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John (H.) BLANEY

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Will Book 6, Pages 364-365; Perry Twp., Fayette Co., PA
Dated 18 December 1879

Will of JOHN (H.) BLANEY, written in 1879

In the name of God Amen, I JOHN BLANEY of Perry Township, Fayette county,
Pennsylvania being of sound mind and memory, Thanks be to God for the same,
do this day make and publish this my last will hereby revoking any and all
other wills made by me made heretofore.
Item:  I will and desire as soon after my decease as convenient, that my
executor pay funeral expenses & all just debts owing by me at said date.

Item:  I will desire and bequeath unto my beloved wife and my two single
daughters the income of all the Home Farms that I now live upon, as well as
that portion of land lying north of the publick (sic) road leading from
McDonald's Mill now Blairs, to the Hunter School House on which SAMUEL
WASHABAUGH now lives upon, to be equally divided between the three so long
as they remain single and if either of my two single daughters should marry,
the married one to have all the land lying south of the road leading
Mc Donald's Mill (now Blairs) to Perryopolis, to hold and occupy with all
profits in her own right so long as she lives & then to go to her children
lawful issue of her body, and in case she leave no issue, then the income of
said land go to the support of the remaining single daughter.  If said last
single daughter should marry and leave issue at her death said issue to
inherit all my land north of the road leading from the aforesaid mill to
Perryopolis.  My will is that on the decease of my wife, and two daughters
(single) leaving no issue, then the respective shares of land herein
devised, shall be sold at publick (sic) sale by my executor, & make deed or
deeds as the case may be & pay the money in equal shares to my three
grandsons, JOHN C. BLANEY, ROBERT BLANEY, and JOHN C. CAMPBELL.  My will is
that no timber on the farm I now live on be destroyed only so much as is
necessary for repairs of said farm and fuel.

Item:  I will to my two daughters namely MARY J. BLANEY & MARGARET BLANEY,
the clear-cut sum of eight hundred dollars each within to (? two) years
after my decease, also all .....(illegible) of property in and about the
house and out houses, occupyed (sic) by me the said property to be equally
divided between my wife & the aforesaid two single daughters, as well as my
buggy and harness, two horses, two cows, one two-horse wagon, two sets of
wagon harness, one plow, one harrow.  The understand is that this does not
include money or notes I may have in my house at my decease, also I will
that said wife and single daughters have provisions sufficient of all
descriptions for themselves & beasts for the space of six months next
following my decease if so much is in my possession at said time.

Item:  I will devise and bequeath unto my son WILLIAM BLANEY the farm on
which he now resides adjoining lands of FREEMAN COOPER, SAMUEL CARR & MRS.
SHEELHEY (?) containing sixty acres more or less to have and to hold in his
own right by paying to my widow a dower of thirty-five dollars per year so
long as she remains my widow, also I will to my son WILLIAM my four horse

Item:  I will devise and bequeath unto my daughter SARAH CAMPBELL, my
undivided half of farm situate in Franklin Township bought of MARY & DAVID
SNIDER by JOSEPH CAMPBELL & myself,  to hold in her own right, by her the
said SARAH paying my widow the clear net sum of twenty dollars yearly so
long as said widow lives, also if said SARAH at any time wished to sell said
interest in said land or should died, my will is that my grandson J. C.
CAMPBELL, or any other issue of her body shall inherit that interest in.

Item:  My will is if there be any overplus after all the devises have been
complyed the same be equally divided between my four children.

Item:  I hereby nominate & appoint my son WILLIAM BLANEY, and my
brother-in-law WILLIAM PARKHILL of Franklin Township, Fayette co., PA, as my
executors to execute this my last will and testament.  In Witness thereof I
do this day the 18th day of December A. D. 1879 subscribe my name & affix my
seal in presence of:

** Registered and compared for probate, on 21st day of February A. D. 1887
by Charles D. Conner, Register
Administration of the estate is recorded in Estate Book #1.  Letters were
issued to William Blaney, February 21, 1887
[Research Note: John H. BLANEY is the son of Samuel BLANEY and his wife
Margaret FOY Blaney.]



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