Will of Philip Boyer (Bayer)

of Lebanon Township, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania

Document submitted by Gwen Boyer Bjorkman.

Lancaster County, Pennsylvania
Written: 5 April 1781
Recorded: 1 May 1781

In the Name of God Amen.  I Philip Boyer of Lebanon Township Lancaster County &
State of Pensylvania being at present very sick and weak in Body but of perfect
Mind Memory and Understanding Thanks be given unto God, calling unto Mind the
Mortality of Body do make and ordain this my Last Will & Testament in Maner and
Form following that is to say I recomend my Soul unto the Hand of Almighty God
that gave it, and my body I recomend to the Earth to be buried in decent
Christian burial.  And as touching such worldly Estates wherewith it has pleased
God to bless me in this Life I give devise and dispose of the same in the
following Maner & Form. Imprimis, it is my Will and I do order that in the first
place all my Just Debts and Funeral Expenses be paid as soon as conveniently may
be after my Decease.  Item it is my Will that my beloved Wife Susanah shall live
upon and enjoy my Plantation with all my Effects and keep my two Sons Frederic
and Peter with her to work the Place out of the Incomes whereof she is to bring
them up and have them educated without making any Charge for the same in which
Maner my said Wife shall inherit my Estate in Maner aforesaid as long as she
remains my Widow and no longer, but if my said Wife shall Marry again that then
my said Wife shall imediately acquit my said Plantation and give up to my
hereafter named Executors or to the Survivor of them all the personal Estate
which she had in her possession or care, and my Executors shall only give her of
my Household Goods as much as they shall think necessary and likewise fifty
pounds good hard Money but in case my said Wife could not manage my said
Plantation with my aforesaid two Sons as my Widow then it is my Will that my
Executors may let my Plantation upon Shares and the Incomes whereof they shall
give unto my said Wife Susanah during her natural Life as my Widow.  And it is
further my Will that if my said Wife should inter marry that then my said
Executors if to them shall seem convenient sell and dispose the Remainder of my
personal Estate and make the same to Money.  And my further Will is and do
hereby order that my hereafter named Executors or the Survivor of them may value
and Appraise my Plantation unto my Son Frederic after my Wife's Decease or
Marriage and if he my son Frederic will not take the Plantation at their
Appraisement then my Son Peter shall have the Plantation for the said Valuation
if he chooses, but if neither of them will take the said Plantation then my
executors or the Survivors of them may sell it at Public Vendue.  Item. It is my
Will that all the Money accrueing of my real and personal Estate shall be
equally divided (except all what is above excepted) between all my Children only
allowing my Son Philip five pounds and my Son Frederic ten pounds and my Son
Peter fourteen pounds good hard Money in Gold or Silver over and above their
equal Shares.  Further my Will is that the Portion or equal Share (for certain
good Causes) which shall become due unto my Son in law James Kelly Husband to my
Daughter Juliana my Executors or the Survivors of them shall keep in their Hands
till their two Children Frederic and Catharine shall have their Lawfull Age and
then it shall be equally divided only between them two aforesaid two Children,
and that my Executors pay unto the said Kelly five Shillings and no more in full
of his Claim to the Premises.  Item, it is my Will that my hereafter named
Executors or the Survivors of them shall have full power to give a good lawfull
Deed or conveyance for my Plantation as will vest a Fee Simple in the purchaser
or Purchasers thereof.  And lastly I do hereby nominate & appoint my beloved
Wife Susanah Executrix and my two beloved Friends Jacob Kitzmiller and Henry
Peter Junior sole and whole Executors of this my Last Will and Testament hereby
revoking dis-annulling and making void all former and other Testament &
Executors by me heretofore made ratifying this and no other to be my Last Will &
Testament.  In Witness whereof I have hereunto set my Hand and Seal this fifth
Day of April in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and eighty one.
			            Philip Bayer (German Signature)
Intl. in Orig.
Signed Sealed Pronounced & Declared by    }
the said Philip Boyer as his Last Will and}
in the Presence of us David Wagner, Karl  }
X his mark Reiger, Manos Strohr der alto.
	 W:B:The above was
	 interlined before the
	 Sealing hereof

Lancaster County Ss. On the first Day of May Anno Domini 1781 before me the
Subscriber personally appeared Charles Reichert and Matthias Strohr the elder,
two of the Witnesses to the within Will and on their Corporal Oath according to
Law did severally and respectively depose and say that they were present and saw
& heard Philip Boyer the Testator within named Sign Seal Publish Pronounce and
Declare the within Writing as and for his last Will and Testament and that at
the Doing thereof he was of sound and well disposing Mind Memory and
Understanding to the best of their Knowledge Observation and Belief (Signed)
John Hubley Regr.  Be it Remembered that on the first Day of May Anno Domini
1781 the Last Will and Testament of Philip Boyer late of Lebanon Township in the
County of Lancaster Yeoman deceased was proved in due Form of Law and Letters
Testamentary thereon were granted to Susannah Boyer, Jacob Kitzmiller and Henry
Peter Junior the Executors therein named and appointed they being first duly
Qualified well and truly to administer the Estate of the said deceased, to
exhibit a true and perfect Inventory thereof into the Register's Office of
Lancaster on or before the first Day of June next and to render a Just Account
of their Administration of the said Estate when thereto legally required.  Given
under the Seal of the said Office & by me (Signed) John Hubley (Examined with
the Original)

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