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Contributed by Cindy West

Last Will & Testament of David E. Jones dated Sept. 18th, 1920: I, David E. Jones, of Chestnut Ridge, in the county of Fayette & state of Pa. ....I give, devise, and bequeath all my property, real, personal, and mixed whatsoever and wheresoever the same may be at the time of my decease unto my beloved wife, Laura V. Jones, and Roy Gossate and Pearl Phillips, share and share alike. If my wife should die before me then I give all my property above mentioned to my two Grand Children above named, they being the children of my daughter Mrs. Grace Wolford. I further direct that my executor herinafter named shall place the children share of my estate on interest until they each arrive at the age of twenty-one years, the interest thereon to be paid to them twice each and every year until they arrive at the age of twenty-one, then the principal shall be turned over to each of them by my executor, hereinafter named. An I hereby nominate, constitute and appoint Samuel E. Taylor, Brownsville, Pa.
My Note: A note on the side of the page says: March 20, 1925, See election of Laura V. Jones, surviving spouse of David E. Jones died, to take against the will, same being recorded in deed book 462 page 228 and filed with the will.

Inventory and Appraisement of the Estate:
Deposit at the National Deposit Bank, Brownsville, Pa.    $2,776.04
240 Shares Keystone Grocery & Tea Company                    $960.00
Household furniture, 2 bds, chiffoner, 1 stand, bookcase,
1 cot, stove & kitchen table.                                                   $25.00

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