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Crowmwell Township Officers


History of Huntingdon and Blair Counties, Pennsylvania by J. Simpson Africa Philadelphia, PA:  Louis H. Everts, 1883, pp. 252-265.  Contributed by Mike Gifford.


Year Supervisors Constables Overseers of the Poor    
1836     D. N. Carothers    
1837 Eli Wakefield Michael Starr David Burket    
1838 ?? ?? Hezekiah Irwin    
1839 ?? ?? Daniel Tague    
1840 William McDonald Benjamin Bair Robert B. Herr David Fleck John Bee
1841 Joseph Cornelius John Bee Robert B. Herr    
1842 Samuel Stewart F. Harman Felix Logan George Swartz Benjamin Bear
1843 David Burket Aaron Stains Felix Logan Michael Starr William McDonald
1844 George Swartz Andrew Gilliland David Etnier J. Rutler M. Miers
1845 John Bolinger Joseph Cornelius Felix Logan George Sipes Aaron Stains
1846 Isaac Bee William Chilcott Felix Logan Michael Starr Enoch McMullin
1847 M. Miers Joel Moore James Falkender Michael Stair John Bee
1848 Levi Heck Frederick Harmon James Falkender Samuel Book Daniel J. Logan
1849 Thomas Teague Joseph Cornelius James Harper David Etnier Michael Starr
1850 Joseph Cornelius Caleb Kelly William Halkenberrry David Etnier Michael Starr
1851 Louis D. Evans John Bare David Cornelius W. Rutter John Fowler
1852 David Hillman Louis Evans John McDonald George Swartz Thomas Long
1853 Caleb Kelly Joseph Cornelius William M. Chilcote Thomas Long George Swartz
1854 F. Haman Caleb Kelly B. F. Chilcote George Swartz Thomas Long
1855 John Wilson Peter Robinson David Irwin H. R. Beers Isaac Enyeart
1856 A. Wagner George Price David Irwin G. W. Cornelius A. Wagner
1857 Thomas Turner A. Robinson B. F. Chilcote    
1858 George Price William Jordan J. Cornelius    
1859 Joseph Rhodes George W. Cornelius J. Cornelius    
1860 Samuel Stewart William Jordan J. Cornelius    
1861 John C. Bollinger D. N. Carothers J. Cornelius    
1862 Samuel Rank Peter Secrist J. Cornelius    
1863 Peter Secrist Jacob Wall J. Cornelius    
1864 M. Chicoat Daniel Book J. Cornelius    
1865 Thomas Kelly J. B. Shenefelt J. Cornelius    
1866 Thomas Long Thomas Kelly Thomas O. Cloyd    
1867 Thomas Kelly William Jordan John Kelly    
1868 Jonathan League Joel Moore Martin Hammon    
1869 Samuel Stewart Samuel Gilliland Thomas L. Chilcote    
1870 D. Grove H. Morgan R. T. Starr    
1871 ?? ?? R. T. Starr    
1872 R. D. Heck J. P. McKelvy R. T. Starr    
1873 A. Miller James McElwee J. M. Rodgers    
1874 R. D. Heck W. Jordan J. M. Rodgers    
1875 H. Mitchell J. McElwee J. M. Rodgers    
1876 W. Jordan, A. Miller, J. McElwee John A. Rodgers    
1877 E. O. Rodgers, S. Gilliland, H.Beers John A. Rodgers    
1878 John Rice James McElwee Adam Whitsel    
1879 Wm. Jordan, R. D. Heck, James McElwee D. W. Laird    
1880 Wm. Johns, Wm. Jordan, A.G. Whitsel W. H. Hart    
1881 James McElwee Adam Whitsel William Lynn    




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