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The names are not alphabetical, though all of the A's are together, the B's together, etc. They were taken 'in the order' in which they appeared in the journal.

ATHERTON, D. B. Secretary-Manager Title Guaranty & Trust Co.
ATHERTON, J. R. Paymaster D. & H. Co.
Dry Goods, Boots and Shoes
AVERY, Wm. A. Treasurer Scranton Whetstone & Ab. Wheel Co.
AMERMAN, Ralph A. -- General Insurance & Real Estate
BAILEY, H. P. Manager R. L. Polk & Co.
BARNES, Jno. W. -- Hotel
BELIN, Henry, jr. President Consumer Powder Co.
BENORE, John -- Contractor and Builder
BARKER, F. S. -- Scale Manufacturer
BROOKS, R. G. Vice-President McClave-Brooks Co.
BEAVERS, F. W. -- Druggist
BLACKWOOD, Harvey J. -- Architect
BROWN, George D. President Paragon Plaster & Supply Co.
BOYER, W. D. -- Attorney-at-law
BLISS, Valentine -- Silk Manufacturer
BROOKS. Wm. N. -- Brooks & Sanderson Shoe Co.
BOLAND, C. G. -- Banker
BOIES, David President Spencer Heater Co.
BOYD, W. S. jr. Manager Scranton Supply & Machinery Co.
BROWNING, J. W. -- Attorney-at-law
BUCK, H. D. -- Scranton Business College
BUSH, J. C., jr. -- Commission Merchant
BUTLER, P. W. Manager Gaylor & Eitapene
BURKE, Timothy -- Burke Bros. Contractors
BRYDEN, John R. General Manager Scranton Coal Co.
BEVAN, E. L. Dis. Agent John Hancock Mutual Life Ins. Co.
CUSICK, P. F. -- Undertaker
CHANDLER, W. H. -- Wholesale Grocer
CASEY, A. J. Treasurer Penn Central Brewing Co.
CLARKE, E. A. Treasurer and Secretary Cariucci Stone Co.
CONNELL, Hon. Wm. President Third National Bank
CONRAD, William -- Milk Dealer
CONNELL, Chas. H. Treasurer and Secretary Lacka. Knitting Mills
COURSEN, E. G. -- Wholesale and Retail Grocer
CRANE, F. L. -- Furs and Cloaks
CHRISTY, A. H. Cashier County Savings Bank & Trust Co.
CASEY, P. J. -- Casey Bros. Brewery
CONNOLLY, B. P. -- Connolly & Wallace, Dry Goods
CONNELL, J. L. -- Stocks and Bonds
COWLES, W. C. -- Hardware
CLARKE, E. M. -- Clarke Bros., Department Stores
COMEGYS, C. -- Attorney-at-law
CONRAD, Louis -- Hatter and Men's Clothes
CONN, Chas. F. Vice-President L. & W. V. R. R. Co.
COLLINS, M. W. Manager Maloney Oil & Mfg. Co.
COLLINS, Arthur L. -- Piano Manufacturer
CONLEY, Win G. -- Scranton Tribune
DALE, Hon. Thomas H. -- Coal Operator
DAVIDSON, C. P. Treasurer and Secretary Lacka. Lumber Co.
DICKSON, A. W. President Dickson Mill & Grain Co.
DOUD, E. S. -- Public Accountant
DALE, H. G. -- Commission Merchant
DAVIS, W. J. -- Merchant Tailor
DUNN, Arthur -- Attorney-at-law
DUNNING, A. B. -- Civil Engineer
DIMMICK, J. Benj. President Lacka. Trust & Safe Deposit Co.
DUNHAM, H. G. Cashier Dime Deposit & Discount Bank
DEAN, E. C. -- Wholesale Cigars
DEAN, Edward B. -- Coal Operator
DERRY, A. L. -- Machinery
DICKERSON, Geo. A. -- Grocer
DURKIN, P. H. Proprietor Coyne House
DRINKER, E. W. Freight Agent L. V. R. R.
{Lehigh Valley Railroad}
EVES, Pliny Manager National Cash Register Co.
FERDUN, J. R. -- Photographer
FOSTER, R. J. Vice-President International Text Book Co.
FOSTER, Sol Principal School of Law, I. C. S.
{Internat'l Correspondence School}
FOSTER, J. H. Advertising Manager I. C. S.
{Internat'l Correspondence School}
FRITZ, John -- Harness
FULLER, E. L. -- Coal Operator
FULLER, G. A. -- Real Estate
FOWLER, J. W. President Scranton Steam Pump Co.
FULTON, C. W. -- Insurance
FULLER, A. C. Vice-President and Treasurer Scranton Stove Works
FARR, Hon. John R. -- Publisher
FRANK, Sam. H. -- House Furnishings
FULLER, E. A. -- Contractor and Builder
FRANKLIN, E. B. -- Insurance
FINN, Geo. W. -- Ezra Finn & Sons, Lumber
FLEMING, J. R. -- Manufacturer
FICKES, D. L. -- Attorney-at-law
FREAS, A. O. -- Feed, Hay and Grain Dealer
FERRIS, Edwin F. Treasurer Scranton Truth Publishing Company
GOLDSMITH, Sol. -- Goldsmith Bros. Dry Goods
GOLDSMITH, M. -- Goldsmith Bros. Wholesale Boots and Shoes
GUNSTER, J. H. -- Receiver
GUERNSEY, J. W. -- Pianos and Organs
GODFREY, F. S. Proprietor
Hotel Jermyn
GORMAN, H. S. -- Livery
GRIFFIN, M. H. -- Clothing
GROAT, Charles C. Treasurer Groat Knitting Co.
GILHOOL, W. E. -- Carriage Manufacturer
GOLDBERG, A. -- Wholesale Cigars and Tobacco
GOODMAN, Isadore -- Goodman & Co., Boots and Shoes
GRIFFITHS, Sam. M. Manager Warren-Ehret Co.
GERLOCK, F. H. -- Book and Job Printer
GUNSTER, H. J. -- Hardware

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