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HALLSTEAD, Wm. F. President Suburban Electric Light Co.
HAND, D. B. -- Physician
HAND, Hon. Alfred -- Attorney-at-law
HANLEY, Wm., Jr. -- Caterer
HENWOOD, W. L. -- Diamond Drills
HILL, Geo. E. -- Dentist
HITCHCOCK, F. L. -- Insurance
HOWARTH, J. W. -- Lumber
HOLGATE, M. H. -- Real Estate
HENSHAW, Franklin -- Broker
HUTTON, W. A. -- Electrical Supplies
HALLSTEAD, Geo. M. -- Suburban Electric Light Co.
HARVEY, Alfred -- Silk Manufacturer
HARRINGTON, David C. -- Attorney-at-law
HACKETT, W. T. -- Real Estate
HOWLEY, M. T. -- Plumber
HOWER, Geo. F. -- General Contractor
HOPEWELL, John U. Proprietor Providence Register
ISAACS, Louis H. -- Gents' Furnishings
JERMYN, Geo. B. -- Coal Operator
JOHNSON, O. S. -- Coal Operator
JONES, C. D. President People's Bank
JONES, J. D. -- International Textbook Co.
JUDGE, M. P. -- Mullerin & Judge, Contractors
JACOBS, C. S. -- Painting and Wall Paper
JERMYN, J. J. -- Coal Operator
JONES, David L. -- Funeral Director
JONES, Thomas E. -- Coal Operator
KELLER, George -- Hardware
KELLER, Luther -- Lime and Cement
KEMMERER, J. M. -- Wagon Supplies
KINSLEY, C. R. -- Contractor
KOCH, Victor Proprietor The Scranton House
KRAMER, A. N. -- Kramer Bros., Clothiers
KEMMERER, J. L. -- Attorney-at-law
KROTOSKY, Isadore -- Krotosky Bros. Clothiers
KAUFHOLD, H. A. -- Contractor
KIZER, A. F. -- Real Estate
KAISER, F. A. Secretary-Treasurer Scranton Bedding Co.
KNIGHT, M. S. -- Mining Engineer
KETCHUM, Alfred E. Freight Agent P. R. R.
{Pennsylvanic Railroad}
KEEFE, J. B. Div. Freight Agent D. L. & W. R. R.
{Delaware Lackawanna & Western Railroad}
KOEHLER, F. M. -- Printer
LANSING, J. A. President Scranton Stove Works
LEVY, Jos. -- Rice, Levy, & Co., Wholesale Grocers
LINEN, J. A. President First National Bank
LUCE, J. S. -- Fire Insurance
LEVY, N. B. -- Wholesale Jeweler
LONG, Arthur -- Jonas Long's Sons, Department Store
LOGAN, Wm. H. Manager Dun's Mercantile Agency
LAW. A. F. Vice-President Temple Iron Co.
LIDDLE, Wm. G. Div. Freight and Pass. Agt. D & H
{Delaware & Hudson Railroad}
LOFTUS, John J. -- Druggist
LYNOTT, P. F. -- Commission Merchant
LANSING, D. W. -- Foote & Lansing Co., Hardware
MATTHEWS, R. J. -- Matthews Bros. Drugs
MAY, W. A. General Manager Pennsylvania Coal Co.
MOORE, Thos. -- Moore & Foster, Fire Insurance
MC CLAVE, Wm. President McClave-Brooks Co.
MEGARGEE, B. B. -- Megargee Bros., Wholesale Paper
MARKS, Joseph -- Crane-Marks Co., Cloaks
MATTHEWS, Walter L. -- Flour Mills
MERRIMAN, E. L. Manager Paragon Plaster & Supply Co.
MEGARGEL, Roy C. -- Megargel & Brooks, Brokers
MATTHEWS, C. P. President Clark & Snover Tobacco Co.
MURRAY, Robt. J. -- Attorney-at-law
MILLAR, George V. -- Chinaware
MATTES, C. C. General Manager L. I. & C. Co.
MC CRINDLE, J. -- Commission Merchant
MILLER, J. S. Manager Nelson-Morris Beef Co.
MORGAN, Harry W. Agency Superintendent Mutual Life Ins. Co.
MC ANULTY, J. S. Secretary-Treasurer Connell Anthracite Coal Co.
MC CONNELL, J. G. -- Dry Goods
MILLER, C. F. -- Publisher
MOYER, W. A. Industrial Agent D. & H. Co.
MULLEY, Geo. M. -- Grocer
MARTIN, M. J. -- Attorney-at-law
MOSHER, L. B. -- Merchant Tailor
MOYER, F. M. -- Contractor and Builder
NETTLETON, A. C. -- Boots and Shoes
NELSON, John -- Contractor
NOLAN, Thos. J. -- Plumber
OAKFORD, J. W. -- Attorney-at-law
O'BRIEN, Richard Superintendent W. C. Telegraph Co.
OTTINGER, Louis -- Furniture
PECK, Wm. H. Cashier Third National Bank
POST, R. F. -- Drayman and Rigger
POND, C. H. President Scranton Forging Co.
PORTER, J. T. President
Traders Nat'l Bank
Wholesale Grocer
PIERCE, Wm. H. -- Grocer
PHILLIPS, Geo. -- Wholesale Jeweler
PATTERSON, R. H. -- Attorney-at-law
PECK, F. L. President Lacka. Lumber Co.
PELTON, Grant -- Stocks and Bonds
PECK, E. S. Treasurer-Manager Peck Lumber Mfg. Co.
PRENDERGAST, R. E. -- Manufacturer Stationery
PARRISH, J. E. -- Electrician
PAYNE, Rev. Thomas B. -- Minister
PEABODY, H. L. -- Investments
PALMER, Thos. Secretary Nay Aug Lumber Co.
PIERCE, H. A. -- Grocer

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