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Jacob Allamon - 1916

Contributed by Wes Campbell <-nospam-wcampbell7@austin.rr.com>

Last Will and Testament of Jacob P. Allamon of New Salem, Menallen Township, Fayette County, Pennsylvania

 will dated: 

 will Probated:  15 December, 1916 

September Court-----1916

To the Honorable J. C. Work, Judge of the said Court:  The petition of A. P. Allamon, of Menallen Township, Fayette county, Pennsylvania who is administrator of the estate of Jacob P. Allamon , decease, respectfully presents:  (1)  That said descendent died December 15, 1916, at his residence in Menallen Township, Fayette county, Pennsylvania, intestate, and leaving to survive him your petitioned, Allansus P. Allamon, Isaac H. Allamon, Elizabeth C. Acklin, intermarried with Michael Monaghan, Mary Cramer, intermarried with John Cramer, all of Menallen Township, aforesaid;  Emma E. Gaskill, intermarried with Charles Gaskill of Brownsville, Pa., of Brownsville, Pa., and the widow and six children of James W. Allamon, deceased, to-wit:  Bertha Allamon and our minor children residing at New Salem, in Menallen Township, for whom no guardian has as yet been appointed, said minors being William, Ray, Clark and Hilda Allamon; and two other children, viz., Nora intermarried with James Conroy of German Township, Fayette county, Pennsylvania; and Mary, intermarried with Perry Cain of North Union Township, said County and State;  (2)  That letters of administration were granted on December 31, 1915, to your petitioner, by the Register of Wills of Fayette County, Pennsylvania.  (3)  That your petitioner known of no other person who is interested in the estate of said decedent by contract or purchase from him in his lifetime or from any of the said legal representatives, or in any other manner.  (4)  That a true and prefect inventory and conscionable appraisment of all the personal estate of said decedent, amounting to $26.90 is herewith exhibited and is insufficient for the payment of his just debts and the expense of administration of his estate.  (5)  That your petitioner further exhibits a just and true account of all the debts of said decedent and the expenses of the administration of his estate so far as the same have come to his knowledge, amounting to $145.94 and he also exhibits a full and correct statement of all the real estate of said decent wherever situated, which such come to his knowledge, with the taxes and repairs, and the estimated market value of such real estate at public sale, amounting in all to the sum of $500.00.  All these exhibits are attached hereto and made a part hereof.  (6)  Your petitioner therefore prays the Court to grant him on order authorizing him to make sale of the land described in said Exhibit as Lot No. 40 in New Salem, Menallen township, Fayette County, Pennsylvania, valued at $500.00 for the purpose of paying debts of said decedent and the expenses of administration of his estate as provided by Act of Assemble.  And he will ever pray, etc.

A. F. Allamon, Administrator.


Real estate of the estate of Jacob P. Allamon, deceased, an undivided seven-eighths interest in and to that certain of land situate in the village of New Salem,. Menallen Township, Fayette county, Pennsylvania bounded and more fully described as follows, to wit: Being Lot No. 40, bounded on the East by lands of Caleb Antrim., deceased; on the North by lot formerly owned by Hahhah (sic) Hagan, deceased; on the West by Hill Street and on the South by an alley; being the same lot of ground conveyed by deed of William Balsinger et ux., recorded in Deed Book 16 page 188, conveyed thereby to said Jacob Allamon and Mary Allamon his mother; said Mary Allamon dying Jan. 8, 1891, leaving to survive her four children, to-wit: the said Jacob P. Allamon, Harvey B., and Johnson D. Allamon and Rachel M., intermarried with Charles E. Teed, of Uniontown, Pa., the shares of the said Harvey B., and Johnson D. Allamon becoming vested in the said Jacob P. Allamon by deed dated Feb. 27, 1895 recorded Jan. 15, 1900 in Deed Book 176, page 267.  There being erected on the said premises a small three room log house.


Now, October 21, 1916 sale authorized as prayed for, on filling bond in the sum of One Thousand ($1,000.00) Dollars, with surety to be approved by Court.  Terms of Sale, Ten percent of purchase price down, with balance of one-third on confirmation of sale and delivery of deed, and the balance with interest at six percent from date of confirmation, payable one-third in one year therefrom and the remaining one-third in two years from confirmation; deferred payments to be secured by bond and mortgage on the premises.  Returnable on the first Monday of December A.D. 1916.


To the Honorable J. C. Work, President Judge of the said Court:  A. P. Allamon, Administrator of the said Jacob P. Allamon, deceased, reports: That pursuant of the within order of Court he did at the time and place therein mentioned, proceed to expose the within described premises to sale, by public venue or outcry, after due notice and advertisement of same, but that by reason of the discovery of certain deeds, whereby by decedent had acquired this entire estate in the said premises, instead of dying seized of only the undivided seven-eighths thereof as set forth in said petition and subsequent advertising, said sale was adjourned; end the said real estate the entire interest therein-remains unsold by reason thereof, and he therefore prays that the said above mentioned order of sale be discontinued.

                        A. P. Allamon--Administrator

And now, December 4, 1916, the within return of Order to sell real estate of the estate of Jacob P. Allamon, deceased, presented in open Court; and it appearing that the decedent was seized of the entire title in said real estate instead of having died seized of by the undivided seven-eighths thereof, as set forth in the petition and order, it is ordered and decreed that the proceedings thereunder to sell be, and the same are hereby remarked and the same discontinued upon payment of the cost herein,


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