Henry Walser

Christine Yeager

Thomas McHale

Mame Balliet

William O'Donnell

Victor Dougherty

Arthur Mumaw

Richard Goldsworthy

Anna Wilhelm

Elizabeth Wilhelm

Grace Robertson

Florence Acker

John Zacher

Billy Grassler

James Cadden

James Clyde

Ralph Baker

The Hazleton Liberty Band was founded October 18, 1859. It is the city's oldest musical organization and played at the surrender of General Lee in the Civil War on April 9, 1865. When it was organized in 1859 the band had the following members:

Justus Altmiller

George Reinhart

John Gliem 1st

John Gliem 2nd

Simon Gliem

John Lapp

George Smith

On September 13, 1861, the band enlisted in a body in the Union Army and became the regimental band of the 11th Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry, commanded by Colonel Dick Coulter. At the time its membership was:

George A. Miller, leader

Sgt. John Fuehrer

Sgt. John Gliem 1st

Sgt. John Gliem 2nd

Sgt. Simon Gliem

Sgt. Justus Altmiller

Corp. Charles Altmiller

Corp. Thomas B. Tweedle

Corp. William Minnick

Corp. George Krell

Corp. Charles Lapp

Private John P. Straw

Private Charles F. Anthony

Private John Bitner

Private William Bitner

Private Henry Ditlinger

Private William Etting

Private Levi Farrow

Private John Robel

Private John Schutter

Private William Schutter

While connected with this regiment, the band members carried from the field of battle the wounded, serving under fire. On September 23, 1862 the War Department disbanded all bands. Upon being discharged, Charles Altmiller and a new member, Henry Meiss, re-enlisted on the 3rd New Jersey Cavalry. The other members re-enlisted in September 1864 in the 19th Pennsylvania Volunteers and served until the end of the war with this infantry regiment. They were detailed as a band and upon reaching the front the organization was created as the Band of the First Brigade, First Division, 5th Army Corps. Those who were with the band were:

John Gliem Sr.

John Gliem Jr.

Simon Gliem

Justus Altmiller

George Smith

George Grebey

John Koenig

Henry Mans

Emmanuel Reinmiller

John Lapp

Charles Lapp

George Reinmiller

Adam Schmauch

Frank Mumaw

Conrad Fey

Michael Gerlach

Conrad Schugardt

Henry Griesing

The band was mustered out on June 4, 1865.

Members of the Hazleton Liberty Band in 1882 were:

William Walton

Conrad Schugard

George Lapp

Philip Maue

Jesse White

John Schwartz

Henry Sachse

Emmanuel Reinmiller

R.F. Stutzbach

Justus Altmiller, director

Adam Schmauch

Christ Kline

Charles Altmiller

August Scheuch

George Grebey

Frank Klinger

Baltzer Krapf

Charles Hampel

William Steckroth

The members of the West Hazleton Fire Company in 1910 were:

Oscar B. Pettit, foreman hook and ladder

William Zobel

Harry S. Jones

William Voth

Nicholas Reichart

Wesley F. Snyder, chief

Amandus Smith

William Rimer

Bart W. Stoll

William Kreger

Cormac Doran

C.H. Weisenborn, assistant foreman hook and ladder

Frank Howey, financial secretary

Daniel J. Pearson, stoker

Adam Correll

Oscar Schneider, chief engineer

John McAndrews

John Lodderhose

Michael Henry, foreman

Joseph Stoll

Henry George

H.F. Shirmer, trustee

Frank Stoll

Stephen Snyder, fire driver

Fred Lodderhose, chauffeur

F.C. Kraft, assistant engineer

Fred Henry, treasurer

Ferdinand Krause, second assistant engineer

H.W. Smith

In 1886 the former Arnold & Krell Brewery operated at the corner of Mine and Mill Streets in Hazleton. The brewery staff at that time were:

John Arnold

John Krell

Harry Jacobs

Charles Schnitzer

Nicholas Keuch

George Arnold

Robert Sager

William Dinne

John Schauber

Peter Schmidt

The Hazleton Post Office Staff in 1900 were:

Morris Huntzinger, carrier

John Altmiller, carrier

Michael McHale, carrier

Andrew Houston, carrier

Edward Boyle, special delivery messenger

Edward A. Hughes, carrier

William MacQuaid, carrier

N.J. Heck, carrier

Jacob Powell, carrier

William Schmauch, carrier

Fred Beck, clerk

J.C. Doud, assistant postmaster

William M. Powell, postmaster

George C. Bock, clerk

Lee Monroe, clerk

The Most Precious Blood Church of Jesus on Seybert Street was the first Italian Catholic church in Hazleton. The first communion was celebrated by Rev. Father Petruzzi in the early 1890's. Those that received communion were:

Charles Gennaro

Frank O. Fornataro

John Ascelta

James Clement

Frank Pepe

Joseph Garramone

Anthony Fornataro

Anthony Damian

Joseph Nasca

Gerardo Scarano

Children of the Angelo family

Children of the Parnell family

Mrs. Nicholas St.Mary (Millie Sarlo)

Mrs. Michael Dutz

Mrs. Michael Fescina

Mrs. Pasquale Raico

Mrs. John Lio

Mrs. Frank Marino

Mrs. Anthony Lettieri

Mrs. Joseph Evangelist

Mrs. John Cuozzo

Mrs. John Canadeo

Mrs. John Sasso

Mrs. Nicola

Mrs. Frank Riccio

Mrs. Luke Passarella

Mrs. Lena Albanese

Mrs. Millie Sagaria

Mrs. Catherine Liebner

Mrs. Samuel Capparell

Mrs. Louis Ferdinand

Mrs. Josephine Parnell

Mrs. Angelo Angelini

Mrs. Coons, organist of the congregation

Miss Mary Liebener

Miss Margaret Lio

In 1894 the city of Hazleton planned to take over the Nescopeck Creek for the supply of its municipal water system. The City Engineering Corp was in charge of the project. The members of it were:

John Breslin, L.V.R.R. engineer

Robert Bonner Jack, D.D. Pastor Emeritus, First Presbyterian Church

Charles Bomboy, miller for Pardee & Co.

Barton Youngman, city engineer

James Chamberlain

Albert W. Mans, registered engineer

William Hartig, restaurant owner

James Gaughan

John Betterly

Charles Schellhammer


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