Ashley, Pennsylvania

1866 – 1966

“Others have labored and we are entered into their labors”





Left to right:  Seated – Homer E. Graham, Vice-President; Leroy Cooper, President; Harry J. Williams, Secretary-Treasurer.


Standing – George Ichter, Carl H. Kretchmer, George Smith, George H. Oliver.


Absent – William H. Johnson, David Evans.



Former Trustees


Harry Aten                                     William Evans                                     George Lutz

Arthur S. Bell                                 L. H. Flory                                            Gurnie B. Lyons

Charles Beltz                                Daniel Frederick                                  Samuel Oliver

James Black                                 Edward Gardner                                 James W. Reynolds

Robert Blair                                   Kenneth Gay                                       David R. Roberts

Thomas P. Blodgett                      Homer E. Graham                              John Schwab

E. E. Breyer                                  Harry Hannis                                       R. S. Small

Robert Brown                                George Heycock                                 Edward Space

Carlos P. Cole                              Edgar S. Hittinger                                Edgar Stark

Frank Croll                                    David R. Hughes                                 Emerson H. Wech

Charles I. Davis                            Harry W. Johnson                               Arthur X. Williams

C. S. Detro                                    Joseph Johnson                                  Foster B. Williams

Jacob Drumheller                         Robert H. Johnson                              Hugh W. Williams

David Dunlop                                Robert W. Johnson                             Arthur Williamson

Dr. H. Irvin Evans                          John A. Jones                                     James Williamson





Left to right:  Mrs. Harry West, Secretary; Mrs. Oscar Flickinger, President; Mrs. Thomas Williams, Treasurer.


            The exact date the Ladies Aid Society was organized cannot be determined but we assume it was shortly after the organization of our Church.  Church records reveal that in May, 2880, the Ladies Aid Society and the Board of Trustees, at a joint meeting, decided to purchase a 900 pound church bell.  In 1907, when the church was renovated, the society purchased the stained glass window depicting the “Resurrection”.


            Their projects have included serving church suppers, conducting bazaars, bake sales, rummage sales, and the sale of household items.  The proceeds from their varied activities have been given to the Trustees to use at their discretion.


            Former presidents, Mrs. William Field, Mrs. William J. Gemmel, Mrs. Warren Oliver, and Mrs. James O’Connell, gave able leadership to the Society.














Left to right: Seated – Mrs. Evan Thomas, Vice-President; Mrs. Thompson O'Connell, President, Miss Edith Hannis, Secretary.


Standing – Mrs. Robert Metz, Corresponding Secretary; Miss Mabel Hannis, Assistant Secretary.


Absent – Mrs. John Ichter, Treasurer.


            The Gertrude Polk Missionary Society was organized in August, 1916, by Mrs. Gertrude Polk, wife of the Reverend Thomas McKeen Polk.  Mrs. Polk was the first President and the Society was named in her honor.  Miss Jennie Barklie was elected as Sectetary and Miss Emma B. Gemmel as Treasurer.


            This group grew rapidly in membership and through the years has been an active missionary society contributing to both foreign and home missionary projects, as well as supporting other activities of the Church.










Left to right: Seated – Mrs. William Earley, Vice President; Mrs. Marilyn Boylan, President; Mrs. Jerome Johnson, Past President.


Standing – Mrs. Albert West, Treasurer; Mrs. Donald Villano, Secretary; Mrs. Fred Hawke, Assistant Treasurer.


            The Graham Chapter, first known as Westminster Guild, was organized on October 12, 1930, by Mrs. Robert Graham, wife of the Reverend Robert Graham.  Miss Ruth Kemmerer was the first President.  The purpose of the organization is to act as a Mission Study Group.  Over the years they have served the Church through various projects.  The members have been faithful and devoted to their objectives.



















Left to right: Seated – Mrs. Doris Richards Hughes, Vice-President; Mrs. Ruth McGowan O’Connell, President, Miss Mildred Williams, Secretary.


Standing – Mrs. Lillian Kemmerer Heslop, Organizer and Advisor; Mrs. Louise McGowan Koons, Secretary.



            In September, 1931, Miss Lillian Kemmerer organized the Junior Group of Westminster Guild.  Miss Ruth Craig was elected its first President.  In honor of its organizer the name was later changed to Lil-Yvonne Society.  As a mission study group this society has continued to support missionary work and the work of the Church.



















Thomas J. Tudgay





Left to right: First Row – Marlene Ondish, Mary Albrandt, Carol West, Florence Gulick, Michael Ondish.

Second Row – Gail Stark, Mrs. Edgar Stark, Mrs. Thomas Tudgay, Mrs. Michael Ondish.

Third Row – Mrs. Donald Villano, Janice Loucks, Mrs. Thompson O’Connell.

Fourth Row – Benjamin R. Bona, James O’Connell, Thomas J. Tudgay, Chorister.

Absent – Mrs. James Finnigan, Donna Powell, Nancy Powell, Mary Ellen Evans.






Left to right: First Row – Linda Kretchmer, Nancy Oravic, Sandy Hess, Kim Evans.

Second Row – June Loucks, Dorcas Bray, Linda Baran, Laura Lee Bray.

Third Row – Robert Hess, Ted Stark, Thomas Tudgay, George Gorham, Thomas J. Tudgay, Director.









            Miss Schwab, who retired in 1960 and entered a Presbyterian Home, has rendered outstanding service in her dedication to all phases of our Church work.  In the Sunday School, she was for many years a teacher and superintendent of the Home Department; and in the Christina Endeavor Society, she was an active member and officer. Tot he Gertrude Polk Missionary Auxiliary, of which she is a charter member, she inspired a deep and abiding interest in missions and contributed to the society’s growth and development.  In 1957, she was ordained as a member of the Board of Deacons, the first woman to be elected to any of the Boards of the Church.  Active in Lackawanna Presbyterial, she served as its President and Treasurer, and for a number of years she was a member of the Board of Presbyterian Home of Central Pennsylvania.  Miss Schwab, a guest of the Hazleton Presbyterian Home, is at present at the Sunnyside Nursing Home in Wilkes-Barre.



            Behind the Scenes . . .  Mrs. William L. Owens and Mr. George Lutz have worked together with the minister for many years in preparing the weekly Sunday Church bulletin.  Their faithfulness and loyalty are gratefully appreciated.





General Chairman – Benjamin R. Bona




Homer E. Graham, Chairman                  William G. Gibbons              Mrs. Albert T. West

William R. Ichter                                       Thomas P. Hughes              Thomas J. Tudgay




Miss Emma G. Gemmel, Chairman         Mrs. Robert C. Metz             Miss Almeda Cole

Mrs. Ralph Walters                                   Miss Mildred Williams          Miss Margaret T. Reynolds




Mrs. William R. Ichter, Chairman


Mrs. H. Irvin Evans                                    Mrs. Edward Gardner             Mrs. Donald Patterson

Mrs. Harry J. Williams                               Mrs. Hugh W. Williams           Mrs. William Bray




Mrs. Thompson O’Connell, Chairman


Mrs. William L. Owens                             Mrs. Fred Hawke                     Mrs. Bessie Patterson

Mrs. Harry J. Williams                               Miss Mabel Hannis                  Miss Jayne Leslie




George Lutz, Chairman                      George Ichter

Leroy Cooper                                      William H. Johnson

Harry J. Williams




Albert T. West, Chairman                   Miss Edith Hannis

Hugh W. Williams                               Mrs. Jerome Johnson




            The material contained in this booklet has been carefully compiled from all available records.  The History Committee regrets any errors or omissions.









Mrs. Elva Hittinger Aten              Mr. George Hannis                      Mrs. Margaret Bevan Myers

Miss Anna Balmer                      Mr. James B. Hawkins                Mr. H. Frank Neeld

Miss Mabel Belles                      Miss Bessie Hittinger                   Mrs. Clara Johnson Neeld

Mrs. Ruth Tiffany Cole               Mr. John L. Hittinger                     Mrs. Sarah Warke Noonan

Mrs. Emma Beltz Cooper          Mrs. Fannie Culver Housley        Mrs. Agnes Leslie O’Connell

Mr. Harold A. Croll                      Mrs. Anna Macknight Ichter         Miss Bessie O’Connell

Mrs. Ruth Ichter Davies             Mr. George Ichter                         Mr. James O’Connell

Mr. Leroy Diefenderfer               Mr. William R. Ichter                    Mr. Hector O’Connell

Mr. Max Diefenderfer                  Mrs. Florence Nickel Ichter          Mr. George Oliver

Mrs. Kate Potter Feldman          Mr. Harry W. Johnson                 Mrs. Bessie Marshall Patterson

Miss Fannie Field *                    Mrs. Ruby Graham Johnson       Miss Margaret Reynolds

Mrs. Roy Field                            Mr. Jerome Johnson                    Miss Gertrude C. Schwab

Mrs. Mabel Craig Filer                Miss Ruth J. Keiser                     Mrs. Carrie Hittinger Swartwood

Mr. Oscar Flickinger                  Mrs. Eleanor Warner Knecht      Mrs. Ruth Lee Tonkinson

Miss Emma B. Gemmel            Mr. William Leslie                        Mrs. Jean Kelley Walters

Mr. William J. Gemmel              Mrs. Evelyn Bell Lloyd                 Mrs. Minnie Leslie Weiss

Mrs. Sara Lewis Gemmel          Mrs. Evelyn Bell Lloyd                 Mrs. Minnie Leslie Weiss

Mr. William Gorgas                    Miss Janet McCracken                Mr. Harry J. Williams

Miss Florence Halliday               Mr. James McKillen                     Mrs. Martha Nickel Williams

Miss Edith Hannis                      Mrs. Arline Smith McQuown        Miss Elsie Wilson

Miss Mabel Hannis                     Mrs. Ethyl Brunner Metz


* Oldest living member





IN MEMORY OF                                                    DONORS


Mr. and Mrs. Austin Albert                                     Mrs. Jessie Albert Fisher

Mr. Harry Aten                                                       Mrs. Harry Aten


Mrs. Elizabeth Balmer                                          Miss Anna Balmer

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Barklie                                    Mrs. Lucy Barklie Fielding

                                                                                    Mrs. Rudolph Small

Mr. and Mrs. Arthur S. Bell                                    Mrs. Robert Swartwood

Mr. and Mrs. Charles M. Bell                                 Mr. and Mrs. Aneurin Lloyd

Mrs. Helen R. Bell                                                 Mr. Robert Bell

Mr. and Mrs. Roland Bell                                       Mrs. Daniel Mutarelli

                                                                                    Mrs. Russell Shupp

Mr. and Mrs. George Belles                                  Miss Mabel Belles

Mr. John R. Bevan                                                Mrs. Jennie Bevan,

                                                                                    Daughter Rachel

                                                                                    Mr. and Mrs. David J. Evans, Sr.

                                                                                    Mr. and Mrs. David J. Evans, Jr.

                                                                                    Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Horvath

Miss Fannie Black                                                 Mr. and Mrs. Walter E. Black

Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Black

      Mr. and Mrs. Walter E. Black

Mr. and Mrs. John L. Black                                   Mrs. Helen Black Bower

      Mr. John L. Black, Jr.

The J. Lincoln Black Family                                  Mrs. Jessie Albert Fisher

Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Bona                                Mr. Benjamin R. Bona

                                                                                    Mr. Joseph Bona        

                                                                                    Miss Jane Tanavage

Mr. and Mrs. J. Andrew Boyd                                Mrs. Ben Boyd

Mr. Carl Boyd, Sr.                                                 Mrs. Carl Boyd, Sr.

Mr. and Mrs. William Bray                                     Mr. and Mrs. William Bray

Mr. and Mrs. John Brunner                                   Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Metz

Mrs. Harriet Hannis Burton                                   Mrs. Vangie Hannis Trethaway


Mrs. Almeda Cole                                                 Miss Almeda Cole

      Mr. Carlos P. Cole

Mr. and Mrs. Edward W. Cole                              Mr. Howard R. Cole

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Cook                                   Miss Mabel Belles

Mr. George Crimmins                                           Mrs. George Crimmins

Mrs. Emma Croll                                                   Mr. Harold Croll

      Mrs. Mary C. Croll

Mrs. Agnes Culver                                                Mrs. Fannie Culver Housley

Mr. and Mrs. Melvin D. Custer                              Mr. and Mrs. George Custer

                                                                                    Mrs. Elizabeth C. Woodin

                                                                                    Mrs. Gertrude C. Throop


Mrs. Eleanor Smith Danaher                                Mrs. Nancy Smith Haydt

Mrs. Harold Davies                                               Mrs. Harold Davies

Mrs. Laura Davis                                                   Mrs. Lois Poach

Mrs. Harriet Diefenderfer                                      A Friend

Mr. and Mrs. John Diefenderfer                            Mr. and Mrs. Max Diefenderfer

Mrs. Roy Diefenderfer                                           Mr. Roy Diefenderfer

Mr. and Mrs. David Dunlop                                   Miss Jean Ichter

      Mrs. John Dunlop


Mr. and Mrs. David Edwards                                Mr. Charles Edwards

Mr. and Mrs. George Eicke                                   Mrs. Robert A. West

Mrs. Nancy Eroh                                                   Mrs. Sybil Ichter Pelton

      Dr. Calvin Eroh

      Miss May Eroh

Mr. David Evans                                                    Mrs. Joseph Baron

Dr. H. Irvin Evans                                                  Mrs. H. Irvin Evans

Mrs. Jennie Evans                                                Miss Mary Ellen Evans

Mrs. Samuel Everett                                             Miss Mabel Belles


Mr. A. Leroy Field                                                  Mrs. A. Leroy Field

Mr. and Mrs. L. H. Flory                                         The Family


Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Gardner                               Mr. and Mrs. Edward Gardner

Mrs. Charles D. Geissler                                      Miss Louise Enterline

                                                                                    Mrs. Harold Nuss

Mr. and Mrs. Frank A. Gemmel                             The Family

Mr. Starr M. Gemmel                                            Miss Emma B. Gemmel

Mrs. Nellie Glasser                                                Miss Lillian Glasser

Mr. and Mrs. William Gorgas                                Miss Mildred Williams

Mr. an Mrs. Benjamin E. Gower                            Mrs. Mable Gower Evans

Mr. and Mrs. Homer E. Graham, Sr.                     Mr. an Mrs. Homer E. Graham, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. John B. Graham                               Mr. and Mrs. Harry W. Johnson

Reverend an Mrs. Robert Graham                       Mrs. Beverly Graham Myers

Mrs. Clara Hittinger Gross                                    Mr. and Mrs. John Hittinger


Mr. and Mrs. David Halliday                                  Miss Florence Halliday

      Miss Elizabeth Halliday

      Mr. Roy L. Halliday

Mrs. Violet Morgan Halter                                      A Friend

Mr. and Mrs. Harry W. Hannis                              Miss Edith Hannis

                                                                                    Miss Mabel Hannis

Mr. and Mrs. George Harrison                              Mr. and Mrs. Anthony J. Kowalec

Mr. and Mrs. James Hawkins                               Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Hawkins

Mrs. Robert Heller                                                 Mrs. Newton Wagner

Mr. Thomas J. Heslop                                           Mrs. Thomas J. Heslop

Mr. and Mrs. George Heycock                              Mrs. Ralph Walters

                                                                                    Mrs. Owen Rowlands

Mrs. Caroline Hittinger                                          Mrs. Harry Aten

Mr. Edgar S. Hittinger                                            Mr. and Mrs. John Hittinger

Mrs. Elizabeth Leslie Hoag                                   Mr. and Mrs. Albert G. Weiss

Mr. and Mrs. David R. Hughes                              Miss Alice M. Hughes

                                                                                    Mrs. Howard K. Petry

Mr. and Mrs. John Hughes                                    Mr. and Mrs. William Johnson


Mr. Donald Ichter                                                   Mr. George Ichter

Mr. John H. Ichter                                                  Mrs. John H. Ichter

Mr. and Mrs. John W. Ichter                                  Mr. and Mrs. Lester Ichter

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Ichter                                   Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Ichter

                                                                                    Mr. and Mrs. William R. Ichter

Mrs. George Ichter                                                Mr. George Ichter

                                                                                    Mrs. Lucille Bower



Mrs. F. H. Johnson                                                Mrs. Mable Gower Evans

Mr. and Mrs. George W. Johnson                         Mr. and Mrs. Harry W. Johnson

Mr. and Mrs. James Johnson                               Mrs. Frank Neeld

                                                                                    Mrs. Elsie Davis

                                                                                    Mrs. Mary Rambo

Mr. and Mrs. John W. Johnson                             Mr. and Mrs. Jerome Johnson

      Mr. Robert W. Johnson

Mr. and Mrs. Malcom T. Johnson                         Mrs. Austin Flynn

                                                                                    Mrs. David Roche

Mr. and Mrs. William Johnson                              Mrs. Fannie Culver Housley

Mr. Arthur H. Jones                                               Mr. and Mrs. Arthur H. Jones

Mrs. Sarah Jones                                                  Mrs. Fred Derolf


Mr. John Kapral                                                     Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Tus

Mr. and Mrs. Calvin Keller                                     Mrs. Paul Koons

Mr. and Mrs. Abe Kemmerer                                Miss Ethel Kemmerer

Mr. William Kern                                                   Miss Anna Balmer

Mrs. Mary Wilson Klein                                         Mr. Luther Klein

Mr. Harry Knecht                                                   Mrs. Harry Knecht

                                                                                    Mr. and Mrs. Albert West

Mr. and Mrs. Fred Knight                                      Mr. and Mrs. Richard Knight

                                                                                    Mrs. John Padlon

Mrs. Agnes Leslie Knopfle                                    Miss Jayne Leslie

Mrs. Garnetta Leslie                                              Mr. William Leslie

      Mrs. Matilda Leslie

Mrs. Katherine Leslie                                            Mr. Thomas H. Leslie, Sr.

                                                                                    Mr. Thomas H. Leslie, Jr.

                                                                                    Mrs. Betty Leslie Bauman

Mr. Samuel Leslie                                                 Mrs. Samuel Leslie

Mr. and Mrs. T. Hugh Leslie                                  Mr. and Mrs. Thompson O’Connell

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas C. Lewis                            Mrs. William J. Gemmel

Mr. and Mrs. Conrad Lutz                                     Mr. and Mrs. George Lutz

Mr. and Mrs. Gurnie B. Lyons                               Mr. Hector O’Connell


Mr. and Mrs. Robert McCracken                           Miss Jennie McCracken

      Mr. Matthew McCracken

Mr. John J. McDermott, Sr.                                   Mr. and Mrs. John H. McDermott, Jr.

Mrs. Sarah McGilpin                                              Mr. and Mrs. Royden P. Swank

Mr. David McGowan                                              Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Nagle

Mr. and Mrs. Thompson McGowan                      Mr. and Mrs. Melvin O’Connell

Mr. and Mrs. William McGowan                            Mr. and Mrs. Willard McGowan

Mr. Robert McKinney                                            Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Hawkins

Mrs. D. V. McNaught                                             Miss Jean Ichter


Mr. and Mrs. Charles Marshall                              Mrs. Bessie Marshall Patterson

Mr. and Mrs. James Metz                                     Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Metz

Mr. William J. Morgan                                           Mrs. William J. Morgan

Mr. Leslie Myers                                                    Mrs. Leslie Myers

Mr. and Mrs. Henry Moyle                                     Mr. and Mrs. Allan P. Ramsay


Mr. and Mrs. David Oberrender                            Mr. Hector O’Connell

Mr. Daniel O’Connell                                             Mrs. Daniel O’Connell

Mrs. Hector O’Connell                                          Mr. Hector O’Connell

Miss Jane O’Connell                                             Mr. Thompson O’Connell

Mrs. James O’Connell                                          Mr. James O’Connell

Mr. and Mrs. Robert O’Connell                             Mrs. Simon Tanavage

Mr. and Mrs. Thompson O’Connell                       Miss Bessie O’Connell

Mr. William O’Connell                                           Mr. and Mrs. William O’Connell

Mr. and Mrs. J. Warren Oliver                               Mr. and Mrs. George Oliver

                                                                                    Mrs. Viola Winans

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Owens                               Miss Janet Owens


Mr. and Mrs. James Potter                                   Mrs. Kate Feldman

Mrs. Agnes Powell                                                Mrs. Margaret Fey

      Miss Maude Powell


Mr. and Mrs. William T. Roache                           Mrs. Barbara Sabol

Mr. and Mrs. James Reynolds                              Miss Margaret T. Reynolds

Mr. James W. Reynolds                                       Mrs. James W. Reynolds

Mr. and Mrs. David A. Richards                            Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hughes

Mr. Owen Rowlands                                             Mrs. Owen Rowlands

The John Calvin Ruhf Family                                Mr. Elmo Ruhf

                                                                                    Mrs. Valerie Ruhf Williams

Mrs. Bertha Nickel Rutan                                      Mr. and Mrs. John H. Williams


Mr. and Mrs. John Schwab                                   Miss Gertrude C. Schwab

Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Shank                                    Mrs. William L. Laude

Mr. and Mrs. John Shidal                                      Mrs. Robert Emmett

Mr. and Mrs. William Shrader                               Mrs. Herbert Shrader

Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Smith                                      Mrs. Nancy Smith Haydt

Mr. and Mrs. Edward F. Space                             Mr. Edward Space

      Mrs. Mary E. Space

      Mr. Charles N. Space

Mr. Norman Stark                                                  Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Stark, Sr.

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Swartwood                           Mr. and Mrs. Warren Swartwood


Miss Barbara Templeton                                      Mr. and Mrs. Raymond T. Templeton

Mrs. Myra Templeton                                            Mrs. Kent Piercy

Mr. and Mrs. Loren B. Tennant                             Mr. and Mrs. Walter E. Black

Mr. and Mrs. D. C. Tiffany                                     Mrs. John Thomas

Mr. and Mrs. Edwin R. Tiffany                               Mrs. Muriel T. Shonk

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Thomas                              Mr. Ralph Thomas

      Mr. Richard S. Thomas


Mr. Robert VanBrundt                                           Mrs. Robert VanBrundt


Mr. Ralph Walters                                                 Mrs. Ralph Walters

Mr. Bruce Weir                                                      Mr. and Mrs. Richard Knight

Mr. and Mrs. Herman Weiss                                 Mrs. Jean Weiss Gallagher

Mr. Morley J. West                                                Mrs. Morley J. West

Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. West                               Mr. and Mrs. Albert T. West

                                                                                    Mr. Willard K. West

Mrs. Ida M. Whyte                                                 Mrs. Joseph Obritski

                                                                                    Mrs. William White

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Williams                             Miss Mildred Williams

                                                                                    Mr. Lester Williams

                                                                                    Mr. Ralph Williams

Mr. Chauncey Walizer                                          Mrs. Fred Hawke

Mrs. David Wilson                                                 Miss Elsie Wilson

Mrs. Lucy Wilson                                                  Mrs. Margaret Evans Allen


Mrs. William Zierdt                                                Mr. and Mrs. Homer E. Graham, Jr.



“Come to this house of God Sabbath after Sabbath realizing that Christ himself is building within your earthly body a glorious temple for His own indwelling.”

The Reverend William J. Day

These records were donated by Julia Candy
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