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Barree Township Officers, 1788-1881


History of Huntingdon and Blair Counties, Pennsylvania by J. Simpson Africa Philadelphia, PA:  Louis H. Everts, 1883, pp. 210-217.  Contributed by Mike Gifford


Year Supervisors Constables Overseers of the Poor    
1788     Jame Glen    
1789 William McAlevy Nicholas Graffius William Porter Joseph Oburn James Anderson
1790 George Wilson Richard Miller John Graffius James Glen George Gray
1791 George Wilson James Haney George Wilson " Nicholas Graffius
1792 Nicholas Graffius James Glen John Case Joseph Oburn William Porter
1793 John Cree David Ralston James Anderson William McAlevy James Ausrie
1794 James Anderson William McAlevy James Anderson George Jackson Samuel Prter
1795 John Beatty John McGill James Glen George Gray Richar Miller
1796 Michael Murray Samuel Anderson Thomas Forrest Alexander McCromick William McAlvey
1797 Joseph Potter Thomas Warren Samuel Mitchell James Glen William McAlevy
1798 David Gilliland Samuel Mitchell David Wherry Nathaniel Murray Robert Moore
1799 Robert Stuart Robert Leonard George Green Joseph Jackson David Riddle
1800 Morris Ferris James McIlroy James Watson James Thompson Mcichael Murray
1801 " " William McAlevy    
1802 Thomas Warren Benjamin McMahan David Gilliland    
1803 Thomas Warren Robert Moore George McCartney    
1804 " " Hugh Tolland    
1805 William Wallace Samuel Kenney Robert Morrell    
1806 David Riddle Robert Morrell William Potter    
1807 James Watson Mordecai Mussey Robert Leonard    
1808 John McGill Samuel Morrison Robert Moore    
1809 James Wtson George Rudy Isaac Myton    
1810 John Campbell Robert Leonard William Hirst    
1811 John Watt John McIlroy Samuel Henry    
1812 " " ?    
1813 Joseph Runsha William Ricketts William Hirst    
1814 George McCrum Christian Oyer William Hirst    
1815 " " Thomas Kyler    
1816 John Carmon William Maffitt Thomas Kyler    
1817 Joseph Clayton " William McCrum    
1818 John Watt Thomas Coughenour William McCrum    
1819 David Gilliland James Watson William McCrum    
1820 " " Samuel Morris    
1821 Asaph Fagan Samuel Morrison Thomas Kyler    
1822 " John Forrest Thomas Kyler    
1823 Andrew Householder Thomas Mitchell Charles Woolverton    
1824 John Stryker George Fox William Price    
1825 John Stryker Alexander Livingston William Price    
1826 John Oaks Livingston Carmon William Price    
1827 Alexander Bell Charles Cummins William Price    
1828 Joshua Green William Maffitt William Price    
1829 James Stuart William Maffitt William Price    
1830 Samuel Stuart William Oaks William Price    
1831 John Duff James Leonard William Price    
1832 John Evans James Leonard William Price    
1833 Robert Cummins John McMahan Samuel Rainey    
1834 Philip Silknitter Hugh Smith Samuel Rainey    
1835 Josiah Cunningham Alexander Thompson      
1836 Samuel Mitchell Thomas Blair      
1837 Robert Barr Andrew Couch      
1838 John Duff John Stuart      
1839 John Horning Daniel Malley      
1840 David Massey William Porter      
1841 James Ewing William Means      
1842 James Livingston Philip Silknitter      
1843 James Coy Robert Cummins      
1844 Alexander Bell A. T. Stryker      
1845 John McMahan Thomas Miller      
1846 Philip Silknitter David Peightal      
1847 George Hutchinson Alexander Bell      
1848 Thomas Crownover Christian Oyer      
1849 John Logan James Livingston      
1850 John Steel John Stewart      
1851 John Gilliland William Morrison      
1852 John Logan George McCrum      
1853 Nicholas Decker John Logan      
1854 Joseph Smiley John Love      
1855 John Smith James Ewing      
1856 Isaac Horning James Ewing      
1857 John Love William Oaks      
1858 John Love William Couch      
1859 John Hirst C. T. Green      
1860 James Stewart William Couch      
1861 ? ?      
1862 David Ramsey Solomon Trantwein      
1863 Martin Rudy David Ramsey      
1864 ? ?      
1865 Thomas Stewart George Scott      
1866 Thomas Stewart George Hutchinson      
1867 John Hoffer "      
1868 Joseph Henderson John McMahan      
1869 William Couch Joseph Gibbony      
1870 George Hutchinson A. Chaney      
1871 " "      
1872 John Bell L. Morrison      
1873 William Ewing Patrick Gettis      
1874 Joseph Gibbony R. Rudy      
1875 William Eckley        
1876 John McMahan William Hallman      
1877 William Hallman John Harris      
1878 William McAlevy David Huhn      
1879 DAniel Troutwein Christian Peightal      
1880 W. W. French Daniel Troutwein      
1881 H.C. Harshbarger William Walker      



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