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Relationship Terms and Abbreviations Used in the
Soundex and Miracode Systems

Contributed by Ken Boonie


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Adopted Ad
Adopted Child Ad.Cl
Adopted Daughter Ad.D
Adopted Grandchild Ad.Gcl
Adopted Mother Ad.M
Adopted Son Ad.S
Apprentice Ap
Attendant At
Assistant Asst
Aunt A
Aunt-In-Law Al
Bartender Bar
Boarder Bo
Bound Girl B.Girl
Bound Boy B.Boy
Boy Boy
Brother B
Brother-In-Law Bl
Butler Bu
Captain Cap
Chamber Maid Cha
Child Cl
Coachman Coa
Companion Com
Cook Cook
Cousin C
Cousin-In-Law Cil
Daughter D
Daughter-In-Law Dl
Day Laborer Dla
Dish Washer Dw
Domestic Dom
Employee Emp
Engineer En
Farm Hand Fa.H
Farm Laborer Fa.L
Farm Worker Fa.W
Father F
Father-In-Law Fl
Fireman Fi
First Cousin First C
Foster Brother Fo.B
Foster Sister Fo.Si
Foster Son Fo.S
God Child God Cl
Governess Go
Grand Child Gcl
Grand Daughter Gd
Grand Father Gf
Grand Mother GM
Grand Mother-In-Law Gml
Grand Son Gs
Grand Son-In-Law Gsl
Great Grandfather Ggf
Grand Niece Gni
(same as Great Niece)  
Grand Nephew Gn
(same as Great Nephew)  
Great Grandmother Ggm
Great-Great-Grandfather Gggf
Great-Great-Grandmother Gggm
Guardian Gua
Guest Guest
Half Sister H.Si
Half Sister-In-Law H.Sil
Half Brother Hb
Half Brother-In-Law Hbl
Help Help
Herder He
Hired Girl H.Gi
Hired Hand H.H
Hireling Hlg
Housekeeper Hk
Housemaid H.Maid
House Worker Hw
Husband Husband
Inmate Inmate
Laborer La
Laundry Lau
Lodger L
Maid Maid
Manager Man
Matron Mat
Mother M
Mother-In-Law Ml
Nephew N
Nephew-In-Law Nl
Niece Ni
Niece-In-Law Nil
Nurse Nu
Officer O
Partner Pa
Patient P
Physician Ph
Porter Por
Principal Pri
Prisoner Pr
Private Prv
Pupil Pu
Roomer R
Sailor Sa
Saleslady Sal
Servant Se
Servant's child Se.Cl
Sister Si
Son S
Son-In-Law Sl
Step Brother Sb
Step Brother-In-Law Sbl
Step Child Scl
Step Daughter Sd
Step Daughter-in-Law Sdl
Step Father Sf
Step Father-in-Law Sfl
Step Granddaughter Sgd
Step Grandson Sgs
Step Mother Sm
Step Mother-in-Law Sml
Step Sister Ssi
Step Sister-in-Law Ssil
Step Son Ss
Step Son-In-Law Ssl
Superintendent Su
Tenant Ten
Uncle U
Uncle-ln-Law Ul
Visitor Vi
Waiter Wt
Waitress Wai
Ward Ward
Warden Wa
Wife W
Workman Wkm


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