1850 Butler Twp., Luzerne County

These are a partial Listing of Census from Luzerne County. They were donated by the generous people researching in Luzerne county for the Luzerne County Genweb Project. If you have something you would like to donate send it to Mary Ann Lubinsky

Some parts of this copy of the microfilm LDS # 0444762 are unreadable. Items that are difficult to read are followed by asterisks or question marks. The last two or three lines of some pages are too dark to read. In many cases the census recorder relied on phonetic spelling of names, especially the German. With this in mind, saying the names aloud as spelled may be helpful toward identifying the actual surname. I have not included the last four columns shown on the 1850 census chart because there is no recorded data in them. I shall be happy to answer, If I can, any questions about the copy.

Fn/Dn Name Age Occupation VRE Birthplace
  Fianna* COONS 3     PA
  James BRYAU 17 Farmer   PA
  Sarah BELLIS 10     PA
1 Nathan BAURGER 36   $700 PA
  Laura 30     PA
  Catherine 2     PA
2 Samuel BEINER 38 Sch Teacher $900 PA
  Susan 30     PA
  Anna Maria 8     PA
  Louisa 5     PA
  Mellissa 5     PA
  Amelia Frances 1     PA
  Anna BENNER* 55 Widow   PA
3 George WOODRING 52 Farmer $3,500 PA
  Nancy 46     PA
  Stephen 22     PA
  Betsy 19     PA
  Jeremiah 17     PA
  Peggy 16     PA
  Daniel 12     PA
  Reuben 14     PA
  Jacob 9     PA
  Levi 7     PA
  Josiah 4     PA
3 Julianne WALK 10     PA
  Isaac* ANDREAS 28 Farmer   PA
  Catherine 27     PA
  Lemuel U. 4     PA
  Alfred D. 01?     PA
4 Cornelius BUFF 75   $2,000 PA
  Hannah 60     PA
5 Jacob HUGH 42 Tanning..?.. $100 PA
  Susan 38     PA
  George A. 18     PA
  Esther 16     PA
  Mary A. 15     PA
  Angeline* 11     PA
  E..?.. 10     PA
  Catherine 7     PA

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