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Samuel Hagarty

Karen Souhrada <-nospam-souhrada@rochester.rr.com>

[Vol. 3, p. 274, and probated 4/15/1857]
I SAMUEL HAGERTY of Franklin Township Fayette county in the State of
Pennsylvania, being weak in body but sound mind, memory and understanding,
blessed be the Lord for the same considering the certainty of death and the
uncertainty of the time, , thereof do make and publish this my last will &
testament in manner following.  Item:  I will my soul to God who gave it, my
body to the earth to be buried in a Christian manner.  Item: I will and
bequeath unto my son ROBERT HAGERTY fifty dollars.  Item: I will and
bequeath to my son WILLIAM HAGERTY fifty dollars to be applied to paying for
a set of bench tools that I am bail for if it is not paid when this legacy
is due, if they are paid for he is to have the money for his own use.  Item:
I will and bequeath unto my son RUBEN HAGERTY and my daughter LOUISA the
real estate that I have and the personal property that I have or may have at
my decease in manner following I will to my daughter Louisa her choice of
one of my milk cows; that is to say she may select one our of any that I may
have at my decease.  I will to my son Ruben one feather bed and bedding.
The residue of my personal property I will and bequeath to my son Ruben &
daughter Louisa, share & share alike.  I will and bequeath my real estate
that I now live upon to my son Ruben and daughter Louisa share & share
alike.  I will and order that my son Ruben shall pay all my just debts and
funeral expenses and pay the legacies to my sons William & Robert the said
legacies to be due & payable three years after my decease.  I will that my
son Ruben shall have and hold the farm for the term of four years for his
own benefit, after which time it shall be divided as above states.  In
testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal in presence of these
witnesses the ----- day of ----- AD 1856 herein revoking all former wills
that may have been made by me. June the 28 (1856) Samuel Hagerty
Signed sealed and acknowledged by the testator in presence of us witnesses:
David A. Shaffer
David P. Patterson
Addendum: a statement by Jonathan Collins, Register, stating: Registered and
Compared April 21, 1857
[Research Note: Samuel James Hagerty is the son of Mary Hagerty]

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