Will of Matthias Henning

of Jonestown, East Hanover Township, Lebanon County, Pennsylvania

Lebanon County, Pennsylvania
Written: 4 January 1830
Recorded: 11 March 1830


      In the Name of God Amen.  I Mathias Henning of East Hanover Township, in
the County of Lebanon and State of Pennsylvania, being sick and weak in body,
but of sound mind, memory and understanding, praised be God for it, and
considering the certainty of death, and the uncertainty of the time thereof
Do therefore make and declare this my last Will and Testament in the manner
following, that is to say first and principally.  I commend my soul to Almighty
God, and my body I commit to the earth, at the dis___ of my executor herein
after named.  My worldly estate I dispose of as follows: Item, I will and desire
that all my just debts as shall be by me owing at my death together with my
funeral expenses, and all charges touching the proving of this my will, Shall
in the first place be fully paid and satisfied out of my estate.  Item, I give and
bequeath unto my beloved Daughter Barbara Henning, as much of my Household
furniture as she may make choice of. __ a Cow, two Sheep, and two Hogs and the
remaining part of my personal estate, I desire my executors to Sell as soon
as convenient may be, after my death.  Item, I give and bequeath unto my
beloved Daughter Polly, one Brass Kettle; and Chest, I one Flax _Hatchel_(?) 
 Item, I give and bequeath unto my son David Henning, one Promisory Note
payable by him, unto me bearing date about the first day of May, A.D. 1821.
which shall be in full for his Share, or portion, out of all my estate real and
personal the principal of which is four hundreds and ninety one Dollars and
sixty four cents.  Item, It is my Will, and do so order, that my executor Shall
Sell my Plantation, situate in East Hanover Township, aforesaid, one year
after my death, at public auction, upon such terms as he may think proper, and
for the best price that can be gotten for the same, hereby empowering my
executor to make and execute a good and lawfull Title to the purchaser or his
heirs and assigns of my said Plantation.  Item, It is my Will, that proceeds, or
money arising from the Sale of all my estate both real and personal, Shall be
apportioned and divided into three equal shares. - Giving, unto my beloved
Daughter Barbara Henning one third part thereof/in addition to what I have
already willed to her. - To my beloved Son-in-law Baltzer Shally, one  third 
part thereof, - And to the children of my Unfortunate Son George Henning, the
remaining one third part, which shall be considered as the portion or share of
my said son George, infull out of my estate, that none of my Children Shall be
called to account for what I have upon former occasions given them, hereby
exonerating them from all accounts which I have charged in a Small Book.  Those
of my Children residing in the State of Ohio, have had received their full
shares, or portion already and are consequently are so barred for ever from
having or receiving _______________ _____________________.   And, I do make
and ordain my beloved son-in-law Baltzer Shally, Executor of this my last Will
and Testament.  In witness thereof I the said Mathias Henning have hereunto
set my hand and seal the fourth day of January A.D. One Thousand eight
hundred and Thirty.

Singed, Sealed and acknowledged
by the Testator, in the presence of                  Mathias Henning   Seal
the Subscribers, as his last will 
and testament.

John Benten        (This is to certify        )
Jacob Meidle       (that my Son George        )
     (Weidle?)     (shall Have the Interest   )
                   (of the his Children Yearly)

                       This certifies that I John Benten has this day
                       sworn that he saw Mathias Henning
                       write the foregoing four lines included in brackets
                       and was then of sound mind and memory.

Witness sworn 11th March 1830
Executor sworn same day--


Names mentioned:

Mathias Henning
    daughter Barbara Henning
    daughter Polly (Sholly)
    son-in-law Baltzer Sholly 
    son David Henning
    son George Henning

Information supplied by Jane Barr Torres

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