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My late grandmother Bessie Baxter (1892-1976) grew up in the Gilfoyle whistlestop in Forest County. Recently I discovered a shoebox of her old photos. Her parents were John Whitlock Baxter and Margaret McCarthy. They had children Catherine, Justin, John and Bessie, who all lived in the Gilfoyle area for many years.

I have many photos of local Gilfoyle residents. I have identified a few of them, but there are still quite a few unidentified persons in the photos. Many of the photos were taken in the 1930s.   Mary  If you can identify any of these people please contact Mary or myself.

John Baxter behind wheel of car. Next to him is Delmar Dorsett and the woman on the far right is Goldie Rogers.

John Baxter at Gilfoyle whistlestop

John Baxter on far left rear; Man on far right rear may be Andy Swanson; The man in front on right is Delmar Dorsett

John Baxter center back; Delmar Dorsett right front

swanson andy
Andy Swanson on left; Catherine & John Baxter; ca 1920
Andy Swanson was a neighbor of the Baxters
edla swanson
Edla Swanson Nicklas, sister of Andy Swanson
Gilfoyle Post Office
John Whitlock Baxter
 b. 19 Sept 1850  d.  23 Dec 1915
Margaret McCarthy Baxter
b. 03 Jul 1852  d.  14 Feb 1921
ca 1915
Baxter Family ca 1915
Front row: Justin Baxter(27 Apr 1887 - 12 Jan 1942), Unknown (probably Aunt Anna, sister of Margaret), mother Margaret McCarthy Baxter, Catherine Baxter (11 Oct 1882 -1951) ; Back Row: Bessie Baxter (7 Nov 1892 - 22 Jun 1976), father John Whitlock Baxter, John Baxter (27 Jun 1890 - 1956)
group photo
Unknown Group
group photo
Unknown Group - Tallest boy is Delmar Dorsett
group photo
Unknown Group - John Baxter ctr back; Goldie Rogers seated on far right; very tall man second from right may be Andy Swanson

john baxter store

John Baxter's Store - John Baxter with John Pickens & Bob Baughman - ca 1930's

John Baxter in front of his Guilfoyle store in the 1940s. Children are unidentified.

Henry Blum -  b.  17 May 1854, Forest Co, PA; d.  26 Apr 1935, Forest Co, PA

Henry & Kate Blum

Kate was Katherine Elizabeth Eichenburg - b. 31 Jul 1861; d. 16 Oct 1938; dau of Henry Adam Eichenburg & Carolina Monday

Kate Eichenburg Blum

Forrest Alvin Blum - b. 25 May 1893; d. 20 Dec 1983

Forrest Alvin Blum

Howard Blum - b.  05 Feb 1890, Forest Co, PA; d.  06 Dec 1978, Forest Co, PA

Lawrence Frederick Blum

b. 31 Jul 1885; d.  14 Nov 1904

Katherine I. Blum 

b. 21 May 1900; d. 16 Apr 1982

 md. Harry M. Juan

Back Row - left to rt -

Philip Blum, Fred Blum, Adolph Blum, Leonard Blum, Harrison Blum, Margarete Blum Bunday

Middle Row -

Jenny Anderson Blum, her husband David Blum, their child Maria on her father's lap, William Frederick Blum and wife Mary Magdelen Eslshalger, Dorothea Elizabeth Blum Carr and husband Harry Wilson Carr, their daughter Arletta Carr leaning on her father.

Front Row -

Also children of Dorothea & Harry Carr - Mary Elizabeth Carr (married a Wakefield), Harriett Carr (married a Menderson), William Edward Carr

Submitted by Jan Catalogna

HUNTER FAMILY - Photos below belong to Florence Iva Bundy Smith, a descendant of Robert Hunter & Elizabeth "Betsy" Park through Elma Florence Hunter who married Morris Watson Bundy.  Other family names are Cooley, Merritt, Park, Manross.  If you can identify any of the people or places in these photos, please let me or Chris Painter know.  Submitted by Chris Painter.

04 July 1908 Picnic

04 July 1908 Picnic

Elma Florence Hunter- Pidgeon, PA

Untitled Photo - Some of the same people as are in the 1908 Picnic photo.

Unknown - Front of Postcard

Unknown - Back of Postcard

Envelope contained a photograph with Lewis Hunter written on back

Saw Mill & Crew

Mayburg, PA ca 1904

Back of Saw Mill Photo

Postcard to Elma Hunter from Sarah

23 Oct 1914 from Tionesta


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