1900 CENSUS -Wilkes Barre-LUZERNE CO.

These are a partial Listing of Census from Luzerne County. They were donated by the generous people researching in Luzerne county for the Luzerne County Genweb Project. If you have something you would like to donate send it to Mary Ann Lubinsky

The following is one page of the 1880 Census, Supervisor's Dist.5; Enumeration Dist.125;page 49: Some of the writing is very difficult to decipher. One page from the Wilkes-Barre Census of 1900. Supervisor's District:6; ED 1821; sheet6 Number to the left indicates order of visitation.

Name                  Age     Relationship    Occupation   Place of Birth
****                  ***     *************   ***********  **************

106 Bauer, John       (27)                     plumber            PA
       Kate           (26)        wife                            PA
       Joseph          (3)        son                             PA
107 Durkin, Joseph    (62)                     moulder,iron       Ireland
        Catherine     (55)        wife                            England
        Willie        (17)        son                             PA
    Sponhauer,Frank   (25)        son-in-law   form finisher      PA
        Mary          (21)        daughter                        PA
108 Gillman, Jacob    (62)                     carpenter          PA
        Samuel        (36)        son          book keeper        PA
        Edward        (26)        son          teamster           PA
        Harry         (21)        son          laborer            PA
        Fannie        (20)        daughter     at home            PA
        Clara         (16)        daughter     at school          PA
109 Harkins, William  (45)                     laborer            PA
        Mary,         (34)        wife                            PA
        Hannah,       (17)        daughter                        PA
        Mary          (15)        daughter                        PA
        Maggie        (13)        daughter                        PA
        Grace         (12)        daughter                        PA
        Joseph         (5)        son                             PA
        Bella          (1)        daughter                        PA
110 Brimble, Evan     (64)                     coal miner         Wales
        Jane          (50)        wife                            Wales
        Robert J.     (24)        son          laborer            PA
        Jennie        (28)        daughter     at home            PA
        Viola          (8)        daughter                        PA
111 Finus, John       (29)                     laborer            Germany
        Mary          (25)        wife                            PA
    Auble, Bridget    (68)        mother                          Germany
112 Mitchell, John    (27)                     miner,coal         PA
        Annie M,      (23)        wife                            PA
        Amelia         (4)        daughter                        PA
        Edward J.      (2)        son                             PA
        Laura        (4/12)       daughter                        PA
113 Larner, Thomas    (33)                     plasterer          PA
        Catharine     (34)                                        PA
        Hattie         (4)        daughter                        PA
    Baker, William    (17)        stepson      farmhand           PA
    Baker, Charles    (11)        stepson      school             PA
114 Schang, Edward    (28)                     plumber            PA
        Kate          (26)        wife                            PA
        Joseph         (8)        son                             PA
        Raymond        (2)        son                             PA
115 Owens, Jane       (70)                                        Wales
Edwards, Jimmy (Jermy)(38)        boarder       clerk in store    PA
    Edwards, Mary     (30)        servant                         Wales
116 Dicky, James      (35)                      coal miner        PA
        Ida M.        (35)        wife                            PA (one child- may be on the following page)

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