Luzerne County Civil War--- 11th Regiment

This regiment was organized April 26th, 1861, for three month's service. After a short period of drill it was, on the 27th of May, ordered foward to guard the Philadelphia, Wilmington, and Baltimore Railroads, some bridges on which had been destroyed. Company E, Captain Johnson, was stationed at Charlestown. On the 18th of June the regiment went via Baltimore and Harrisburg to Chambersburg, thence to Hagerstown, MD. On the 20th of June, it was placed in the bridgade commanded by Colonel (afterward General) Abercrombie, and on the 2nd of July crossed the Potomac at Williamsport under that commander and was actively engaged in the battle at Falling Water, in which the forces of Jackson were put to flight. In this action three Company E (James Morgan, Daniel R Stiles, and Nelson Headen) were wounded. After this fight the company went with the brigade to Martinsburg, thence to Bunker Hill and on the 17th of July to Charlestown. Here, as the expiration of their term of enlistment approached, General Patterson had the 11th paraded and requested the men to remain some days beyond this term. He asked them to signify their willingness to do by bringing their arms to a shoulder at the word. When the order was given every musket was shouldered. By arrangements the regiment was re-mustered for three years after it's muster-out and allowed to retain its number.

Field and Staff Officers:

Phaon Jarret-Colonel
Richard Coulter-Lieutentant Colonel
William D. Earnest-Major
F. Asbury Awl-Adjutant
William H Hay-Quartermaster
William T Babb-Surgeon
H.B. Buchler-Assistant Surgeon


John B Johnson-Captain
John B Fish-First Lieutenant
Thomas DeKetta-Second Lieutenant
William E. Sees-First Sergant
Samuel Hodgdon-Second Sergant
William C. Blair-Third Sergant
Francis C. Woodhouse-Fourth Sergant
Jacob Fell-First Corporal
George Cleaver-Second Corporal
Cornelius Vanscoy-Third Corporal
Charles F Stewart-Forth Corporal
James D Giddings-Musician
Thomas Helm-Musician


Henry Aulbert

Charles Bird
Samuel Beard
Ervin S Barnes
Thomas Brennan
John S Benedict
Alfred B Bradley
John Blair
Edward H. Berry

Abraham Creamer
David Creamer
George Chamberlain
Bartholomew Coggins
Patrick D Curry
Thomas R Conner
Jeffrey Cummings
Asa J Carlin
William H. Crawford

John Davis
James Dunkley
Charles Decker

Henry E Elbridge

William Fausnaught
William B Ferris

Thomas F. Gilmore

Thomas Hoffman
Nelson Hedden
Joseph D Hampton
James P Hunter
Robert High
Charles Hamilton
John W. Humphreys

Joseph Jones
John Jarrett

John B Kelley

Aaron Lamberson
Frank Lowder
Henry Leader

John Mackey
James Morgan
James Miller

David Newhard

William Plant
John Perkins
James Powers

William L Russell
Thomas Russell
Milton B Repass
Thomas Robinson

Edward J Schooley
James E. Smith
John A Shepherd
John Shannon
Martin M Smith
John Snyder
Daniel R Stiles
William H Small

Daniel Taylor
John Thomlinson

Charles Vanderbergh

Lewis Wagoner
Daniel Williams
David H. Williamson
William Williams
James Wagoner
David B Wiley
Edward Welsh
Harrison B. Ward

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