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Moses Dulany
Contributed by Chris Hunt <-nospam-ninah@carolina.rr.com>


Will of Moses Dulany decd.

Know all men by these Preasance that I Moses Dulany of Georges Township Fayette County Penna being of sound mind and disposing memory and desirous of settling my worldy business while I have strength and capasity so to do do make and Publish this to be my last will and Testament in manner and form as follows first I give my sole to god its creator and my body to dust from whence I came 2nd after my death I Direct my Executors hereinafter named to Collect all moneys due or that may becoming due to me and take a sufficient amount to pay off my funeral Expences and any Just debts if any I may owe then with the money in hand with what they Collect I direct my Executors hereinafter named to pay unto Each of my now living children one hundred dollars Each Namely pay To Isaac Dulany one hundred To Sarah Manwarran one hundred dollars To A.Y. Dulany one hundred dollars To Annie Tiggart one hundred dollars To Mary Francis Dulany one hundred dollars these my living Children now in liew of my wife having the wright to take three hundred dollars worth of property and to protect and save her from any Toble hereanfter after paying my several Children the amounts as above stated. I will and bequesth unto my loving wife Mary Dulany The Remainder of all money on hand with all__my personal property together with the Entire use and full Entrall of my farm To have and Enjoy the benefit there of during her natural life and at her death I direct my Executors hereinafter named to apprais whatsoever Remains of my personal Property and advertise and sell the same together with my Farm and the proseeds arising from said sales after deducting all costs and Expenses I will and bequeath as follows first I give To my grand Child Elly D. Stevens five hundred dollars the same to Remain in the Farm until she arrives to the full age of Twenty one years no interest to be paid on the same until after the farms is sold should she the said Alla D. Stevens die before she arives at the full age of Twenty one years then the said five hundred dollars is To be devided Equally between my legal heirs one Equeal share and unto my decd. Daughter  Mary Dedricks children one equal share to be divided among them and To Sarah Manwarran one Equal share and To A.Y. Dulany one Equal share To Annie Tiggart one Equal share To Mary Francis Dulaney one Equarl share these my Children and I now appooint my wife Mary Dulany and my son A.Y. Dulany my Executors with full P__t to calle? all moneys due me and pay out the same as I have directed and lastly at the time of the death of my wife I heareby nominate and appoint Isaac Dulany and A. Y. Dulaney my sons my sole Executors to carry out this my will with full Power to make and Execute all Deeds of Conveyances declaring this and only this To be my last will revoking all former will that I may have heretofore made giving from under my had and seal this 20th day of April 1877 in preasance of the subscribing Witsesses

Moses Dulany seal

A. J. Stewart

Alfred Core

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