My grandmother, Ida Jane Seely (nee Briggs) was born in 1869 in Briggsville, Nescopeck Township, Luzerne County, PA. For several years she kept an autograph book, which I now have. At first it was my intention only to post the names, places, and dates, but some of the sentiments were just too lovely to leave out. There were many more, however, the entire name was not given. Hope you enjoy them!

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Ida, to have a friend, you must be one first yourself.

M. R. Henry

To Ida,
In virtue's pathway always tread,
But evil's broadway dare to shun;
Then, golden wreaths, will crown your head,
When this inconstant race is won.

A. B. Stahr, Briggsville, Luzerne Co., Pa., Aug. 21, 1881.

To Ida
In years gone By When this you See
I will Seem to Say Remember Me
I will Speak to you When I Can Not
I will Seem to Say forget me Not

C. V. Seiwell

Friend Ida
Friends will pass and when thine eyes
These friendly lines shall see
Let memory dwell on days gone by
And sometimes think of me.
Your friend,

Wm. F. Miller, Briggsville, Lu. Co., Penna. Feb. 26, 1887

If wisely wisdom's way you'd seek,
Fine things observe with care,
Of whom you speak, to whom you speak,
And how, and when and where.
Yours truly,

John W. Thomas, Briggsville, Luzerne Co., PA

To Ida
I pluck from memory's golden spot
This little verse of friendship dear
And may I hope that you will not
forget the one who placed it here.
Your friend

Geo. Houck, Briggsville, Luz. Co., Pa., June 10, 1881

Friend Ida
These few lines to you are tendered,
From a friend sincere and true;
And I hope to be remembered
When I'm far away from you
Your friend and schoolmate

Annie Zelner, Hazleton, Luz. Co., PA

Remember me
Within this book so pure and white
Let none but friends presume to write
And within each line with friendship given
Direct the readers' thoughts to heaven
Written by your cousin

Lulu C. Briggs - 1882

To Ida
May angels twine for thee
A wreath of immortality

E. H. Harter, Hobbie, Luzerne Co.

To Ida
Long may you live
Happy may you be
When you get married
Call and see me

Mary F. Angstadt, Briggsville, Pa.

Your album is the golden spot in which to write forget me not

Lovina Henry

Strive to enter in that heavenly home
While here on earth we cannot stay

Mary J. Bower
(author's note...Mary Jane Bower was the wife of the Rev. T. J. Bower. Her maiden name was Readler. She was Ida's aunt.)

To Ida
If you wish to get to heaven,
You must try to be a Christian.
Your friend

Clara Readler, Briggsville

To Ida
The Album is a book of egotic fame
Below a few fascinating lines they place their names
Their friendship in them they do declare
But sound them well
They may be but for a snare

Arlington Houck, Briggsville, Aug 7, 1881

True Friends who treat you very kind,
But some are kind to face in view,
And they are false and will deceive you.
Give me one that is like you
I think that you are true
Ida, be a good girl, obey your parents that you may obtain a crown in heaven
that shall be my wish. Whenever this you see, remember me, Ida

T. J. Bower, Briggsville, October 16th, 1881.

To Ida
Hoping to be remembered, I sign myself
Your "California teacher"

W. B. Johnson

Friend Ida
When years and months have glided by
And on this page you cast your eye
Remember twas a friend sincere
That left this kind remembrance here
With best wishes for your future cheer
Your affectionate schoolmate

Martha Keen

Our life is measured by the deeds we do;
And the works that we pursue
If then you would live long, act well
Thy friend

Mary E. Berger, Hazleton, Luz. Co., PA., July 21, 1886

Your future depends very much on who your companions are

W. E. Seely, Briggsville, Pa., Jan 7, 1884

Friend Ida
Dear Ida may your life be blest
With friendship, love, and happiness
May all your friends prove true
And cheer you all the journey through
Your affectionate friend

Martha A. Keen, Briggsville, Penna., Feb 8, 1884

Friend Ida
Not enjoyment, and not sorrow,
Is our destined end or way
But to act, that each tomorrow
Finds us farther than today
Very Resp'y yours
J. H. Seely, Briggsville, Luz. County, Penna., Jan 7, 1888 (Author's note...J. H. Seely became her husband just four years later.)

Friend Ida
Though the world smile on you blandly
Let your friends be choice and few
Choose your course, pursue it grandly
And achieve what you pursue.
Your schoolmate

Anna E. Seely, Briggsville, Luz. Co., Penna., Dec. 5th, 1882

Our schooldays will soon be over
When you and I must part
O then remember me once more
And place me near your heart
Your schoolmate

Ida A. E. Arner, Wapwallopen, Luz. Co., Penna., Dec 7th, 1882

To Ida
May you always be happy
And live at your ease
Get a kind husband
And do as you please
Your schoolmate

Wm. T. Smith, Luz. Co., Feb 7, 1884

March 28, 1882
Receive this as a proof of the pleasure afforded me on account of your worthy conduct, study, recitation, and attendance at school.
Always do right, and God will bless you.
Very respectfully yours

L. Parvin Sterner, Orangeville, Columbia Co., PA

In weaving the wreath of friendship
Place therein a bud for me
Your sincere friend

W. J. Smith, Mar. 26th, 1888

Friend Ida
May you, my friend, be ever blest,
With friends selected from the best
And in return may you extend
A gem of love to every friend.
Your Friend

Mary M. Raber. Jan 19, 1885

To Ida
As in the path of life we trod
We come to many a place
Where, if not careful we may fall,
And sink in sad disgrace.
Your Truly

P. R. Myers, Nescopeck, Luz., Co., Jan 16th 1886

To Ida
Forget me not, I only ask
Those simple words of thee
And may it be an easy task
To sometimes think of me
Your friend

M. S. Myers, Nescopeck, Luzerne Co., Penna., Dec 11, 1883

To Ida
Punctuality and proficiency are traits of character to be admired in anyone
Then, Ida, continue as you are doing at present. Always be in your place on time with your lessons well prepared.
Do not procrastinate, for procrastination is a thief of time. There will be rest enough in the grave.
May you become intellectual and intelligible is the wish of your friend.

J. G. Myers, Dec 7, 1882

To Friend Ida
We may write our names in albums
We may trace them in the sand
We may chisel them in marble
With a firm and skillful hand
But the pages soon are sullied
Soon each flower will fade away
Every monument will crumble
Like all earthly hopes decay
But, dear friend, there is an album
Full of leaves of snowy white
Where no name is ever tarnished
But forever pure and bright
In that book of life,"God's album,"
May your name be penned with care
And may all who here have written
Write their names forever there
Your schoolmate

Annie Zelner, Hazleton, Penna., Jan. 15th 1885

When rocks and hills divide us both
And you not more I see
Then think, Ida, a think of me
Your Friend

Mattie Heacock, Briggsville, Luz. Co. Penna., Feb. 8, 1889

With kindest regards

Fannie Fairclough, Yates, Penna., Feb. 4 1893

Always learn to make the most of life
Make glad each passing day
For time will never bring thee back
The chances swept away
Yours truly

W. A. Fenstermacher, Briggsville, Luz. Co., Penna., Feb 7., 1883

To Ida
May your progress through life's busy road
Bring blessings of daily increase
At its close may its blessings in fullness abound
In harmony, gladness, and peace.
Your schoolmate

H. Fenstermacher, Wapwallopen, Penna., Jan 13, 1885

To Ida
Tell me love
And tell me true
If you love me
As I love you
Yours truly

N. J. Readler, Briggsville, Luz. Co., Pa., April 12th, 1884

To Ida
As years pass by, for that they will
Remember your friends that are right up the hill
Yours truly

C. P. Readler, Briggsville, Luz. Co., Pa., April 12th, 1884

Friend Ida
May your cheeks retain their dimples
May your heart be just as gay
Until some manly voice shall whisper
Dearest, will you name the day.
Your schoolmate

(no first name) Angstadt, Briggsville, Luz. Co., Pa., January 20, 1883

To Ida
Never trouble trouble
Until trouble troubles you
Your Friend

W. K. Bittenbender, Hobbie, Luzerne Co., Pa., April 24, 1884

Miss Briggs
Never grow weary in well-doing

M. M. Harter, Nescopeck, Pa., 2,18,1887

To Ida
The safest gains of all are brought
By industry and prudent thought
Yours truly

W. J. Myers, Nescopeck, Jan. 1886

Count that day lost
Whose low descending sun
Viens from thy hand
No worthy action done
Your cousin

Ada Pealer, Constintine, Michigan, 10-5-1883

To Ida
Let not our friendship
Like the roses wither
But like the evergreen
Last forever
Your Friend

R. L. Myers, Briggsville, Pa., Oct. 20th, 1885

Every hour that fleets so slowly
Has its work to do on bear
Luminious the crown and holy
When each gem is set with care
Very truly

J. G. Secor, Dec. 3, 1886

Miss Briggs
I've looked these pages oer and oer
To see what others wrote before
And in this little lonely spot
I'll here inscribe forget me not.
W. N. A.

Amanda E. Thrash, Nescopeck, Feb. 28, 1886

Friend Ida
May you, my friend, be ever blest
With friends selected from the best
And in return may you extend
That gem of love to every friend
A friend

Geo. W. Thrash, Nescopeck, March 2, 1886

To Ida
Better live well than long
Your friend

A. Hess, Bloomsburg, Pa.

To Ida
May you walk the path of duty
Whether strewn with thorns or flowers
Will you reach that land of beauty
Where no storm of sorrow lowers.
Your friend

Geo. H. Smith, Briggsville, Penna., May 30, 1885

To Ida
Although I am advised not to write fast, I hope the thought I would express may last
Your Friend

M. C. Hess, Orangeville, Pa., Apr. 21, 1887

To Ida
My ink is pale my pen is poor
My love to you shall never fail

Ida Fonx/Fovx?, Briggsville

When in some lonely spot you sit
And wish for some kind friend to see
Return your thoughts when first we met
And kindly think of me
Your friend

Sarah Keen, Briggsville, Luz. Co. Pa., Dec. 5, 1882

Friend Ida
The pure in heart shall see God's Bible
Your friend

Clara Miller, Briggsville, Penna., Feb. 26, 1888

Friend Ida
Remember the writer
J. B. Smith, Briggsville, Penna., Luz. Co., Feb. 22, 1887

Friend Ida
When in some lonely spot you sit
And wish some friend to see
Recall your thoughts, when last we met
And kindly think of me
Your friend

Martha Keene, Briggsville, Luz. Co., Pa.

Friend Ida
Forget me not, forget me never
For never can I thy form forget
My love for thee will last forever
And I will surely remember thee
Yours truly

Clara Readler, Briggsville, Luz. Co., Pa., Sept. 12th 1885

Wishing you well in all things

James A. Rohbach, January 15th 1885

In memories' casket
Drop one pearl for me
Your friend

Ida Pealer, Constantine, Mich, Oct. 5, 1885

Friend Ida Briggs
Your friend
Susan Thrash, Nescopeck, Luz. Co., Pa., Feb. 28

To Ida
May your joys be as deep as the ocean
And it's sorrows as light as the foam
Remember your friend

Atta, Nescopeck, Pa.

(Author's note...Atta was Atta Smith who married Richard Briggs and became Ida's sister-in-law)

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