1920 census of Butler TWP

These are a partial Listing of Census from Luzerne County. They were donated by the generous people researching in Luzerne county for the Luzerne County Genweb Project. If you have something you would like to donate send it to Mary Ann Lubinsky

A page from the Butler Township census. Upper Lehigh 1920. Enumerated Jan. 2, 1920.

    NAME         RELATION         AGE         OCCUPATION          PL. of BIRTH
 60  STUMPF       
      Charles       Head           39          Miner                PA
      Mary          Wife           26                               PA
      Mary          D               6                               PA
      Edna          D             4 8/12                            PA
      Ethel         D             3 5/12                            PA
      John          S             1 6/12                            PA
      Lena          D              5/12                             PA
      John         Head           48           Blacksmith           PA
      Irene        Wife           44                                PA
      Walter       S              22           Blacksmith           PA
      George       S              18           Blacksmith           PA
 BENNER Alba     MIL              70                                PA
 61 BACH 
      Otto         Head          48            Engineer          Hessen, Germany
      Amanda       Wife          51                                 PA
      Elva         D             16            Weaver@Silk mill     PA
      Mildred      D             15                                 PA
      John        Head           64            Laborer            Jugoslavia
      Mary        Wife           61                               Jugoslavia
 Mikel?      S              22            Laborer            PA
      Andrew?     S              24            Miner              PA
      Susan       DIL            20                               PA
      Andrew      Head           57            Wagon driver       Czechoslovakia
      Anna        Wife           48                               Czechoslovakia
      Emma         D             17                               PA 
      John         S             14                               PA
      Mildred      D              6                               PA
  LOKISON Anna     D             19                               PA
          John     SIL           24            Electician         Czechoslovakia
 64 KUSHNERICK      
          Joe     Head           28            Foreman            PA         
          Anna    Wife           28                               PA
          Mary      D          3 3/12                             PA
   RANDER Joseph  St S           12                               PA
          Barbara St D           10                               PA
         James    Head           49            Miner              PA
         Rose     Wife           45                               PA
         Mary      D             21                               PA
         Allice    D             19                               PA
         Hannah    D             17                               PA
         Nellie    D             13                               PA
         James Jr. S             11                               PA
         Joe       S              9                               PA
         Frank    Head           38        Locomotive engineer    Bavaria
         Anna     Wife           29                               Bavaria
         Ferdinand  S             6                               PA
         Jack       S           4 9/12                            PA
         Andrew     S             2                               PA
         Virginia   D           3/12                              PA
         Jacob     Father        70                               Bavaria
         Angelo    Brother       31        Laborer                Bavaria
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