1920 Plymouth Census

These are a partial Listing of Census from Luzerne County. They were donated by the generous people researching in Luzerne county for the Luzerne County Genweb Project. If you have something you would like to donate send it to Mary Ann Lubinsky

Name, Relation, House, Mort/Owned, Sex. Race, Age, Mar. Status, Yr. Immig., Nat./Alien, Yr. of Nat.

WAISCULONIS, Simon 	Head O F M W 51 M 1889 Na 1894
             Victoria 	Wife     F W 40 M 1892 Na 1894
             Alphonzo   Son      M W 15 S
             Mamie      Dau.     F W 13 S
             Veronica   Dau.     F W 10 S
             Edmund     Son      M W  6 S
HENDRICK, Alphonzo Son-in-Law    M W 21 M
          Helen         Dau.     F W 18 M
SHURKANUS, Josehph      Border   M W 50 S 1897 Na 1896

BEVAN, William          Head R   M W 25 M
       Gertrude         Wife     F W 24 M
       William, Jr.     Son      M W 11/12 S 

HESTER, Daniel      Head R M W 32 M
        Helen       Wife   F W 27 M
        William     Son    M W  9 S
        Eugene      Son    M W  7 S
        Daniel      Son    M W  6 S

SCHOOLEY, Frank     Head R M W 25 M
          Mae       Wife   F W 22 M
          Francis   Son    M W 3 5/12 S
          Robert    Son    M W 1 8/12 S

CROOKS, Humphrey    Head R M W 43 M
        Anna        Wife   F W 34 M
        Harriet     Dau.   F W 14 S
        Mildred     Dau.   F W 12 S
        Blanche     Dau.   F W 10 S
PIERSON,Hannah Grandmother F W 80 Wd 1882 unknown
DOUGLAS, Jane       Head R F W 59 Wd 1864 Na 1896
         Fred       Son    M W 24 S
         Arthur     Son    M W 22 S
         Frank      Son    M W 21 S
CROOKS,  James   Boarder   M W 46 S
SWEENEY, Mary       Head R F W 55 Wd 1884 Na Unknown
         Neil       Son    M W 19 S
         Patrick    Son    M W 29 S
         Ruth       Dau.   F W 26 S
         Mildred    Dau.   F W 10 S
         Raymond    Son    M W 13 S
         Francis    Son    M W 11 S
Bacon, Camilla      Dau.   F W 23 Wd       

This census was donated by Anne Marie.

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