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USGS Geographic Names Information System Cemetery Locations

Cemetery Name       USGS 7.5' Map
Agudath Achim Memorial Park   403056N 0775807W Donation
Alexandria Methodist Cemetery   403345N 0780613W Alexandria
Alexandria Presbyterian Cemetery   403335N 0780540W Alexandria
Anderson Cemetery   402343N 0780545W Huntingdon
Anderson Family Cemetery   402402N 0780304W Huntingdon
Ave Maria Cemetery   401240N 0781027W Saxton
Baker Family Cemetery   400958N 0775605W Orbisonia
Baptist Church Cemetery   401036N 0775758W Orbisonia
Bare-Garver Cemetery   401635N 0775610W Butler Knob
Barkley Cemetery   402048N 0774525W Aughwick
Beavertown Cemetery   401625N 0780440W Cassville
Beck Cemetery   404220N 0780959W Tyrone
Bell's Furnace Cemetery   402046N 0774829W Aughwick
Bennett Cemetery   404045N 0775349W Pine Grove Mills
Bethel Cemetery   401912N 0775058W Aughwick
Birmingham Cemetery   403853N 0781137W Tyrone
Blair Cemetery   401012N 0775159W Shade Gap
Bolinger Family Cemetery   401413N 0775056W Shade Gap
Booth Family Cemetery   400812N 0775946W Orbisonia
Bowman Cemetery   401921N 0775959W Butler Knob
Branstetter Cemetery   404058N 0781059W Tyrone
Broad Top Independent Order of Odd Fellows Cemetery   401222N 0780837W Saxton
Brown Cemetery   402757N 0775248W Mount Union
Brumbaugh Cemetery   401935N 0781248W Entriken
Burket Cemetery   404133N 0780736W Tyrone
Cambell Cemetery   UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Unknown
Campbell Family Cemetery   402941N 0775555W Mount Union
Carolus Cemetery   403745N 0775457W Pine Grove Mills
Cassville Cemetery   401740N 0780137W Cassville
Cedar Grove Cemetery   403428N 0780240W Alexandria
Cherry Grove Cemetery   400922N 0780055W Saltillo
Chilcoat Family Cemetery   401229N 0775512W Orbisonia
Coles Valley Cemetery   401259N 0780315W Saltillo
Colmont Cemetery   401232N 0781208W Saxton
Corbin Family Cemetery   402615N 0775909W Mount Union
Cornelius Cemetery   401502N 0780034W Cassville
Cornpropst Mills Baptist Cemetery   403435N 0775325W Donation
Coy Cemetery   403443N 0775243W Donation
Cromwell Church Cemetery   400703N 0775918W Burnt Cabins
Crow Cemetery   401347N 0774856W Shade Gap
Cryder Cemetery   403411N 0780441W Alexandria
Dell Family Cemetery   402145N 0775746W Butler Knob
Detweiler Cemetery   403114N 0775027W Allensville
Donation Cemetery   403359N 0775626W Donation
Dudley Methodist Cemetery   401237N 0781056W Saxton
Duffey Family Cemetery   401105N 0775507W Orbisonia
Edwards Family Cemetery   401255N 0780508W Saltillo
Elf Cemetery   401608N 0774425W Blairs Mills
Ennisville Cemetery   403812N 0775046W McAlevys Fort
Entriken Cemetery   401943N 0781227W Entriken
Evans Cemetery   UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Unknown
Evans Family Cemetery   403250N 0775429W Donation
Ewing Cemetery   403701N 0775542W Donation
Fair Ridge Church Cemetery   400807N 0775310W Orbisonia
Fairview Cemetery   401244N 0780214W Saltillo
Fields Farm Cemetery   402316N 0775416W Mount Union
Flasher Family Cemetery   401256N 0775622W Orbisonia
Fleming Cemetery   400800N 0775015W Shade Gap
Frank Cemetery   402333N 0780912W Williamsburg
Franklinville Cemetery   403850N 0780545W Franklinville
Funk Cemetery   404146N 0780728W Franklinville
Germany Valley Cemetery   401848N 0775028W Aughwick
Gilboa Cemetery   401830N 0775326W Butler Knob
Gilliland Cemetery   401355N 0775140W Shade Gap
Goodman Cemetery   402802N 0775652W Mount Union
Gorsuch Cemetery   403210N 0775742W Donation
Granview Cemetery   401346N 0781409W Saxton
Graysville Cemetery   404132N 0780147W Franklinville
Grazier Cemetery   404138N 0781126W Tyrone
Greenlee Cemetery   403905N 0774945W McAlevys Fort
Greenwood Furnace Cemetery   403852N 0774530W McAlevys Fort
Grove Cemetery   402427N 0780808W Williamsburg
Hampson Family Cemetery   402436N 0775627W Mount Union
Haven Rest Memorial Park Cemetery   402005N 0775202W Aughwick
Hawn Cemetery (historical)   402546N 0780200W Huntingdon
Holy Cross Catholic Cemetery   402913N 0780024W Huntingdon
Huling Cemetery   402154N 0775135W Aughwick
Huntingdon Memorial Garden Cemetery   402752N 0780400W Huntingdon
Huyett Cemetery   403015N 0780529W Alexandria
Jeffries Cemetery   401530N 0774459W Blairs Mills
Jones/Chapman/Parson Cemetery   401408N 0774521W Shade Gap
Jordan Cemetery   401310N 0775419W Orbisonia
Kyler Family Cemetery   401150N 0775722W Orbisonia
Little Valley Cemetery   401605N 0781043W Entriken
Locke Cemetery   400926N 0775426W Orbisonia
Loop Cemetery   403211N 0780615W Alexandria
Maddensville Cemetery   400749N 0775724W Orbisonia
Manor Hill Methodist Cemetery   403710N 0775507W Donation
Manor Hill Presbyterian Cemetery   403707N 0775522W Donation
Mapleton Brethren Cemetery   402342N 0775637W Mount Union
Mapleton Independent Order of Odd Fellows Cemetery   402412N 0775645W Mount Union
Mark Family Cemetery   402717N 0780008W Huntingdon
Mateer Cemetery   403334N 0775510W Donation
Marklesburg Reformed Cemetery   402238N 0781050W Williamsburg
Marklesburg Union Cemetery   402307N 0781019W Williamsburg
Massey Cemetery   403930N 0775625W Pine Grove Mills
McAlevys Fort Hill Cemetery   403852N 0775007W McAlevys Fort
McAlevys Fort United Presbyterian Cemetery   403807N 0774922W McAlevys Fort
McConnellstown Cemetery   402714N 0780459W Huntingdon
McGarvey Cemetery   401804N 0775217W Aughwick
McGuire Cemetery   403612N 0780421W Alexandria
McKendree Methodist Church Cemetery   401145N 0775549W Orbisonia
McMullen Cemetery   401237N 0774951W Shade Gap
Miller Family Cemetery   402248N 0775731W Mount Union
Monroe Church Cemetery   401442N 0775556W Orbisonia
Mooresville Cemetery   403815N 0775747W Pine Grove Mills
Mosser Cemetery   402624N 0775846W Mount Union
Mount Pleasant Cemetery   401307N 0780541W Saltillo
Mount Union Cemetery   402239N 0775311W Mount Union
Mount Zion Church Cemetery   401736N 0774413W Blairs Mills
Mount Zion Lutheran Church Cemetery   403050N 0775555W Donation
Mountainview Cemetery   402605N 0775547W Mount Union
Nearhoff Cemetery   404245N 0780825W Tyrone
Nebo Cemetery   402052N 0775205W Aughwick
Neff Cemetery   403407N 0780338W Alexandria
Newburg Cemetery   401705N 0780758W Entriken
Nossville Cemetery   401402N 0774555W Shade Gap
Oak Grove Cemetery   400815N 0780235W Saltillo
Old Baptist Cemetery   401812N 0775232W Butler Knob
Old Hartslog Cemetery   403410N 0780539W Alexandria
Old Logan Cemetery   401228N 0775241W Orbisonia
Old Mill Creek Cemetery   402603N 0775552W Mount Union
Old Stone Church Cemetery   402345N 0780907W Williamsburg
Old White Church Cemetery   402718N 0775458W Mount Union
Orbisonia Cemetery   401439N 0775329W Orbisonia
Otelia Mennonite Church Cemetery   402159N 0775045W Aughwick
Paradise Furnace Cemetery   401850N 0780727W Cassville
Pennsylvania Furnace Cemetery   404215N 0775952W Pine Grove Mills
Pine Grove Presbyterian Church Cemetery   400937N 0774901W Shade Gap
Pleasant Hill Cemetery   400833N 0775159W Shade Gap
Plummer Family Cemetery   401651N 0780747W Entriken
Possumtown Cemetery   401110N 0775104W Shade Gap
Price Cemetery   401207N 0775655W Orbisonia
Ramsey Family Cemetery   400843N 0775625W Orbisonia
Reed Cemetery   403503N 0780133W Alexandria
Rhoat Family Cemetery   401327N 0781257W Saxton
Richvale Cemetery   401648N 0774701W Aughwick
Ricketts Cemetery   402012N 0775428W Butler Knob
Ridenour Cemetery (historical)   402508N 0780014W Huntingdon
Riverview Cemetery   402911N 0780020W Huntingdon
Robertsdale Italian Cemetery   401043N 0780701W Saltillo
Rockhill Independent Order of Odd Fellows Cemetery   401405N 0775352W Orbisonia
Rudy Cemetery   404037N 0775322W Pine Grove Mills
Rumberger Cemetery   404244N 0780754W Tyrone
Russellville Methodist Cemetery   401805N 0781415W Entriken
Russellville Reformed Cemetery   401822N 0781403W Entriken
Saint Catherine Cemetery   401805N 0775212W Aughwick
Saint Mary's Cemetery   401223N 0775243W Orbisonia
Saint Michaels Cemetery   401021N 0780826W Saxton
Saint Stephens Lutheran Cemetery   403946N 0775144W McAlevys Fort
Salem Memorial Cemetery   401223N 0774839W Shade Gap
Saltillo Cemetery   401223N 0780026W Saltillo
Schucker Family Cemetery   402821N 0780639W Huntingdon
Seven Stars Cemetery   403930N 0780513W Franklinville
Shade Gap Presbyterian Church Cemetery   401058N 0775145W Shade Gap
Shade Valley Union Cemetery   401618N 0774725W Aughwick
Shaffersville Cemetery   403410N 0780840W Spruce Creek
Shaver Cemetery   402300N 0775234W Mount Union
Sheridan School Cemetery   402107N 0780107W Cassville
Shirley Home Cemetery   401715N 0775222W Aughwick
Shope Cemetery   401904N 0774744W Aughwick
Shore Cemetery   400935N 0780310W Saltillo
Shultz Cemetery   402143N 0781050W Entriken
Smith Cemetery   401910N 0780215W Cassville
Snyder Cemetery   402045N 0775412W Butler Knob
Speck Family Cemetery   402456N 0780353W Huntingdon
Spittler Cemetery   UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Unknown
Spnogle Farm Cemetery   400553N 0775159W Fannettsburg
Spring Mount Cemetery   404255N 0780825W Tyrone
Steel Cemetery   403219N 0775447W Donation
Stewart Family Cemetery   403224N 0775718W Donation
Strong Cemetery   402715N 0775851W Mount Union
Sugar Run Brethren Cemetery   401743N 0775532W Butler Knob
Swartz Cemetery   401610N 0775443W Butler Knob
Taylor Cemetery   401511N 0780400W Cassville
Three Springs Cemetery   401150N 0775845W Orbisonia
Todd Cemetery   401540N 0780441W Cassville
Trough Creek Baptist Cemetery   401935N 0780302W Cassville
Upper Comer Cemetery (historical)   402210N 0780545W Cassville
Valley View Cemetery   402345N 0780826W Williamsburg
Walker Cemetery   401716N 0775237W Butler Knob
Walnut Grove Church Cemetery   400800N 0775759W Orbisonia
Warriors Mark Baptist Cemetery   404210N 0780739W Tyrone
Waterfall Methodist Church Cemetery   400755N 0780415W Saltillo
Waterstreet Cemetery   403416N 0780826W Spruce Creek
Weyer Cemetery   403523N 0780212W Alexandria
White Church Cemetery   402413N 0780552W Huntingdon
Wible Cemetery   400852N 0775808W Orbisonia
Wright Cemetery   402037N 0780141W Cassville
Yocum Cemetery   402352N 0780232W Huntingdon

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