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Name               Location                     Name                Location
****               ********                     ****                ********

COOK, William   269 Braintri.	               MILLER, Abram    118 Sugar Lo.	
  " , William   166 Susqueha		         "  , Adam     100 Providen.	
                                                 "  , Adam     136 Wilkes-Barre	
COOL, Abraham   113 Sugar Lo.                    "  , Adam     090 Nescopec	
  " , Abram     114 Sugar Lo.	                 "  , Andrew   245 Nicholson		
  " , Peter     093 Nescopec                     "  , Andrew   061 Hanover	
  " , Philip    114 Sugar Lo.                    "  , Andrew   118 Sugar Lo.	
                                                 "  , Artemas  097 Providen.	
COOLBAUGH, Aaron   199 Exeter T.                 "  , Benjamin 214 Abington
    "    , Peter   199 Exeter T.                 "  , Chrsittan 154 Kingston	
    "    , William 199 Exeter T.                 "  , Conrad   303 Huntington
                                                 "  , Edward   028 Blakely
COOLIGHAN, Hugh   190 Exeter T.                  "  , Frederick 191 Exeter TW
    "    , John   190 Exeter T.                  "  , Frederick 083 Newport
    "    , John   190 Exeter T.                  "  , George   293 Union TW	
                                                 "  , George   197 Exeter TW
COON, Henry    009 Greenfield                    "  , Jacob   293 Union TW
  " , John     076 Lackawana                     "  , Jacob   080 Newport
  " , John     017 Covington                     "  , Jacob 2nd 293 Union TW
  " , Peter H. 027 Blakey                        "  , James   256 Braintri.
  " , Samuel   243 Falls TW                      "  , James   283 Fairmont
                                                 "  , Jeffeson 088 Nescopec
COOPE, Robert  305 Huntington                    "  , Jesse   283 Fairmont
                                                 "  , John    107 Pittston
COOPER, Elijah D. 070 Hazel TW                   "  , John    190 Exeter TW
   "  , George    104 Pittston                   "  , John    214 Abington
   "  , Samuel  026 Blakely		         "  , John    244 Nicholson
                                                 "  , John    164 Kinston
DEATRICK, Frederick  062 Hanover                 "  , John    260 Braintri.
  "   , John      077 Lackawana                  "  , John    076 Lackawana
  "   , Micheal   077 Lackawana                  "  , John    018 Covington
                                                 "  , John    010 Greenfield
DEATS, Adam   092  Nescopeck                     "  , John    080 Newport
  "  , Peter  066 Hanover                        "  , John 2nd 080 Newport
                                                 "  , Joseph  214 Abington
DEAVER, Paterick  046 Carbondale                 "  , Joseph  034 Butler T.
                                                 "  , Lewis   007 Greenfield
DEBORE, Daniel   283 Fairmont                    "  , Margaret 094 Nescopeck
                                                 "  , Mary    223 Abington
DECKER, Abram   107 Pittston                     "  , Michael 080 Newport
  "  , Andrew  107 Pittston                      "  , Moses   064 Hanover
  "  , Benjamin 011 Greenfield                   "  , Newman  186 Susqueha
  "  , Charles 177 Susqueha                      "  , P.      109 Pittston
  "  , Daniel  187 Susqueha                      "  , Peter   109 Pittston
  "  , Elijah  143 Windham                       "  , Peter T. 028 Blakely
  "  , George  101 Providen.                     "  , Rudopper 062 Hanover
  "  , Henry   234 Falls TW                      "  , Thomas   038 Carbonda.
  "  , Jacob   231 Falls TW                      "  , Thomas   050 Carbonda.
  "  , John    172 Susqueha                      "  , Thomas A. 202 Eaton TW
  "  , John    027 Blakely                       "  , Tobias   028 Blakely 
  "  , John    015 Covington                     "  , William  290 Union Twp
  "  , Lewis   011 Greenfield                    "  , William  106 Pittston
  "  , Luke    027 Blakely                       "  , Loomane  015 Covington
  "  , Mathew  027 Blakely                    
  "  , Stephen 011 Greenfield                 MILLHAM, Harvey  123 Wilkes-Barre
  "  , Stephen 217 Abington                   
  "  , William 101 Providen.                  WHEELER, Abram    291 Union TW
  "  , William 007 Greenfield                    "   , Hiram    162 Kinston
  "  , William 011 Greenfield                    "   , John     026 Blakely
                                                 "   , Joseph   009 Greenfield
HAINES, Henry   002 Jefferson                    "   , Levi     252 Dallas T.
   "  , Joseph  203 Eaton TW                     "   , Melton   202 Eaton TW
   "  , Joseph  173 Susqueha.		 
   "  , Solomon 305 Huntington		      WHEELOCK, Aden    202 Eaton TW
   "  , William 305 Huntington                   "   , Augutus 206 Eaton TW
                                                 "   , Eli     157 Kingston
HAIRISON, Canfield  071 Hazel TW	         "   , Eseck   206 Eaton TW
					      WHIPPER, Gaylord  011 Greenfield
HAIRLALY, William  320 Washinton        
					      WHIPPLE, George   145 Windham
HAIRT, Patrick   190 Exeter TW		        "   , Laura    145 Windham
					        "   , Nathan   060 Handner
HALAN, Matthew   189 Exeter TW		        "   , Truman   012 Greenfield
					        "   , William  057 Denison
HALBERTON, James 196 Exeter TW 		        "   , William  278 Plymouth
					        "   , William B. 145 Windham
MILLARD, Jesse K. 298 Huntington	
   "   , Joshua   246 Nicholson		      WHISTON, Edward   155 Kingston
   "   , Samuel   299 Huntington	

Thanks to Pauline Hallett for this contribution to the Luzerne County GenWeb Page.

1840 Monroe Twp

Name                              Name               
****                              ****                

Ayers, James                     Lutes, Peter
Brown, Severn                    Montross, Peter
Bigelow, Wm.                     Merring, Philip
Carter, Moses                    Mullison, Geo.
Carpenter, Horton W              Meyers, Philip
Clark, George                    Merwine, Jacob
Clark,  Aaron                    Newbury, Josiah W.        
Carle, Daniel                    Newbury, Theron
Cowen, Morris                    Newbury, Chandler
Clark,  Philemon                 Orcutt, Orial C.
Curtiss, Amos                    Orcutt, Orrin D W C
Cook, Amos                       Parks, Asher
Derby, James                     Parks, Stephen
Dailey, John                     Parrish, Nathan
Edsell, John                     Pool, Daniel
Evans, Elihu                     Phenix, John
Evans, Wm. B.                    Phenix, Matthew
Eastwood, John                   Parrish, Ebenezer 2nd
Eastwood, David                  Parrish, Ebenezer 79 Rev. War.Vet
Eastwood, David Jr.              Pool, Amos T.
Freeman, Ebenezer                Rodney, Henry
Fish, James                      Scouton, Mathias H. Or K.
Hropt, George                    Schooley, Wm.
Havener, Michael                 Streator, Henry
Heiriggle, Jacob                 Streator, Wm.
Haynor, Henry                    Thompson, Christian
Hawkins, David                   Thompson, Peter
Harding, Curtis                  Wright, John
Jackson, Mark                    Whitaker, John
Jackson, Henry                   Wood, Perry
Kirkendall, Christ'r
Lutes, Stephen

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1840 Falls Twp

Name                            Name              
****                            ****       

Ackenson, John                  Lane, Gilbert      
Ace, Jacob                      Lane, Nelson
Agnew, Michael                  Lane, William
Aker, Patrick                   Michaels, Abram
Anderson, John                  Michaels, Frederick
Ager, Lawrence                  Mittan, James
Ager, John                      Myers, Jacob
Armstrong, Elisha               Merlin, Daniel
Armstrong, Nelson               Mulqueson, John
Armstrong, Russel               Mulligan, Charles
Avery, Lewis                    Millan, John
Avery, Miles                    Maheny, Edward
Beamer, Adam                    Mokeley, John
Beamer, Alexander               Murry, John
Beamer, Jesse                   Mott, Jonathan
Bedell, Zachariah               Martin, Nathaniel
Bedell, Peter                   Morgan, George
Blooner, Mary                   Mott, Samuel
Brink, Brow                     McMullen, Andrew
Bogart, Tunis                   McClosky, Daniel
Babcock, Stephen V.             McClosky, Timothy
Burns, Daniel                   McCord, James
Bolan, Cornelius                McCord, John
Brown, John                     McMullen, Alexander
Benedict, Eley                  McGill, Charles
Barrett, Edward                 McCall, James
Brady, Patrick                  McCarty, James
Brown, Thomas                   McReady, John 
Brazett, James                  McLaughlin, John
Bestead, George                 McCay, Michael
Besly, Oliver                   McWain, Gilbert
Brittain, John                  McGovern, Francis
Baker, Peter R.                 McGinnis, James
Beamer, Charles                 McNamorrow. Shera
Beamer, Henry                   McDonald, Eilliam
Brazette, William               Nugent, James
Brink, William A.               Olmstead, George W.
Cole, Simeon                    O'Grady, Henry H.
Clark, Samuel                   Owens, Philip
Comstock, James                 O'Hara, James
Comstock, Zebulon               O'Daniel, Anthony
Comstock, Isaac                 O'Neal, John
Cosner, David                   Osterhout, Henry
Carmen, Phineas                 Osterhout, John
Comstock, Zebulon Jr.           Osterhout, George W.
Coss, Abram                     Olmstead, David N.
Corselius, Peter                Olmstead, Samuel
Cortright, Jacob                Pratt, George
Collum, Horace                  Patrick, John
Compton, Andrew                 Phillips, Aaron
Clark, Thomas                   Powell, David
Collum, Henry R.                Post, Joseph
Compton, John                   Post, David
Clark, James                    Peterson, Jarius
Clark, John                     Post, Stephen
Cadden, James                   Patrick, David
Cadden, John                    Patrick, Abel
Clemont, Thomas                 Patrick, Nehemiah
Croghan, James                  Philo, Nathan
Curry, Martin                   Patrick, Noah
Connerty, John                  Philo, Hurlbut
Cavner, John                    Post, John D.
Cogan, James                    Post, Hiram
Corwin, Ester                   Quince, James
Correll, Solomon                Quick, Stoddart
Caren, Thomas                   Rosecrants, Levi
Casey, Thos.                    Rosecrants, Levi
Clifford, Michael               Richards, Nathaniel
Christian, Michael              Rozelle, Edward
Chapman, Joseph                 Rozelle, Benj'n
Cavener, Charles                Reed, John K.
Cassady, Michael                Roflson, Johnson
Carlbut, Patrick                Richards, Peter
Collens, John                   Rosencrants, Jas. O
Carens, Thomas                  Riley, John
Carr, Michael                   Richie, Peter
Cateer, John                    Rogers, Edward
Case, Chauncey                  Reardy, Timothy
Covey, Ebenezer                 Reynolds, Michael
Covey, Almeron                  Riley, John
Covey, Ebenezer Jr.             Roberts, Mary
Connell, Clark                  Reynolds, Benj. F.
Coon, Samuel                    Ross, Daniel
Comstock, William               Ross, James
Drake, Jacob. L                 Ross, David
Decker, Jacob                   Ross, William
Drake, Timothy                  Rozelle, Samuel
Decker, Henry S.                Rozelle, Charles
Dunn, Patrick                   Rodney, Henry, B.
Dunn, Paul                      Rozelle, Joshua
Dolan, Patrick                  Rozelle, Ebenezer
Doran, Bryan                    Staunton, Robert
Doran, Patrick                  Scott, Ephraim
Donlevy, James                  Smith, Chas. 2nd
Durken, Michael                 Smith, Elias
Durkin, John                    Smith, David M.
Daily, Joseph                   Singer, John
Daily, Samuel                   Steight, Adam
Daily, Daniel                   Smith, Peter A.
Daily, Miner                    Smith, Jacob
Dunlap, William                 Strong, Salmon C.
Daily, James                    Sutton, Silas
Evans, Abram                    Shook, David
Fuller, Jonas                   Shelly, John
Fitzimmons, Peter               Sherwood, Chauncy
Farrell, Patrick                Sickler, John
Fitch, Spencer                  Shoemaker, Adam
Felter, David                   Shelly, John
Flinn, Hugh                     Sickler, Jacob
Fitch, Giles                    Sharnesey, Patrick
Fitch, Morgan                   Sheeher, Michael
Fitch, Seymour                  Sponeberger, Daniel
Garretson, Eder                 Sheridan, John
Griffin, Perrin                 Sweeney, Matthew
Gulick, Levi H.                 Smith, Charles
Gulick, Derrick H.              Sherwood, Matthew
Gulick, Isaac                   Sherwood, Phineas
Garrison, John                  Sweitzer, John
Gaskins, Abram                  Shields, Peter
Gallagher, Edward               Simmons, Jabez H.
Gordon, Charles                 Smith, John V.
Green, Ansom                    Stage, William
Green, Jeremiah                 Sturdevant, Samuel
Griffin, Parent                 Scott, Stephen
Green, Daniel                   Trauger, Samuel
Green, Samuel                   Trauger, George, A.
Hopkins, James                  Tuttle, Vincent
Hinckle, Richard                Taylor, Christopher
Hallan, Robert                  Taylor, Adam
Haas, Charles                   Thompson, John
Hogan, Charles                  Traugh, Jacob
Hassey, Thomas                  Ternin, Morris
Haley, James                    Turney, Cornelius
Harris, Elisha                  Townsend, Consider
Herrington, John                Taylor, Horatio
Harvey, John                    Taylor, Joseph P.
Helme, Powel                    Taylor, Noah
Harlan, Isreal                  Taylor, John L.
Henry, Manuel                   Taylor, Wakeman
Harvey, Patrick                 Tripp, William
Harkin, John                    Tinklepau, John
Heston, Anthony                 Thompson, Andrew
Hallock, Zebulon                Townsend, Peter
Holmes, Abram                   VanSickle, James
Hubbard, Sylvester              Vausburg, Seymour
Hunt, Stephen B.                Vanauker, Elam
Hall, Isaac                     Vanauker,  John W.
Hunt, Robert                    Vancamp, Moses
Hunt, John                      Winters, Jacob
Hopkins, Solomon                Winters, Bainbridge
Irwin, William                  Winters, Stephen
Innes, Edward                   Williams, James
Johnson, Caleb                  Wilson, Chas.
Johnson, Sylvester              Washer, William
Joice, Michael                  Wilsey, David
Jackson, Abner                  Williams, Abram
Jones, Morgan H. or K.          Washer, Peter
Johnson, Warren                 Walter, Henry
Johnson, Obey                   Walters, Jacob
Keene, Joseph L.                Walter, Michael
Kerne, George                   Welch, Patrick
Kern, Jacob                     Wright, William
Kelly, James                    Welch, John
Knelly, Michael                 Weed, James
Kirby, James                    Williams, Pennington
Keenbott, Henry                 Williams, Isaac
Lateer, Joseph                  Williams, John D.
Lateer, Joseph                  Williams, John C.
Litz, Henry                     Wise, John
Litz, Lewis                     Young, Absolem
Lasher, Peter
Learn, Amos
Langin, Patrick
Larner, John
Thanks to Muriel Caillau for this contribution to the Luzerne County GenWeb Page.

1840 Windham Twp

*=Rev. War Vets age

Name                                Name              
****                                ****       
Arnold, Robert                     Harris, James
Arnold, Stephen                    Hobbs, Benj. H.
Allen, Wyatt, R.                   Hicks, Daniel
Adams, John                        Jayne, Timothy
Adams, Cyrrel                      Jennings, Paul B.
Allen, Ebenezer, Jr.               Jayne, Benj.
Allen, Ebenezer                    Jayne, Elizabeth
Adams, Barton                      Jackson, John
Allen, Nathan                      Jenks, Judge N.
Adams, Gilbert                     Jayne, Norton 
Adams, Augustus                    Jacoby, Leonard
Adams, Allen                       Jackson, Henry
Adams, Richard                     Jackson, Amos
Ashcraft, James                    Keeney, Asahel
Ames, Major A.                     Heeney, Seth L.
Adkins, Samuel                     Kelly, George
Arms, Lucy                         Koons, Jacob
Adkins, Isiah (*79)                Keithline, Thompson
Ames, Elisha (*89)                 Kelly, Joseph
Ames, Ruel C.                      Knuppenberger, Adam
Burrel, Joseph                     Love, John
Borrowcliffe, Wellington           Lake, Eleazar
Bunnel, Chas.                      Lewis, Burr B.
Beers, Jerome F.                   Lucas, Daniel
Blashfield, Lewis                  Lemons, Percipher
Blowers, Wm.                       Latham, John
Blowers, George                    Lott, Isaac
Barrowcliffe, Wm.                  Lott, Allen
Burlingame, Rufus                  Laughlin, Martin
Brown,  Josiah                     Lott, Richard
Baker, Benj.                       Myers, William
Burgess, Seth                      More, Wm. R.
Barber, Pearl                      Morey, Jonah
Burgess, Joseph Jr.                Morey, Nicholas
Burgess, John                      Moyer, Wm.
Bramhall, Revad                    Myers, Samuel V.
Burgess, Wm.                       McGarth, John
Burgess, Joseph                    Metz, Adam
Bowman, Alpheus                    Maynerd, Elijah
Barnes, Wm. H.                     Maynerd, Trueman
Boothe, Wm.                        Miles, John
Bender, Joseph                     Maynerd, Lyman
Buts, Peter                        Myers, Sugardus
Burgess, Wm. Wm.                   Newton, Obadiah
Bronson, Lyman                     Newton, Squire
Burgess, John P.                   Oziah, Anthony
Bowman, Elijah                     Oliver, David M.
Bowman, Wm.                        Puterbaugh, John
Bliven, Cyrus                      Pool, Daniel
Conklin, Lawrence C.               Place, George
Carney, Wm.                        Patterson, Edward
Carney, Hiram                      Palmer, Henry
Comstock, Russel                   Perrington, George
Comstock, Robert                   Park, Albert
Campbell, Henry D.                 Preston, Joseph
Champin, Henry                     Palmer, Philemon
Clapp, Cyrus                       Phinney, Lodicea
Champin, Henry Jr.                 Pardee, Silas B.
Comstock, Harrison                 Potter, Jesse E.
Cadman, Wm.                        Prentiss, Thadeus
Catlan, Sally                      Park, Russell
Catlin, Ziba                       Phinney, Ebenezer
Casson, Asher                      Prentiss, Joseph
Casson, Russel                     Phinney, Anson 
Casson, Chester                    Ross, Benj.
Campbell, Duncan                   Redfield, Philip
Conney, John                       Rogers, Hugh
Collins, John                      Roberts, Nathan
Carpenter, Tillinghast             Ramsdell, Lyman
Coudry, Russel                     Ramsdell, George
Cady, Alanson                      Russell, George W
Caskey, John                       Roots, Samuel
Decker, Elijah                     Ross, David
Dudley, Jon. A.                    Robinson, Chandler (*79)
Dewolf, Mark                       Robinson, Ira
Dibble, Joel                       Robinson, Russell
Douglas, Samuel                    Robinson, Roswel
Douglas, Wm.                       Robinson, Miles
Douglas, Richard                   Robinson, Joseph
Dull, Isaac                        Rogers, Gustavius A.
Dull, Christian                    Redfield, Alvah
Dewolf, Amasa                      Rogers, Josiah (*79)
Emory, Damiel                      Robinson, Wm.R
Effert, Daniel                     Robinson, Amasa
Easton, Rufus                      Smith, Archibald
Easton, Riley                      Smith, George W.
Estell, Andrew K.                  Shoemaker, David
Fassett, Josiah                    Stevens, Asa
Fassett, John                      Stevens, Myron
Fassett, James                     Stevens, Morton
Fassett, Jasper                    Shoemaker, Lud
Fassett, Elihu, Jr.                Sloat, William
French, James                      Sturdevant, Linda
French, Hoses                      Sturdevant, Jacob D.
Frost, Nathaniel C.                Spencer, Timothy
Frost, Daniel                      Smith, Joseph
Felbush, John                      Smith, Wm. Jr.
Fisk, Jon.                         Smith, Wm.
Farr, Benj.                        Spring, Betsey
Fassett, Joseph S.                 Swetland, Artemus
Fassett, Elihu                     Stevens, Benj.
Fassett, John S.                   Sharp, Elisha
Fassett, Schuyler                  Spencer, John
Ferris, John C.                    Smith, Lewis
Farr, Othneal                      Somers, Sylvester
Farr, Abner K.                     Spaulding, John
Fox, John R.                       Scouton, Wm.
Fitzgerald, Michael                Sheehan, Frederick
Firman, Allen F.                   Swetland, Gorton
Firman, James                      Swetland, Butler
Fassett, Gurdon                    Stemples, Benj.
Ferris, Simeon                     Thompson, Reuben
Fassett, Elijah                    Taylor, Silas
Furman, Ezra                       Thomas, Isaac
French, Hosea                      Thompson, Samuel
Gay, Ansel                         Timothy, Allsworth 
Groo, Nathaniel                    Toban, Chas.
Groo, George, W.                   Thomas, David
Groo, John                         Thompson, Henry
Garey, Ambrose                     Vaughn, James
Garey, James                       Vose, Calvin D.
Garey, Royal                       Vayow, Joseph 
Garey, Ambrose Jr.                 Vose, Oliver
Garey, Roswell                     Willias, Stephen
Graves, Hiram S.                   Walter, Michael
Garey, Wm.                         Wandle, Gilderoy
Gay, James                         Wandle, Henry
Gleason, Edward                    Wandle, Major
Grist, Mary                        Wandle, Alexander
Grist, George                      Wandle, Jonah
Grist, Chas.                       Wandle, John
Gay, John                          Walter, Peter
Gay, Milo                          Whitcomb, Solomon
Graves, Rufus                      Whitcomb, Dennis
Hayden, Simon                      Whitcomb, Timothy
Hatfield, Samuel                   Whitney, Walter
Harford, James                     Wall, Horace
Huntzinger, John                   Whipple, Wm. B.
Hurlburt, Joseph                   Whipple, Laura
Hurlburt, Samuel                   Whipple, George
Hurlburt, Elias                    Winslow, Perry
Hoxey, Wells                       Winslow, Seth
Hastings, Thomas                   Winslow, Lewis
Hitchcock, Hiram                   Williams, Lathrop Jr. 
Harris, David                      Williams, Hugh
Hadsdell, Burton                   Waller, Morelay
Hadsdell, John                     Walter, Chas.
Henry, Casper                      Whaling, James
Henry, John                        Williams, Sinton
Harris, Edward                     Williams, Robert
Harris, David                      Wiggins, Felix
Hoxie, Samuel                      Walters, Philip
Heth, Wm. A.
Heisz, F. E.
Hartzell, Philip
Harding, Stephen
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