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Will of Adam Dietz Sr.

Darrilyn Hartman <-nospam-dlhartman@verizon.net>

Will of Adam Dietz Sr. 1797-1852

Contributed by Darrilyn Hartman


Laurel hill June the 7th A D 1852

My last will and testament which I make while I yet have my right senses. All the real and personal property I bequest unto Samuel S Dietz for his service rendered, but he shall maintain Elizabeth Dietz his mother and my wife out of the foresaid estate as long as she remains my widow, and he shell annually pay one hundred dollar to the heirs that is after Adam Dietz Jr. is of age. The first year S S Dietz shall pay my oldest daughter Harriet Hains one hundred dollars, and the second year S S Dietz shall pay John L Dietz one hundred dollars and so on tell each heir has received one hundred dollars and they are all to be paid in regular order until each has received one hundred dollars. The above payments are to be but fifty dollar and each heir is to have fifty dollars annual payments, the first round of payments is to go to all the heirs and the second round again, and this will is to be an addition to the will. Mr. Colestock wrote and S S Dietz is to be executor of the estate and Mr. Steward is to make the title of the yoho tract of land to S S Dietz his heirs and assign to have and hold for ever and lawyer Fuller and lawyer Hewing to be the attorney and assign the executors and if there should happen to be a balance coming to

A Steward on the yoho tract of land S S Dietz is to pay it and if it is paid A Steward is to pay that balance to S S Dietz. I acknowledge this to be my last will and testament.


Attest                                                                     Adam Dietz              (seal)

William Knight

Mary I Aughinbaugh

Catherine S Aughinbaugh


Fayette County ss

(Regr. seal)  On the 23rd day of June 1852 before me P A Johns Register for the probate of wills I granting leters of administration came William Knight & Mary Aughinbaugh witnesses to the foregoing instrument of writing surporting to be the last will & testament of Adam Dietz late of said county decd. The first of whom was affirmed and the other sworn according to law did depose & say that they were present and saw & heard the testator sign seal & pronounce the same as & for his last will testament. That at the time of so doing he was of sound mind memory & understanding to the best of there knowledge & belief & that the knew of no undo influence used or later will made by said Testator. That they signed their names as witnesses to the same in the presence of  & at the request of the testator & in the presence of each other. In testimony where of I hereto set my hand & seal of office at Uniontown the day & date above written

                                                                                                        P A Johns


Mem Letters testamentary granted to Samuel S Dietz who was duly affirmed according to law on the 23rd day of June 1852

                                Registered & compared June 23 1852



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