Jacob H. Redsecker

of City of Lebanon, Lebanon County, Pennsylvania

Document submitted by Linda Stienstra.

Will Book R, Page 581, Lebanon County, Pennsylvania
Written: 23 September 1903
Recorded: 20 April 1909

	I, J.H. Redsecker, of the City of Lebanon, in
the County of Lebanon, and State of Pennsylvania, being of
sound and disposing mind, memory and understanding do make
and publish this my Last Will and Testament, hereby revok-
ing and making void any and all former Wills by me at any
time heretofore made.

	FIRST:	I hereby give and bequeath to Martha
J. Ross, of Lebanon, Pa., her heirs and assigns, all my
books, pamphlets and papers; also my horse and buggy.

	SECOND:	I hereby give and bequeath to my
brother, Abraham R. Redsecker, his heirs and assigns, my
grandfather's clock.

	THIRD:	To the Mt. Tunnel Cemetery Association
of Elizabethtown, I hereby give and bequeath the sum of
Two Hundred Dollars, the interest of which is to be used 
annually, or so much thereof as may be necessary, for
keeping in repair the graves in my father's lot in said

	FOURTH:	I hereby order and direct my herein-
after named Executors, as soon after my death as may be
convenient to sell and dispose of my entire estate, real,
personal and mixed, including all my interest and estate
in the business of Dr. Geo. R. Ross & Company, either by
public or private sale, ( the latter being preferable),
hereby giving and granting unto my hereinafter name Execu-
ters full power and authority to execute and deliver good
and sufficient deed or deeds to the purchaser or purchas-
ers of the real estate of which I die siezed, and after
my entire estate has been converted into cash I hereby
order and direct my hereinafter named Executers to pay all
my just debts and funeral expenses, and the debts of the
firm, and all the balance, remainder and residue of my es-
tate then remainng, I do hereby give and bequeath unto my
sister, Sarah A. Greenawalt, her heirs or assigns forever.

	LASTLY.	I do hereby nominate, constitute and
appoint Martha J. Ross, Frank S. Becker and J. Redsecker
Beetem as the Executers of this my Last Will and Testament.

	IN WITNESS WHEREOF I have hereunto set my hand and 
seal this 18th day of September in the year of our Lord
one thousand nine hundred and three, (1903.)

Signed, sealed, published and  )
declared by J.H. Redsecker,    
the above name Testater as     (
and for his Last Will and
Testament in the presence of   )
us who at his request have  		J.H.Redsecker (SEAL)
subscribed our names hereto    (	(signed)
in the presence of the said
Testater and of each other.    )

Clarence O. Snavely 	       (
H. Rank Bickel      	       )


	On the 24 day of April, A.D. 1909
Before Me, W.G. Kreider, Deputy, Register of Wills, &c.,
in and for said County, personnaly came
Clarence O. Snavely and H. Rank Bickel
the subscribing Witnesses to the foregoing and within Will, 
who being duly affirmed
did say that they were present, heard and saw J.H. Redsecker
the Testator, sign, seal, publish and delcare the foregoing 
and with Instrument of
Writing as and for his last Will and Testatement, and at the doing
thereof he was of sound disposing mind and memory and understanding to the
best of their knowledge and belief.

Affirmed and subscribed
before me, this 24		Clarence O. Snavely. (signed)
day of April, A.D. 1909.	H. Rank Bickel.      (signed)
	W.G. Kreider
	Deputy Register

The following was crossed through on the back of the will:

	Codicil No. 1.	I give and bequeath to the Philadelphia
College of Pharmacy located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the
sum of Five Hundred Dollars ($500.00), the interest of which
is to be used for the Maich prize instituted by me some years
ago.  Should the money be placed at five per cent interest, then
in four or five years the surplus will h ave accumulated an
amount equal to the prize.  When it so increases, then the ad-
ditional amount can be used in making a second prize.

Signed sealed and acknowledged   )
to be the last will and testament(
of J.H. Redsecker in the presence)    J.H. Redsecker
of subscribing wittnesses and of (    (signed)
each other.                      )
Clarence O. Snavely.
E--- G. Myers

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