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Zimri Farquhar and Mariah Farquhar - 1905

Contributed by  Jaynie Arango <Jaynie Arango <-nospam-back2thehills@charter.net>

Last Will and Testament of Zimri Farquhar and Mariah Farquhar.  In the name of God amen:  I Zimri Farquhar and I Mariah Farquhar, husband and wife, both of Fayette City, Fayette Co., Pennsylvania. and being both of sound and disposing minds and memory, having in view the uncertainty of life and absolute certainty of death, therefore, we do make and declare this to be our last Will and Testament and desire that it be recorded as such revoking all other wills by us (individuals or jointly) at any time previously made.  We the testator being husband and wife desire that when it pleases God to separate us by death that the survivor may become possessed of and reap all the benefits of the Estate, both real and personal of the one first called Home.  We jointly and severally appoint P. G. Dewar executor of this our will.  In witness whereof we the aforesaid Zimri Farquhar and Mariah Farquhar testators, do hereby set our hands and seals this twentieth day of September A.D. 1905.


               Zimri Farquhar                          Mariah Farquhar

Signed, sealed, and published and declared by the testators, Zimri Farquhar and Maria Farquhar as for their last will and testament in the presence of us, and is the presence of each of the testators and at their request have hereto subscribed our names as witness thereto. Charles Bresio

               John T. Brightwell


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