Fayette County Genealogy Project

Abraham VAIL (extract)- 1833

Contributed by  Robert Vail <rvail1 at cfl.rr.com>

        His Will is dated 20 May, 1833; was not probated till 10 January,
1840, and is on file in Uniontown, Fayette County, Pennsylvania.
        In his Will he makes no mention of his wife so the assumption is
that she had died before he drew up that document.
        He is "of the Township of Menallen, County of Fayette, being far
advanced in life"; mentions separately his sons Benjamin and Robert, saying
that he had "given them their share in full." To his son Samuel (6) Vail he
gives land adjoining Jeremiah Piersol.  To his youngest son, Taylor (6) Vail
he gives the remainder of lands in Menallen Township, adjoining lands of
John Wood, Charles McCormack and others.  He has already given his son
Stephen (6) his share, as also to his daughter Catherine Davis.  He gives to
Charles (7) Vail, son of Samuel (6), and to his sister Priscilla Pile.
Likewise to his grand daughter Mercy Cope, daughter of Samuel Cope.  To
Margaret, daughter of Samuel (6), Abraham makes a special legacy, and then
follows -  "the six following persons being grandchildren and children of
son Samuel, (i. e.) Joel, Jesse, Edward, Agnes, Lydia and Abraham." His
friends Samuel Cope, Jr., and Dorsey Cope are named as full Executors. The
witnesses are Jeremiah Piersol, Job Wheatley and Samuel Cope.


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