Fayette County Genealogy Project
Data Submission Guidelines

Guidelines relating to the data and submissions
used on the Fayette PAGenWeb site

There are different areas on the web site, and they require different levels of
adherence as to the what is acceptable.

Data transcriptions such as old books and articles
These will be transcribed as they originally appeared, including typos. When surnames are so badly mangled as they can be in very old documents, a likely modern name can be put in parenthesis with a question mark. This is to aid researchers using a search engine and will not often be used. We don't want ancestors to be lost because of very odd spellings.

These will be transcribed as they originally appeared. If a submitter providing the transcription includes a note - this may be included underneath the obit in parenthesis and the phrase "submitters note" or "note" will be used. Notes are not encouraged and will be accepted only at the webmaster's discretion.

Headstones will only include text taken from the actual stones. There will be no maiden names or relationships that are not on the stone. If a submitter says the dates are wrong (as often happened) this can be added in parenthesis with the statement that the correct date of birth or death is ____. There is a place for the submitter’s name that designates where this information came from. We prefer that the inscription on the stone be legible and the name of the cemetery be included in the submission.

Ancestor Photo Gallery
These are provided by the submitters. We will include the submitter’s own description as to who is in the photo and who the person or persons are. We may abbreviate the description.

Cemetery Transcriptions
Although we encourage cemetery submissions and will accept them in any format, using Excel or some other spreadsheet format expedites the information being uploaded to the site.

Correcting or changing submissions

Information submitted to the web site is considered to have the copyright of the submitter. We are not going to edit genealogical information based on the request of another researcher. The exception would be when there is an error in our transcription of the original submission. That error will be corrected at the request of the original submitter.

Group Sheets, Pedigree charts etc.
PAGenWeb does not allow these items on their county websites. The place to add your own genealogy data is World Connect.

No transcription from a publication currently under copyright can be accepted. An easy rule of thumb is: Works published before 1923 are in the Public Domain, and are therefore acceptable.

Contributions to the PAGenWeb Fayette website may not to be removed by the original contributor or the webmaster. Much work goes into preparing contributions to go online, and they therefore will remain with the Fayette PAGenWeb site. Contributions to the site do NOT belong to the webmaster and the webmaster may not remove them to a site outside of PAGenWeb.

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