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William Campbell - 1815

Contributed by Wes Campbell <-nospam-wcampbell7@austin.rr.com>

I William Campbell, of Union Township, Fayette County and Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, contemplating the uncertainty of life, have thought it proper to make this my last  will and testament as follows:  First, I bequeath to my daughter Peggy or Margaret thirty pounds lawful money of Pennsylvania to be paid by my son Abel within one year after my decease, also a mare colt, already known to be given to her by me and  now on the premises, my son James to keep for her use the said colt.  Also I bequeath to my said daughter, one feather bed Tick and Boelster and pillows to contain sixty pounds weight of feathers.  Also a change of cases and furniture that is to say two bolster cases, four pillows cases, four sheets, two blankets, and two cover lids to be the choice of my said daughter out of the beds and furniture belonging to me at my decease.  Also, one bed stead and cordage in common use or belonging to the bed so made choice of.  I also give unto my said daughter Peggy or Margaret thirty dollars to be paid to my son James, in  lieu of the house hold furniture her sisters have received one half to be paid within three months, the residue within twelve months after my decease.  I also bequeath unto my said daughter two cows out of my stock the one to be chosen by her and the other by my son James, who shall keep one of said cows for her use or such other cow as she may Barter, purchase, or exchange the same for in pasture, and provide hay for the same during the life for the said Margaret or Peggy if she remains single other wise the obligation is no further to be continued.  Secondly, if my son James shall marry and my said daughter should not decide to live with him and continue unmarried and shall request a separate habitation on the premises hereafter devised to my son James.  There my sons Abel and James shall build her at such place as she may think best on that part of the land.  Devise to my son James a dwelling house of about sixteen feet square of log or frame one story and on half high and put therein or there to a good stone or brick chimney and finish said house so as to render it convenient and comfortable and each of them shall deliver unto her four bushels of good wheat yearly during her life if she remains single, otherwise to cease at marriage.  Also the fruit of two apple trees in my orchard at her choice yearly during her life, or until marriage.  Also, a new saddle worth six pounds to be given her by my son James if not by myself before my decease and I further desire that my son Abel & James do keep my said daughter sufficient fire wood cut and hauled during her life until her marriage in case of separation of her having a dwelling for her self otherwise as long as she shall live with James.  Abel shall be exempt from that charge and if the fore mentioned and bequeathed mare shall have eucrease James shall keep her and her eucreasse in a reasonable & good manner until each colt shall be one year old,  at which time as after as it shall happen unless otherwise agreed" the said colt shall be sold and James shall receive the one half of the product for his expense in keeping the same and my aforesaid daughter the other half.  Thirdly, I bequeath to my said daughter Elizabeth Crawford thirty pounds to be paid by my son James in cattle or other property to be estimated by two or three persons mutually chosen for that purpose by the parties one half with in one year after my decease and the other half within two years after my decease.  Fourthly, I bequeath unto my son William sixty pounds to be paid by my son James and adjudged in like manner with the last preceding bequest.  "Fifthly, I devise to my son Abel one hundred acres of land already laid off to him by Alexander McClean by his last survey or estimation to be the same more or less.  Sixtly, I devise to my son James the residue of my land.  Seventhly, all the residue of my personal estate (excepting a ten gallon kettle, a five gallon pot, and a skillet and a warming pad which I give my daughter Peggy aforesaid) and my wearing apparel which I give to my son William, I bequeath to my son James.  Lastly, I constitute and appoint Ebenezer Watker and my son James executors of my last will and testament.  Revoking all other wills by me heretofore made.  In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this ninth day of September in the year of Our Lord one thousand eight hundred and two.

                        William Campbell.

Signed sealed & acknowledged in presence of:

      James Gregg

      Person Sayre

      David Ewing

the words "one half" and "residue" on the first page were interleaved before signing

Fayette County, SS:      The third day of April Anno Domimi 1815 before me the subscriber Register, for the       Probate of wills and granting letters of Administration in and for said County       personally came David Ewing the last subscribing witness to the foregoing last will and testament and on his solemn oath declared that he saw William Campbell sign and seal the same as and for his last will and testament where of disposing mind and understanding that he signed the same as a witness thereto in his presence & in the presence of the other subscribing witnesses that no undue influence had taken place or later will made by the deceased to knowledge or belief at the same time personally cause Jesse Beeson and on his solemn affirmation did declare that the Testator showed him the foregoing instrument of Writing telling him that he had thought proper to express his opinion thereon" he the said Jesse having been commuted by his intermarriage with a daughter of the deceased.  "Also at the same time personally came John Kennady Esq. and on his solemn oath did declare that Person Sayre one of the subscribing witnesses to the foregoing last will and testament of William Campbell is removed out of the State of Pennsylvania and that James Gregg another subscribing witness to the same is dead.  That he said John Kennedy has seen the said Person Sayre and James Gregg write and is well acquainted with their hand writing respectively and believed the name "Person Sayre" and James Gregg" set to the said will as subscribing witnesses to be the proper handwriting of the said Sayre Person, Joyce and James Gregg respectively.  In Testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal of said office the third day of April in the year of Our Lord one thousand eight hundred and fifteen.

      Alexander McClean


Registered and compared 3rd day of April 1815.



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