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Minerva Blair

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Will of Minerva BLAIR:


I Minerva Blair of Perry township, Fayette County, Pennsylvania, being of good health of body & of sound & disposing mind & memory & having a desire to arrange my worldly affairs while I have capacity so to do, do make, declare & publish this my last will & testament in manner following, that is to say, I desire & order that all my just debts, funeral expenses & charges of proving & executing this my will be in the first place fully paid & satisfied & after payment thereof, I give & bequeath to my daughter Christina Shaffer the picture of Taylor, my large glass pitcher & my Parlor stand & hearth rug.   Second: I will & bequeath to my son Olin S. Blair my analysis of the Bible, my Gold glasses & my yellow flowered Bed spread.   Third: I will & bequeath to my daughter Pelina Lynn the Mother Sutton quilt, Cake stand & cover, the sitting room Carpet & Window curtains, the upper hall carpet, my glass rolling pin. & Fourth: I will and bequeath to my daughter Anna Bell Clark my wash stand & set, my new clock, my silver spoons, & four of the best roller blinds & the two Mother Sutton Chairs. Fifth: I will and bequeath to my son Grant S. Blair my bed lounger, one white Blanket & his father's coverlet & the small framed picture of parents & picture of Ansley, the Parlor Chairs & hanging lamp. Sixth: I will & bequeath to my daughter Settura Russell my side saddle , the motto "forget us not", my green & brown quilt, my table Caster & trimmings, my Parlor Curtian &  poles, set of silver knives & forks, my new Irish linen table cloth & my Parlor rocking chair & trimmings. Seventh: I will & bequeath to my daughter Malissa Carson my chekcered glass Bowl, gilt edge dish & Large album, my silk umbrella, the motto "Thou God see'st me", my feather bed & pillows, my carving knife & fork, a large buff linen table cloth, my book Entitled "Stories of Jesus" & my gold barash pin. Eighth: I will & bequeath to my son A. Dunn Blair our good bed with two changes of linen & best bedspread, our white blanket, coffin star quilt, wonder quilt & our Comfort, my large picture of Parents & picture of the house, our bureau & setting room chairs, the rifle gun, crib & trimmings, two of the best roller blinds & our blue glass dish. Ninth: I will & bequeath to my daughter Joy T. Wells, my "Davis" sewing machine, my New Bible, my old stand & Parlor Vases & my new coat.  Tenth: The remainder of my property I direct & order that it be sold & divided Equally between my surviving Children, Share & Share alike. And I nominate & appoint my son in law, Andrew Carson & my son Grant Blair of Vanderbilt, Executors of this my last will & testament. In witness whereof and the said Testatrix Minerva Blair have to this my last (will) & testament set my hand & seal the 6th day of January A.A. 1892.

Minerva Blair {Seal}

Signed, sealed, published & declared by the said teatatrix Minerva Blair as for her last will & testament in the presence of us who in her presence & at her request & in the presence of each other have subscribed our names as witnesses thereto.

Matthew Arison

Obadiah Blair

Willis Blair

Fayette County, SS.

{Reg Seal} Be it Remembered that on the 18th day of August A.D. 1899, before me, Frank H. Rosboro, Register for the Probate of Wills and Granting of Letter of Administration in and for the said County, came Obadiah Blair & Willis Blair, subscribing witnesses to the foregoing Instrument of writing, Purporting to be the last Will and Testament of Minerva Blair deceased who, being duly sworn, according to the law, did each depose and say that they were personally present and saw the said Minerva Blair sign and seal the foregoing Instrument of Writing and heard her declare the same to be her last will and Testament, when of sound and disposing mind and memory, to the best of their belief. That they signed their names as witnesses thereto by request of the said Testatrix in her presence, and in the presence of each other. That they know of no undue influence being used in making said Will or any later Will made.

Sworn to and subscribed before me the 18th                                    .     Obadiah Blair

day of Aug A. D. 1899 as witness my hand and official seal                    .     Willis Blair

            Frank H. Rosboro, Register


Now Aug 18th 1899, the testimony of the above witnesses being adjudged sufficient, I do hereby admit the foregoing will to probate and order the same to be recorded as such Given under my hand at Uniontown the above date.

                                          Frank H. Rosboro, Register

                                    Recorded and Compared August 18th 1899

                                          Frank H. Rosboro, Register

[Transcribed from True and Correct Copy

Register of Wills Fayette County PA

by Yvonne Lou Blair Cossell-Morgan; November 7, 2000

*wording & spelling as to the original copy




(Letters of Administration with...(illegible) granted to MATTHEW ARISON


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