1910 Huntington Twp/Luzerne Cty

These are a partial Listing of Census from Luzerne County. They were donated by the generous people researching in Luzerne county for the Luzerne County Genweb Project. If you have something you would like to donate send it to Mary Ann Lubinsky

Name		 	Relat 	Age	Occupation

Hess, Rueben O		Head	34	Farmer		
      Elizabeth A	Wife	30	None		
      Margerite		Daugh	7	None		
McHenry,Benjamin F	Head	43	Laborer					
        Alillia		Wife	41	None
        Nora L		Daugh	7	None
Harrison,Ralph L	Head	53	Farmer
         Rachel		Wife	29	None
          Alberta       Daugh	3	None
          Margaret	Daugh	10/12	None
Harrison,Stephen	Head	53	Farmer
         Olive		Wife	52	None
Roser, Margaret   Moth-in-Law	64	None
Downing, George		Head	44	Farmer
         Effie		Wife	37	None
         Doyle		Son	8	None
         Freas		Son	6	None
Wandell, George		Head	27	Farmer
         Sophia		Wife	29	None
Barrett, Oliver		Head	57	Farmer
          Emma		Wife	48	None
Post, Juna		Niece	12	None
Kline, Thomas		Head	45	Farmer
       Annie(or Ammie)	Sister	47	None
Smith, George		Head	73	Farmer
       nancy		Wife	45	None
       Ruth		Daugh	14	None
McClain, Milton		Head	54	farmer
         Alice		Wife	48	None
         Samuel		Broth	68	Minister
Stout, Jacob		Head	58	Farmer
       Belinda		Wife	57	None
       Ettie		Daugh	33	None
Stout, Hervie		Head	28	Farmer
       Mary		Wife	57	None
Baker, Leroy		Head	29	Farmer
       Anna		Wife	26	None
       Donald		Son	2	None
Brittain, Madge		Head 	37	Sales Lady
          Zoe		Daugh	15	None
          Donald	Son	11	None
McHenry,Alfred		Head	71	Farmer
        Sarah		Wife	71	None
        ????		Daugh	35	None
Wolf, Henry		Head	73	Own Income
      Roseann		Wife	54	None
Lutz, Frank		Head	66	Own Income
      Elmira		Wife	60	None
Mitchell,Gertrude	Servant	18	Servant
Lutz,Milton		Son	42	Farm Laborer
McHenry, Stanley	Head	45	Music Teacher
        Eva		Sist	48	None
        James           broth	30	Music Teacher
Robbins, Dean		Head	26	Farmer
        Viola		Wife	29	None
        Homer		Son	5/12	None
Barrett,Edward		Head	25	Farm Laborer
        Erma		Wife	21	None
        William Oscar	Son	8/12	None
Boieuka, Andro		Head	29	Farmer
         Mary		Wife	20	None
         Andro		Son	2	None
         Helen		Daugh	8/12	None
Eveland, John		Head	59	Farmer
         Sarah		Wife	59	None
         Warren		Son	35	Farm Laborer
This List was donated by Tina Fiorani  If you have questions on this cemetery please contact Tina.

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