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The following is a list a cemeteries in Luzerne County along with their locations.

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Cemetery Location Current  Name
Agudas Israel Hazleton  
Alberts Wright Township, Mountaintop  
Alden Newport Township  
Allen Lake Township  
Anshe Sfard Pittston  
Arnold Union Township Benscoter, Muhlenberg
Ascension Conyngham Township  
Ashley Hanover Township Maple Hill
Baldwin Exeter Township  
Beach Grove (Salem) Salem Township  
Beach Haven Salem Township  
Beaver Brook Beaver Brook  
Beef Hill (Powder Glen) Hollenback Township  
Benscoters Union Township  
Benscoter- Muhlenburg Union Township  
Beth Isreal Hazleton  
Bethal Hill Fairmont Township  
Black Creek Methodist Black Creek Township  
Blanchard Hunlock Township  
Blanchard or Cooper Jenkins Township  
Bloomingdale Ross Township  
Brace Franklin Township  
Brainerd Presbyterian Sugarloaf Township  
Broad Street Presbyterian Pittston  
Broadway Ross Township  
Bronson Adj Lake Township Whitesell
Bronson Jackson Township  
Brown Duryea  
Calvary Butler Township  
Cambra Huntington Township  
Carver Burial Ground Kingston Township  
Carverton Kingston Township  
Case Jackson Township  
Ceasetown (Cease) Jackson Township  
Cedar Crest Kingston Township  
Chapel Lawn Dallas Township  
Chestnut Grove Lake Township  
Clarks Cross Road Hanover Township  
Cong. B`nai Jacob Wilkes Barre  
Conyngham Episcopal Conyngham Borough  
Conyngham Union Conyngham Borough  
Coolbaugh Franklin Township  
Corey Burial Ground Wyoming Borough  
Cragle Hill Union Township  
Davenport Burial Ground Plymouth Borough  
Dennison Swoyersville Borough  
Dodson Southdale Huntington Township  
Dorrance Dorrance Township  
Dreisburg Exeter Township  
Drums Methodist Butler Township  
Dymond Exeter Township  
Eaton Franklin Township  
Eckley Foster Township  
Edge Hill Plymouth Township  
English Lutheran Sugarloaf Township  
Euming Forty Fort Borough  
Evarts Plymouth Township  
Evergreen Kingston Township  
Everhard Hollenback Township  
Fades Creek Ross Township Moore
Fairmount Springs Fairmount Township  
Fern Brook (Jewish) Dallas Township  
Fern Knoll Dallas Township  
Forest Lawn Nescopek Borough  
Forty Fort Forty Fort Borough  
Freeland Freeland Borough  
Front Yard Nescopek Borough  
Garrison Salem Township  
Good Shepherd Polish National Plymouth Township  
Good Shepherd Plains Township / Jenkins Township  
Gore Family Burial Ground Plains Township  
Goss Huntington Township  
Grave Yard Wilkes Barre  
Groover (Old Mt. Zion) Hollenback Township  
Hanover Green Hanover Township  
Harrison Huntinton Township  
Harrison-Higgins Lake Township  
Hazleton City Hazleton  
Hetley Grove Fairmount Township  
Hodge Burying Ground Plymouth Borough  
Hollenback Wilkes Barre  
Hollenback Wilkes Barre  
Holy Cross Ashley Borough  
Holy Cross Exaltation (Polish) Plymouth Township  
Holy Cross Polish National Catholic Wilkes Barre Township  
Holy Family (Polish) Sugar Notch Borough  
Holy Mother of Sorrows (Polish National) Dupont Borough  
Holy Name of Jesus (St. Mary's) Swoyersville  
Holy Name of Jesus PNC Lehman Township  
Holy Resurrection (Russian Orthodox) Plains Township  
Holy Rosary (Polish) Duryea Borough  
Holy Transfiguration (Greek Catholic) Nanticoke  
Holy Trinity (Slovak) Hazleton  
Holy Trinity (German) Hazleton  
Holy Trinity (Lithuanian) Roman Catholic New Bear Creek Township  
Holy Trinity (Polish) Newport Township  
Holy Trinity (Slovak) Swoyersville  
Holy Trinity (Independent) Freeland Borough  
Holy Trinity Roman Catholic Wilkes Barre  
Huff Exeter Township  
Huntsville Jackson Township  
Hurlinger Fairmount Township  
Ide Burying Ground (Idetown) Lehman Township Lehman Cemetery Assn.
Italian Cemetery Assn. Newport Township  
Italian (Independent) Nanticoke  
Italian (Independent) West Wyoming Borough  
Italian (Presbyterian) Conyngham Township  
Jeanesville Hazle Township  
Jenkins & Harding West Pittston Borough Jenkins
Jenkins West Pittston Borough  
Jewish ?? Plains Township  
Lakeview Harvey Lake Borough  
Kocher Lake Township  
Kettle Ross Township  
Lamoreaux Jackson Township  
Lamoreaux Plymouth Township  
Lakeview (Kitchen) Harveys Lake Borough  
Langcliff Avoca Borough  
Laurel White Haven  
Laurel Run Massacre Laurel Run Borough  
Lehman Center Lehman Township  
Lithuanian Independent Nanticoke  
Leteer Sweet Valley  
Lewis Bear Creek Township  
Lewis, Frank Ross Township  
Lithuanian Independent West Wyoming  
Lithuanian Independent Nanticoke  
Little Flower Manor Wilkes Barre  
Long Fairmount Township  
Maple Grove Lake Township  
Maple Hill Hanover Township  
Marcy Duryea  
Marshall Hollow Fairmount Township  
Marvin Union Township  
Memorial Shrine Franklin Township  
Miller Union Township  
Monroe Huntington Township  
Montanye Dallas Township  
Moore (Mooretown) Ross Township  
Mosier Duryea Borough Brown
Mossville Fairmont Township  
Most Precious Blood 9th & Cleveland Sts.  Hazleton  
Mother of Grace (Italian) Hazleton  
Mt. Carmel Yatesville  
Mt. Carmel Pittston Township  
Mt. Greenwood Kingston Township  
Mt. Grove Black Creek Township  
Mt. Laurel Hazleton  
Mt. Olivet Kingston Township  
Mt. View Exeter Township  
Mt. View Hazleton  
Mt. View Fairview Township  
Mt. Zion Exeter Township  
Mt. Zion Luth Church Nescopek Township  
Mt. Zion Reformed Church Nescopek Township  
Nanticoke City Nanticoke  
New Columbus New Columbus Borough  
Newport Newport Township  
Oakdale Hunlock Township  
Oaklawn Hanover Township  
Ohav Zedek Hanover Township  
Old Gallup Burial Ground Kingston Borough  
Old Harrison Huntington Township Wilkinson
Old Mt. Zion (Groover) Hollenbakck Township  
Old Presbyterian Church Lehman Township Parks
Old River Church Conyngham Township Wapwallopen
Old Stone Church Salem Township  
Orange Church Franklin Township  
Our Lady of Grace Hazleton  
Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Lehman Township  
Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Hazleton  
Parks Lehman Township  
Pecks Exeter Township  
Perrego Harvey's Lake Borough  
Pine Grove Huntington Township  
Pine Hill Shickshinny Borough  
Pines Bear Creek Township  
Pines Dallas Borough Rice
Pittston Pittston  
Pittston Odd Fellows Pittston  
Plymouth Corp. West Wyoming  
Pond Hill Conyngham Township  
Potter-Emory Huntington Township  
Beef Hill (Powder Glen) Hollenback Township  
Protestant Newport Township  
Red Rock Black Creek Township  
Resurrection of Our Lord Lehman Township  
Rice Dallas Borough  
Ross Burial Wilkes Barre Township  
Sacred Heart Black Creek Township  
Sacred Heart (German & Slovak) Duryea Borough  
Sacred Heart (Irish) Plains Township  
Sacred Heart Catholic Plains Township  
Sacred Heart Dupont Borough  
Sacred Heart (Slovak) Dallas Borough  
Sager Black Creek Township Red Rock
Schloyersville Nescopeck Township Mt. Zion Lutheran
Schloyersville Nescopeck Township Mt. Zion Reformed
Schucks Ross Township  
Scotts Huntington Township Waterton
Seventh Day Adventist Butler Township  
Schaffers Church Nescopek Township St. James Lutheran Church
Shavers or Shafer Dallas Township  
Shawnee Plymouth Borough  
Shellhammer Blacks Creek Township  
Shippey/Montanye Exeter Township  
Shupp's Larksville Borough  
Silver Maple Hollenback Township  
Slocum (Mt. Zion) Slocum Township  
Smiths Ross Township  
Sober (Reyburn) Union Township  
Soberton Hunlock Township  
St. Adalberts Parrish Newport Township  
St. Alberts Newport Township  
St. Ann Hazle Township  
St. Ann Lehman Township  
St. Ann Roman Catholic Freeland Borough  
St. Anthony Courtdale Borough  
St. Anthony's Roman Catholic Freeland Borough  
St. Casmir's Pittston  
St. Casmir's Hunlock Township  
St. Casmir's - Old Larksville Borough  
St. Casmir's Roman Catholic Freeland Borough  
St. Cecilias Exeter Borough  
St. Charles Sugar Notch Borough  
St. Cyril & Methodist Pringle Borough  
St. Dominic Plains Township  
St. Francis Nanticoke  
St. Francis of Assisi Plains Township  
St Gabriels Hazleton, S. Poplar at E. Buttonwood, across from Holy Rosary Church  
St. Hedwigs Larksville Borough  
St. Ignaitus Pringle Borough  
St. James Luth Church Hollenback Township  
St. James Luth Church Nescopeck Township  
St. Johns Byzantine Catholic Arthur Street, Hazleton  
St. Johns Duryea Borough  
St. Johns Nepomucene Courtdale Borough  
St. Johns (Polish) Pittston Township  
St. Johns Polish Nation Hazleton  
St. Johns Roman Catholic Freeland Borough  
St. Johns Russian Orthodox Nanticoke  
St. John the Baptist Newport Township  
St. John the Baptist Dallas Township  
St. John The Baptist Exeter Borough  
St. John the Baptist Exeter Borough  
St. John's Union (Lutheran) Butler Township  
St. John's Union (Reformed) Butler Township  
St. Joseph's Duryea Borough  
St. Joseph's (Slovak) Exeter Borough  
St. Joseph's (Polish) Plains Township  
St. Joseph's (Slovak) Nanticoke  
St. Joseph's Pittston  
St. Joseph's Hazleton  
St. Joseph's (Polish) West Wyoming  
St. Joseph's Lithuanian Plymouth Township  
St. Mathas Fairmount Township  
St. Mary's Freeland Borough  
St. Mary's Warrior Run Borough  
St. Mary's Dorrance Township  
St. Mary's Assumption Rock St., Hughestown  
St. Mary's Nanticoke  
St. Mary's - New Newport Township  
St. Mary's - Old  Newport Township  
St. Mary's Annunciation Pringle Borough  
St. Mary's Byzantine Catholic Hazleton  
St. Mary's Byzantine Catholic Dallas Township  
St. Mary's Byzantine Catholic Plains Township  
St. Mary's Greek Catholic Courtdale Borough  
St. Mary's Help of Christ Pittston  
St. Mary's Materna Catholic Wilkes Barre Township  
St Mary's Nativity Larksville Borough  
St. Mary's Nativity Plymouth Township  
St. Mary's of the Materna West Wyoming Borough  
St. Mary Parrish Conyngham Township  
St. Mary's Parriah Avoca Borough  
St. Mary's Pokrov Greek Catholic Edwardsville Borough  
St Mary's Polish National Duryea Borough  
St. Mary's Roman Catholic Pringle Borough  
St. Mary's Roman Catholic Wilkes Barre  
St. Mary's Roman Catholic Hanover Township  
St. Mary Syrian Orthodox Hanover Township  
St. Michael's (German) Newport Township  
St. Michael's Byzantine Pittston  
St. Michael's Hazleton  
St. Michael's Duryea Borough  
St Michael the Archangel Newport Township  
St. Nicholas (German) Wilkes Barre  
St. Nicholas (German) Shavertown  
St. Nicholas (Ukranian) Catholic Nanticoke  
St. Nicholas (Russian Orthodox) Plains  
St. Nicholas (Russian Orthodox) Pringle  
St. Nicholas (Russian Orthodox) Swoyersville  
St. Nicholas (Greek Catholic) Glen Lyon  
St. Patricks Plains Township  
St. Patricks (Irish Catholic) White Haven  
St. Paul's United Methodist Church Drums (along Butler Road)  
SS. Peter & Paul Eastern Greek Catholic (Orthodox) Freeland Borough  
St. Peter & Paul (Lithuanian) Hazleton  
St. Peter & Paul (Lutheran-Slovak) Hazleton  
St. Peters (Lutheran) Hughestown, Center at Rock Street, adjacent to St. Peter's Church  
St. Peters (Reformed) Hollenback Township  
St. Peter & Paul (Lutheran-Slovak) Freeland Borough  
St. Peter & Paul (Polish) Plains Township  
St. Peter & Paul (Ukranian) Plains Township  
St. Peter & Paul (Lithuanian) Catholic Sugar Notch  
St. Peter & Paul Avoca  
St. Peter & Paul (Greek Catholic) Plymouth  
St. Peter & Paul (Greek Catholic) Duryea  
St. Roccos (Italian) Pittston Township  
St. Stanislaus (Polish) Hazleton  
St. Stanislaus Boys Home Newport Township  
St. Stanislaus (Polish) Nanticoke  
St. Stanislaus (Polish) Plains Township  
St. Stephens Lehman Township  
St. Stephens Wilkes Barre  
St. Vadimirs / Holy Resurrection Newport Township  
St. Vadimirs (Ukrainian Catholic) Larksville  
St. Vincents (Irish) Larksville  
St. Vincents Plains  
Stairville - New Dorrance Township  
Stairville - Old Dorrance Township  
Steward Dallas Township  
Stoddartsville Buck Township  
Sugar Loaf Massacre Conyngham Borough  
Sutton Creek Exeter Township  
Sweet Valley Ross Township  
Temple B`nai Brith Hanover Township  
Temple Israel Forty Fort  
Thompson Fairmount Township  
Townhill Huntington Township  
Transfiguration West Hazleton Huntsville
Valley View Jackson Township  
Vine Street Hazleton  
Wapwallopen Conyngham Township  
Warden Dallas  
West Pittston West Pittston Borough  
West Pittston Jewish West Pittston Borough  
White Lake Township Maple Grove
Whitesell Lake Township  
Wilkes Barre City Wilkes Barre  
Wilkinson Huntington Township  
Woodlawn Dallas Borough  
Wyoming Wyoming Borough  
Wyoming Monument Wyoming Borough  


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