1910 Nanticoke

These are a partial Listing of Census from Luzerne County. They were donated by the generous people researching in Luzerne county for the Luzerne County Genweb Project. If you have something you would like to donate send it to Mary Ann Lubinsky

Name, Relationship Sex, Race Age Mar. Status, yrs. married, women - # of children bore and alive) Birthplace, Occupation

Albert Head M W 46 M 22 PA Clerk Railroad
Ella Wife F W 41 M 22 4 2 PA
Ethel Daughter F M 16 S PA

Timothy Head M W 44 M 14 PA Engineer Coal Mines
Anna(?) Wife F W 38 M 14 1 1 PA
Raymond Son M W 13 S PA

Salie Head F W 57 Divorced 1 1 PA
Ruth B. Daughter F W 14 S PA

William Head M W 35 M 12 PA Retail Merchant Groceries
Sallie Wife F W 34 M 12 6 6 PA
Lawrence Son M W 11 S PA
Floyd Son M W 10 S PA
Lewis Son M W 10 S PA
Earle Son M W 6 S PA
Charles Son M W 3 S PA
Willard R. Son M W 12/12 S PA
Mary Mother F W 51 Widow 1 1 PA

Harry  Head M W 39 M 4 PA Miner Coal Mines
Julie Wife F W 51 M(2nd marriage) 4 5 5 PA
Carrie Daughter F W 25 S PA
Harry Son M W 23 S PA Laborer Coal Mines

Anna Head F W 65 Widow 7 2 PA
Bessie Daughter F W 36 S PA Millier(?) Dept. Store

Patrick Head M W 68 Widow Ireland ? occupation Immigrated 1865 Na
Hugh Son M W 39 S PA Driver Boss Coal Mines
Marguette Daughter F W 37 S PA Teacher Schools
Patrick, Jr. Son M W 34 S PA Reporter Newspaper
Isabelle Servant F W 18 S PA Servant Privte Family

Anna Head F W 58 Divorced 9 4 PA
Eugene Son M W 31 S PA Retail Merchant Hardware
William Son M W 21 S PA Clerk Coal Mines
James Son M W 18 S PA

James A. Head M W 37 M 12 NJ Electrician Coal Mines
Elizabeth Wife F W 32 M 12 5 4 PA
Marjorie Daughter F W 11 S PA
John Son M W 6 S PA
Harry Son M W 4 S PA

STASKIEWICZ, Max	Head M W 42 M1 13 1895 Al Miner
        (?)Ronstonsyjak Wife F W 32 M1 13(6/5) 1897
             Tille	Dau. F W 12 S  
             Stella     Dau. F W 10 S 
             Joseph     Son  M W  8 S
             Edward     Son  M W  6 S
             Lillie     Dau. F W 11/12(?) S
WROBL,Stanley		Bdr  M W 24 S     1904 Al Miner
YUROSKI, Bruno		Bdr  M W 21 S     1906 Al Laborer
LUKOSKI, Frank		Bdr  M W 28 S     1903 Al Laborer
The head of the Staskiewicz and his wife were both born in
Russia as were their boarders Wrobl and Yuroski.  Lukoski
was born in Austria.  They owned their own free home.

DAVIS, Daniel		Head M W 27 M1  3      Na Fireboss
       Anna		Wife F W 22 M1  3(2/2)
       Mildred R.	Dau. F W  2 S
       William          Son  F W 3/12 S
The head of the Davis family was born in Ohio.  They      
rented a home.

MCCARTHY, Catherine	Head F W 70 Wd   (4/3) 1858
          James F. 	Son  M W 42 S		  Carpenter
          Mary		Dau. F W 38 S		  Teacher
The head of the McCarthy family was born in Ireland.  Her 
son was born in Connecticut.  They owned their own free home.

GILAGNAST, Mrs. Bertha	Head F W 41 Wd   (9/5) 1884
           Max		Son  M W 21 S	         Na Laborer
	   Arthur 	Son  M W 19 S
	   Alfred       Son  M W 14 S		  Slate Picker
           Bernard      Son  M W  8 S             
           Edward       Son  M W  5 S
The head of the Gilagnast was born in Germany.  Therewas a 
mortgage on their home.

ENGLER, Clarence	Head M W 32 M1 4           Fireman
        Caroline        Wife F W 21 M1 4(3/3)
        Eckley          Son  M W  3 S
        Ruth            Dau. F W  2 S
        Doretha		Dau. F W 2/12 S
They was a mortgage on their home.

MCKENNA(?), John	Head M W 48 M1 26        Na Pumpman
            Bridgett	Wife F W 44 M1 26(2/2)
            Eugene      Son  M W 15 S
BOYLE, Rose   Mother-in-Law  F W 76 Wd   (6/5)   1865
       James  Brother-in-Law M W 38 S               Laborer

MORGAN, Samuel		Head M W 34 M1 12        1880 Na Pumpman
        Mary J.         Wife F W 33 M1 12(8/3)   1880
        Chester         Son  M W 11 S
        Blodivia        Dau. F W 10 S
There is one more family member but it is cut off.  The
head of the Morgan family and his wife were born in Wales.

This Census was donated by Anne Marie.

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