Fayette County Genealogy Project
Monthly Meeting Minutes 1784-1797 Mount Moriah Church
Transcribed by Carole Clarke & Beverly Sellers-Niel

From a Typescript located at the Historical Society of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia
Source FHL #20445
The spellings including misspellings were copied as is.


A Book for the use of the Church of Christ,
Constituted in the above Namd Township upon the
thirtieth Day of october in the year of our lord
one thousand Seven Hundred and Eighty four 1784


Moses Sutton
Monthly meeting Minute Book.
Monthly meeting
George Township

John Loofburrow   Proposed an union upon the principles of the Confession of Faith that no member shall be Rec[eived] into the fellowship of this Church without submitting to the imp? - But that they will admit into transient Communion with this Church any person who is of a Regular life and have submitted to Baptism previous

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Names of those that was Constituted in Mount Moriah Church the 30th of october 1784

Wm Wells 
Rebeka Wells 
Jos Thomas 
Jane Jenkins     Dis
Owen Davis 
Hannah Davis 
Jos Brown 
Abigail Brown 
Robt. Hannah
David Morgan
Ann Griffin
Jeremiah Becks
Dinah Becks
Thos Bowell
Ann Bowell
Rich Reed
Sarah Reed
Ann Coombs
Eliz Carr
Eliz Ashcraft
Sarah Hardin
Jont. Pane
Ex  Belt. Drago
Margaret Wood
Dismissed for Constitution But not Present at that time But afterwards Recd.

Philip Jenkins
Jesse Coombs
Abrm Hardin
& his wife

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Rules and order for Conducting Business as agreed upon By the Church of Christ Called Mount Moriah in George township Fayette County Pennsa,

1st that in speaking to any subject in the Church the members shall speak one by one and shall not be interrupted By any until he has Done speaking or Concluded

2d Any Person speaking to any subject shall stand up and speak aloud addressing himself Either to the Moderator or the Body of the Church and shall speak pertinently to the subject

3d there shall be no whispering or private conversation Carried on during the time of Session but every member shall keep their place or seat in the House Except Special Necessity calls them out

4th The Moderator shall have power to Call to order as often as he may see it Necessary any person Refusing to comply shall be Deemed Culpable and liable to such Censure as the Church may think Requisite

5th Every member shall consider themselves under obligation to attend all meetings of Business any proving Delinquent shall be interrogated By the Church and without giving a satisfactory answer or Reason shall be subject to such Censure as may be thought Necessary

6th that any matter voted for in the Church the Minority shall submit in all matters Except in Cases of Conscience.

7th That all matters Ready to be Brot Before the Church shall be presented By one of the Elders in writing and no other way.


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The same Day of the Constitution was Resolved By the Church that the former Elders and Deacons that was in great Bethel Church who are now in the New Constitution Remain in their Respective places.

By letter Recd. Jacob Hall from Cranbury Church Jersey 
Heard the Experience of Rachel Coombs widow She was approvd. of

The Church by general voice calld. James Sutton to be their Minister and to take the oversight of them in the Lord

He took it under Consideration till next monthly meeting.


Recd. Revd James Sutton's answer that he was willing to serve this Church agreeable to their Request from year to year

Phillip Jenkins Chosen Recorder

Br. Belteshazar Drago suspended until a Certain matter is examined into Being a Difference Between him and Arthur Trader and he is to be cited to our Next meeting. Br. Jos. Brown and Bro. Rob't. Hannah to cite him

Philip Jenkins suspended.

Jos. Thomas and Richd. Reed to. Examine into the conduct of Phillip Jenkins


Examd. Those appointed to Enquire into the conduct of Bro Drago with Trader namely Jos. Brown and Robt. Hannah   they say that he says his conduct was not Justifiable and he is sorry for his unbecoming Conduct

By letter recd. Cambridge a Negroe man

Br. Isaac Sutton Called to Receive Br. James Sutton a member and in Behalf of the Church to give him the oversight thereof.

Br. Thos. Bowel chosen Elder this time for the time agreed upon Being one year

Br. Baltshr. Drago at his Request is forgiven and Restored to his place in the Church.

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Monthly meeting february ye 12th 1785

A letter from great Bethel Church to this Requesting assistance from this Church at their Next meeting of Business

Resolvd. that it Be complyd. with the member Namd. to attend are Brethren Jas. Sutton, Jos. Thomas  Thos. Bowels  Wm. Wells  Philip Pierse.

The Matter of Complaint agt. Philip Jenkins is as follows that Br. Jenkins at a Husking at Robt. Richey's came to part his son and Buchannon's son who were Engagd. in fighting and when he was coming said to his son play away John which is lookd. upon a fault which he owns and say that he is sorry for it   Resolv that he Be admitted to his former place upon has acknowledgment

Voted Owen Davis Deacon

Complaint agt. Br. Thos. Smith for Drinking to Excess

        Br. Jas. Sutton and Robt. Hannah appointed to know what Thos. Tobin's Evidence is agt. Thos. Smith and fetch it to the Church

Complaint agat. Br. David Morgan spoken of By himself that he speaking an untruth to George Finley and compls for suffering fiddleing and Danceing in his house.  But he Decareing that it was agat. His mind and By prudent means tryd to hinder But could not under these considerations the Church Dismiss it the other he owns a fault for which he is suspended from Communion

Monthly meeting march ye 12th 1785

Br. James Sutton and Br. Robt. Hannah Report that they were Disappointed in talking with Br. Thos. Smith at this time Br. Robt. Hannah and Br. Jery Bock is appointed to talk with Br. Smith and to Cite him to Next meeting of Business

Br David Morgan's suspension Continued

Resolved that the Collections for the use of the table Be from the forward upon the Day business or the Day Before Communion

Monthly meeting April ye 9th 1785

to lett for the consideration of this Church whether the choice of a Moderator shall pass from the Minister to as many of the members in rotation as the Church shall think to be qualified for the place

            Brn. Jery Bock and Robert Hannah having performd. their Errand fetch this following Report that Br. Smith they say acknowledgd that he was guilty of Drinking to Excess and that he was sorry and they say he promised to attend at this time he came into the house and tarryd. some very short time then calld. one of the members and said he could not stay for he must attend at the Justices his case or tryal is postpond till Next meeting and Sister Griffin is to Cite him that is Smith to appear

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Monthly meeting may ye 7th 1785

The above Concerning the choice of a Moderator Referrd. till Next monthly meeting

              as the Citation of Br. Thos. Smith was not performd. By sister Griffin the Recorder to Cite him By writeing agt. our Next meeting that he may give attendance then

Resolvd. that the fore part of the Day (Commonly Saturday Before Communion) be spent in fasting and Prayer Concluded that the time of meeting Be at ten oclock

Monthly meeting June ye 11 1785

the matter of Thos Smith put of[f] till meeting in august
Belth Draggo and Willm. Wells to Site him against that time

Resolved that the Church Shall chuse a moderater the Day of Beseness Such as they Shall think qualifyd for the place

Receivd. Abram Harden by Letter, Receivd. Ann Combes by Letter from Connolway Church Br. Joseph Thomas & Robert Hannah appointed to site Br. David Morgan to the next meeting

Monthly meeting August ye 12th 1785

Br. David Morgan was heard this Day upon his suspension and By all the Church Could learn of him he is Disatisfied about the proceeding but not agt. a Majority.

Resolvd. that Br. David Morgan's matter be Postponed till Next meeting of Business and it is Enjoined upon Br. Morgan to make tryal for a Reconciliation.

Resolved that Thos. Smith Be Excommunicated tomorrow for the Crime of Drunkenness and a Rejection of the calls of the Church, The Recorder to Draw up the Excommunication

Joseph Thomas & Thomas Bowels appointed and sent By the Church to talk with Br. James Sutton concerning his Condoning to take the oversight of the Church

Monthly meeting Septr. 10th 1785

Sister Elizabeth Ashcraft calld. to Examination about her Conduct in a Quarrel with John White in last June
Resolved that Br. Joseph Thos. gett all possible information concerning the sd. Conduct

Br. David Morgan further heard at this time

Messengers to the Association appointed

Resolvd. that Bretheren Philip Pierse and Thos. Bowel must go also Revd. Jas. Sutton

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           Sister Griffin appointed to Examine John Walker whether Negroe Philip Did tell him that he was afraid that the girl was with child.

Resolvd. that Br. David Morgan is Restord. to the full Communion of this Church

Lettice Woods Recd. by letter from welchtract

Brn. Jos. Thos. and Thos Bowels Reports to the Church from Mr. Sutton that if he serves the Church he must have more than what he has had heretofore.

Resolvd. to try to get another minister.   Mr. Worth was chose By a majority Q is the same Rule to be observd in Regard of Public as Private offences

What way will the member [of] one Church proceed towards a member of another that Commits an offense

Monthly meeting October 8th 1785

Sister Ashcraft's affair continued                        (at yr. impudence
                                                                      Mr. White said
                                                                      I wonder)
Richard Reed appointed to get further information

Sister Griffin Reports from Jno. Walker concerning Philip Negroe that there was no such thing as he should confess he was afraid the girl was with child

Monthly meeting November ye 12th 1785

Br. Richd. Reed informs concerning sister Ashcraft that what she was accused with was not so but was a mistake a report of sister Ashcraft that she told her husband that she wished him in hell for her sake    Resolved to Enquire of her husband for she says tis false Referd. till next meeting

               A settlement with Br. James Sutton taken under Consideration agreed that this day two weeks be appointed a Day for settlement    
Mr. Sutton to be cited by writing by Recorder Copy of Notice to be kept

              taken under Consideration whether Mr. Sutton shall be our minister once a month only

Resolvd. that he is dismissd. agreeable to a former agreement.
(Reffer to Sept. 10th 1785)

Resolvd. that Br. Woodbridge be calld. for a supply of ye ministry 
By unanimous consent for four months

Brn. Wm. Wells and Thos. Bowells appointed to Conferr with Mr. Woodbridge on the subject to be Done before this Day two weeks

Catherine Lewis's letter of Dismission from vincent Read and she approvd. of   Ready to be Recd. at any opportunity

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Revd. Brother
               You are hereby Desired by the Church to attend at Owen Davis's Next Saturday in order for a final Settlement.

Philip Jenkins Recorder

Nov. 18th 1785 By order of the Church at our meeting of Business

Nov. 26th 1785

According to the Resolve of the Church they have met for a Settmt. with the Brother Jas. Sutton according to his Desire expressd. to the Church   Isaac Sutton chose moderator in the affair proceeded By an adress to minister and members for to make up the Difference By Droping all and in true love to forgive one another after long talk on both sides Br. Jas. Sutton Began some gainsayings and Contradictions not tending to Unity   Br. Sutton's signified Demand agt. the Church Examined and sought for but not found to be a Demand   the word to a Demand inserted at Mr. Sutton's Request after the Rest of the minutes

Monthly meeting December 11th 1785

          matter Concerning Br. Jas. Sutton taken under Consideration that is something further Relative to the above

By unanimous suffrage of the Church Br. Saml. Woodbridge chose moderator

          the unanimous vew of the Church is that it is provd. Beyond Dispute that Br. Jas. Sutton meant a Demand Agt. the Church  Br. Sutton Desires that all things be Dropt. as he looks upon himself to be faulty

Resolvd. that all the Differences Between this Church and Br. James Sutton Be Buryd. & no more to Rise But in love forgiveing one another

          Resolvd. That Beltd. Bragoe be Cited to be at our next meeting by Thos. John

Monthly meeting Jan 7th 1786

Br. Woodbridge chosen Moderator

          Thos. John not here therefore nothing can be Done in Regard to Beltd. Drago's Citation  Thos. John Come therefore we proceed  He was Cited he said he Believd. he should not come and further said he would Be Better out than in the meeting these were the words of the answer from Drago

Resolvd. that Br. David morgan and Br. Thomas John again Cite Br. Beltd. Drago to our next meeting of Business

          The Report of sister Ashcraft not Being provd. to satisfaction Resolvd. that it be Dismissd. and she in proper standing in the Church

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Jesse Coombs at his Request to have a letter of Dismission to some Church of the same faith and order with us at Kentucky the letter to be wrote by Recorder

Resolvd. that Communion be held once in two months  But meeting on Saturcay Before the second Lord's Day in Every month  One monthly meeting for Business the other more particular as a Day of preparation

Resolvd. that a more strict adherence be paid to our Church Dicipline ( that is added to our confession of faith ) in Every part thereof and henceforth Every one must Expect to be Dealt with for Every failure Except when their Excuse may be lookd. upon sufficient

Monthly meeting March, 10th 1786

          Resolvd. that Belt. Dragoo Be Excommunicated for the Crimes of Contempt of the authority of the Church and frequently in Liquer and Scandalizeing the Church  Br. Samuel Woodbridge to Draw his Excommunication.

Resolvd. that Joseph Thomas and Thos Bowell Examine the Delinquence the Reason of not Keeping their place in the Church at this time

The Church Unanamusly cald Bror. Woodbridge to Supply us for Eight months from the first Day of this month.  Bror. Woodbridge Excepts the Call to Supply us three fourths of his time Except wene Providence calls him away

Two charges brought against James Sutton one is his Saying the Church turned him of[f] as being their Minister against his Will, the Other Saying the Church Sited him to a public Settlement and he said he Did not know What it Was for till he come to the Settlement, wich the Church Looks upon to be falsehood  Resolved that Br. Willm. Wells and David Morgan to Site him to our next meeting of Beseness

the Day after Revd. Jas. Sutton together with the Church Unanimously agreed to appoint the seventh Day of April for a settmt. and to call to their Assistance the following Namd. men brethren and members of other Churches: viz: David  Evans Jonathan Morris  Danl. Clark  Thos. Gaddis  Elijah Barclay  Thos. McLaughlin  Wm. John  Owen Davis  Thos. Mills

Aprl 7th 1786 proceeded to Business By giving a general invitation to all the members of other Churches of the same order with us that were Present at this time to sit in Council with us   Next Chose Br. David Sutton for Moderator then one of the above Charges Brought and handled

Br. James Sutton Dismisses the Church from the Charge of turning him off agt. his will and that he speak it without Being fully acquainted with the matter for which he says he is heartily sorry

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Resolvd. that on Br. Sutton's word that he did not understand the Particulars of settlement, that we Drop all and Endeavour in love to forgive him laying him under this Injunction that if Ever he gives any more to the world to Cast at the Church as heretofore and if we Ever find that Reflections is Cast on the Church him Being found to be the Cause all the former accusations shall be Handled to the Extent.  and further if the Church shall be found guilty of Divulging any thing that may cast odiums or unbecoming Reflections on Brother Sutton the [y] Do agree to suffer the severity of Discipline

Philip Jenkins Recorder

Monthly meeting of Business may ye 13th 1786

a letter of Dismission from the welch Tract Church for John and Jane Taylor who are now recd. members of this Church

a Request from great Bethel Church for assistance at their Next Church meeting of Business to settle some things Relative to Isaac Morris the Request Complyd with Bretheren Nominated are Thos. Bowells  Joseph Thomas  Philip Pierce  Thos. John  Richard Reed David Morgan  Wm. Wells and Philip Jenkins

a Charge Brought Against Negro Phill that he attempted to goe to Bed to Harden's Wench Messenger [s] sent to Examin into it,  Bro. Wells  Philip Jenkins and Woodbridge

Meeting of Business June ye 10 1786

Report Brought by the Messengers Concerning Br. Phill that it appears he is gilty of the Charge Laid against him for Wich the Church thinks proper to Lay him under Suspention till our next Meeting of Business Bro. Morgan appointed to Site him

Meeting of Business August 12th 1786

Br. David morgan says that he Cited Br. Phill agreeable to orders

Br. Abrm. Hardin Requests a Dismission for himself and wife to join another Church of the same order his Request granted and Recorder ordered to Draw and sign a letter in Behalf of the Church

Br. Phill continued under suspension we hopeing that his Conduct may be agreeable

Resolvd. That Br. Jas. Sutton be Cited to our Next meeting to give some satisfaction why he Doth not attend at meetings of Business also to satisfy us why he still Reflects on the former Conduct of the Church  Br. Jenkins to write a Citation and send it By a safe hand and Keep a Copy of it in the Book

Resolvd. That Br. Corbly Be invited to take the Care of this Church as assistance of our Minister untill we get one that will suit us  
Br. Corbly Being Present agrees to attend as often as he can.
[This last sentence struck out in original]

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Meeting of Besiness September the 9 1786

Bror. Jenkins appinted to Draw the Assosiation Letter

Messengers to the Assoiation Bror. Thomas  Thomas Bowell  Richard Reed  Robert Hannah Philip Pearce

Resolvd. That the Saterday after the Association that Bror. Morgan  William Well  Richd. Reed  Jerh. Beck  Charles Griffin  Philip Jenkens  Joseph Brown and John Taler to meet at Wilm. Archers  Each one Bringing a horse in Order to Draw Logs to the saw mill to make seats for the meeting house

Meeting of Business Octod. 7th 1786

Resolvd. That Brother Thos. John be Suspended for the Crimes of asolting of Even Davis and kicking of him and Expressing his sorrow for not beating him more

Resolvd. That Brother Philip Jinkins be suspended for the Crime of Assolting of and Choking of Evan Davis

Respecting the accusations Brought against James Sutton Aug. 12, 1786 it appeard the Church formerly gave him that Liberty not to attend only When he Conveniently Could on the account of his preaching at Distant places.  as to his casting Reflections at the Church he says it was not at the Church But at the conduct of one or two Individuals prier to the Late Dispute Betwen the Church and sd. Sutton. Upon wich the Church forgives him

Octor. 22, 1786 the Experience of Peter Smith  John Finley and Charles Griffen was heard and approvd. of and they Baptisd.

Nover. 11th 1786 Meeting of Buseness The affair of Philip Jenkens and Thos. Johns taken under Consideration, and postpond till next meeting of Business.  Br. Sutton & William Wells appointed to cite them

Decer. 3, 1786 the Experience of Benjamin Davis and his Wife was heard and approvd. of and they Baptised

Meeting of Buseness December 9, 1786

The Buseness Postponed on the account of the Inclemency of the Weather

Meeting of Business January 13, 1787

Respect the Charge Brought against Philip Jenkens Octr. 7, 1786
The Church Looks upon it to be a fault and the act Not Justefiable But considering the agravating sircomstances and on his Own primeses the Church Forgave him and Restored him in full felowship

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Meeting of business Febur. 10, 1787

Respecting The Charge Laid Against Thos. Johns Octor. 7, 1786   He Acknowledge the fact to Be true and Expresses his sorrow for It upon Which the Church Restores him to fellowship again

          at this time recd. By Baptism and was taken in full fellowship as members of this Church; David Davis and Saml. Pane

Monthly meeting March ye 10th 1787

By letters Receivd. Philip Ragon & David Meredith member [s] into this Church

Dismissd. Jeremiah Becks and Dinah his wife also Elizabeth a Negro wench

Monthly meeting April 7th 1787 Business of Church Brought on first
Read the letter of Dismission of Jno. Dewees and Mary his wife from Nispillion Kent County upon the Letter and some Examination of their Conduct it is agreed that they Be Recd. which is accordingly Done

heard the Experience of Amy Meredith upon satisfaction therein had the Church agrees to Receive her By Baptism

something talkd. in Regard of Br. Phill Negroe  Br. David Morgan appointed to cite him to attend Next meeting of Business

Monthly meeting may ye 12th 1787

omitted from last meeting the Entry of the Reception By Letter of John Dewees and Mary his wife

Recd. a petition from Br. James Sutton for a Dismission from this Church in order to become a member of mount Pleasant Church in the State of Virginia, Monongahelia County to take the oversight thereof agreeable to their Call Dated April ye 9th, 1787

Resolvd. that a letter of Dismission be granted to Br. Sutton

Resolvd. at the Request of Margaret Wood that a letter of Dismission Be granted to her as she is about to Remove her Residence

Meeting of Buseness June ye 9, 1787

a charge Brought against Sister Lettes Wood abought her Being intoxecated with Licker Hannah Davis & Sister Jenkens appinted to Site her to our Next meeting

The Experence of Prissela Rees was heard approvd. of and she Baptised the Day folloing

June 16th Being a Day of fasting and prayer to be Derected in the choice of a Menister a freedom was found to call Revt. George Guthrie upon trial for three months two Sabbaths in Each month He being present Excepts the Call

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Meeting of Business July ye 7th 1787

meeting Began with singing & Prayer. And then went on to the Business of the Church in Examining Lettice Wood in Regard to the above Report she acknowledges that as she was unwell and from loseing her Natural rest she was somewhat in Liquor above what was Right Upon her confession and sense of the sin by her Declard. The Church Resolvs to forgive her

Meeting of Business Septr. 8th 1787

          agreed to Call the Rev. George Guthrie to take the oversight of this Church

          by Report it is Represented to this Church that Br. Peter Smith hath conducted Disagreeable at Joseph Boltinghouse's in Regard of horse Running or Raceing also further at another time Racd. Or Run his horse with Johnt. Rogers and Beating sd. Rogers

Resolvd. that Philip Rogers & Davis Meredith Cite Peter Smith to the Next meeting

the call was handed to Br. Guthrie and he has manifested a willingness to supply us the three fourths of his time making Reserve of some time that he may Providentally be Calld. to supply some place that is Destitute which the Church agrees to grant, also time to go Down the Country to Do his own Necessary Business and Brother Guthrie Promises to Perform the Dutys Enjoind. upon a Minister of the Gospel as far as the Lord may Enable him

Messengers to the Association appointed are Brothers George Guthrie  Joseph Thomas Thomas Bowells  David Morgan  Wm. Wells  Owen Davis & Philip Jenkins

Meeting of Business Octor. 13 1787

David Golden Receivd. By Letter into this Church.

Resolv that Peter Smith be held (under concederation)
Letter be given to him to Signify his standing here and if his conduck is agreeable Down there to send up a Letter of Recommendation and this Church will give him a Letter of Dismision

Br. Thos John and his wife, and John Finley Request a Letter of Dismision Which the Church Grants. Philip Jenkens to wright them

Meeting of Business Nov. 10th 1787

Began Business by Reading the Association letter

heard the Experience of Mary Smith and the Church admits her to Baptism tomorrow

on the Day following was Baptized the above Mary Smith

Meeting of Business December ye 8th 1787

Peter Smith Expresses himself that he would be fond of having his place in the Church
the Church takes it under consideration and agrees that he be Restored into full fellowship

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Monthly meeting January 12th 1788

          under the Present conduct of Philip Rogers the Church Resolves that he be suspended for the Crime of Beating his wife and for swearing his wife and also for talking of marrying another wife

Peter Smith By Resolve of the Church is suspended for going to a frolick and Being to[o] often at Places where strong liquor is Drank and unbecoming Conduct at Esqr. Richey's the fifth Day of this Instant

Monthly meeting February 9th 1788

By a Request the Church Grants Sarah Harden a letter of Dismission

Respecting Philip Smith the above mentioned Charges appears true with No Signs of amendment  The Church Resolvd. that Peter Smith be Excommunicated for the above mentioned crimes

Respecting Philip Rogers Resolved that he be held under Suspension till Next Monthly Meeting and he make things appear more plain

Resolved That John Finley be suspended for being charged With Assulting Morgan Jones and freequenting bad Company and Drinking at publick places

Monthly Meeting March the 8 1788

Resolved Concerning Mr. George Guthrie that this Church Do not think meet that he Should preach in the Circumstances that he is at present in until he is restored to the Church that he is a Member of and recommended of them.

Resolved That Joseph Thomas and Thomas Bowels are to Signify and tell him of the Same in behalf of the Church

Resolved that the Members of the Church meet together on Stated Times of public Worship to keep a Society Meeting when they have no Minister to preach among them

Resolvd. that Philip Rogers Be Excommunicated for the Crimes Before Mentioned together with his Persevering to uphold Confusion in the Civil law as far as ability serves

Resolvd. Br. John Fenley (?) Be held under suspension untill we are Either satisfied from his own conduct or a letter of Recommendation from another Church to our satisfaction

MONTHLY meeting April 12th, 1788
MONTHLY meeting May 10, 1788
MONTHLY meeting June the 7th 1788
MONTHLY meeting Augut. 9th 1788

Mr. George Guthrie Requests a letter of Recommendation from this Church the Question put to the Church passt. In the Afirmative it shall be given

September the 13 Monthly Meeting
Brother Phill is to be cited by Brother Morgan to come to the next Meeting of Business

Pg (15)

Brother Benjamin Davis and wife required a Letter of Dismission Granted.

The accusation that comes in by Br. John Dewees against Br. Jonathan Paine concerning Some Scandalous Report and had been left to the report of William Pettyjohn has cleard. the said Deweese according to their agreement. Jonathan Pain is to have his Letter of Dismission after both the said Pain and Deweese be reconciled between themselves

Brother Samuel Pain requested a letter of Dismission, Granted

Messengers appointed to go to the Association William Wells  David Morgan  Joseph Thomas Charles Griffin  Thomas Bowels  Owen Davis  Richard Reed

Query? Is it Consistent with Gospel order for a person Excommd. by one Church he moving his Residence to another Church and Giving them Satisfaction in Every peticular for to Receive such a person a Member amonge them

Monthly meeting October 11, 1788

Sister Eliz. Wieley Requests a Letter of Dismission, Granted

Jonathan Pain and John Dewese Reconsiled together, Brother Pain is to get his Letter of Dismission

Monthly meeting Nov. 8th, 1788

Resolvd. that meeting be held at Bro. Jno. Griffith's this winter season

Resolvd. that the Church meet on Saturday the 22d to Consult further about getting a Minister to preach and administer ordinances among us

Meeting By appointment Nov. 22d 1788

Beginning of Business Br. Thos. Bowel Moderator chosen

Resolvd. by unanimous voice or vote to have nothing to Do with Mr. Woodbridge as a Minister not meaning in any Wise to Despise him as a Brother or Christian

Resolvd. that we get Br. Corbly to supply us as often as he can come

Monthly Meeting December 13th 1788

Resolved that Brother Thomas Bowels is to Draw a Papper for Subscription for Brother John Corbely against the 15 of this Instant and when the Subscription is made the Paper to be left to the Care of Brother Owen Davis for him to Receive the Several Subscriptions when due

Ressolved that Brother Philip Jenkins is appointed to assist Brother William Wells to Settle the accompt of the Repairing the Meeting House, and other accompts belonging to the Church

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Monthly Meeting January the 10th 1789

The Church resolved that Brother Charles Griffin, Sister Anna Griffin, and David Golden would go to Sister Hannah Sutton to enquire and know her reasons for absenting herself from the stated Meetings of the Church, and her Breach of Covenant

Monthly Meeting february the 7th 1789

meeting Began Br. Joseph Thomas chosen Moderator

the Reasons heard from sister Hannah Sutton for her Non-attendance also from her husband which is that he is not willing she should come and his reason is that he is not satisfied Because as he says that there is a few in the Church that have undertaken to act as the Church and as he apprehends are not as the Body
postpond. untill meeting

Monthly Meeting March the 7 1789

Takin under Consideration the Above Charge Brought by Bro. Sutton against the Church

Monthly Meeting April the 11 1789
Monthly Meeting May 9th, 1789

Resolved to send Sister Hannah Davis and Sister Ann Griffin to Sister Hannah Sutton to Enquire whether doth she persist in her former Excuse for not attend the Stated Meetings of the Church; and also whether she Judge the former accusation that she and her Husband [made] the 7th of last February Just or not

Bror. John Griffiths received a Member of this Church

Monthly Meeting June 13 1789

Taken under Consideration Concerning Sister Suttons Not attending upon her Request the Church postpone her case for some time

Monthly Meeting August the 8th 1789

Resolved that Brother David Loveborrow Sit in Council with the Church

Brother Cornelius William and Sister Mary Griffin Received Members of the Church

Resolved that Sister Ann Griffin and Sister Hannah Davis to go to Sister Hannah Sutton to enquire further concerning the continuation of her absenting from the Stated Meetings of the Church

The Revd. Brother D. Loveborrow is agreed to preach and perform in the Office of a Minister for this Church untill the 1st of April next, but reserve one fourth of the time to serve other places

Pg (17)

Monthly Meeting Septemr. 12 1789

The Experience of George McKee, Susanah McKee  Ichabod Ashcraft and Rachel Ashcraft was heard and approved

Rachel Coombes Jeremiah Sutton Margaret Sutton Receivd. by Letter

Messengers to the Association Joseph Thomas  William Wells  Charles Griffen  Thos. Bowell

Monthly Meeting Octo: 10th 1789

Proceeded to Business a letter of Dismission to Sarah Hardin one was sent Before But it seems she did not Receive it

          Next was under consideration the work Necessary to be Done at the meeting house

Br. Thos. Bowells to get the workman for to Do all the joiner and Carpenter work and superintend the Doing

Br. Owen Davis to bring 100 feet of pine Boards for the work

Resolvd. Next Friday week to meet to Plaister the House

Monthly Meeting Nov: 7th, 1789

Meeting Opened by Singing and prayer

Monthly Meeting Decem 12 1789

Meeting Opened by prayer but no Besiness Done

Monthly Meeting Jany. 13 1790

Meeting opened by prayer the Church took under Consideration Whether Laying on of hands on Baptised parsons or Not Laying on of hands Shall be a Bar of Communion Left till nex meeting of Business

Monthly meeting Februy. 13 1790

After prayer the Church took under Consideration Weather Laying on of hands on Baptised persons or the Disbelief of its being an Ordinance to be continued in the Church shall be a Bar of Communion or not Resolved that it shall not be a Bar of Communion

Brother Joshua York informed the Church that Bror. Wm. Wells has something against him and he had tryed to settel the matter with him and cannot in a private way Wherefore he Desired Bror. Wells to Lay in his accusations against him before the Church

Monthly Meeting March 13th 1790

The Church takes under the reconsideration the above Resolve Respecting Wheather Laying on of hands or the Disbelief of its being an Odinance Shall be a bar of Communion or not the Church voted in Confirmation of the above Resolve refairing to february ye 13, 1790

Pg (18)

Sister Hannah Sutton Requests a Letter of Dismision which the Church grants

Bror. Jeremiah Sutton appointed to Wright the Letter and Sign it in Behalf of the Church

Monthly Meeting April 10 1790

The Church appoints Bro. David Morgan to Request Bro. Wells to attend next meeting of Business with his accusations against Br. York

Sister Ann Woodbridge Requests a Dismission Which the Church grants

Bror. David Loofbery to Write and Sign her Letter in behalf of the Church

Monthly Meeting May ye 8th 1790

meeting opened By singing and prayer

Br. Boswells movd. to Resign as to his Being an Elder left under Consideration untill Next meeting also movd. For the choice of another Elder David Morgan Nominated

The Minutes of february ye 13th 1790 and March 13th same year taken under Consideration the third time

The Church Recalls the two Minutes Referred to

The Matter of Joshua York and William Wells postponed untill Next meeting at which time they are requested to be here Brother Goldin to cite Br. York as he is not present 
Wells present

Monthly Meeting June 12th 1790

opend. by prayer and singing By Revd. David Loofburrow

          an accusation against Br. Ichabod Ashcraft that he had Drank to Excess several times and in particular at a Burying in May 22d. last this Left as it stands to see if his future conduct will be Better

Monthly Meeting August 7th 1790

Resolvd. That Brn. Wm. Wells and Joshua York make a tryal to settle their Differences without coming to the Church and to their assistahce we have appointed Brn. Robt. Hannah David Morgan  John Griffith & Richd. Reed

Monthly Meeting Septr. 11th 1790

The Brethn. Nominated to assist Br. Wm. Wells and Joshua York in settleing their Differences Report to the Church that they have Peaceably settled all Disputes

Messengers to the Association are Brn. Wm. Wells  David Morgan  David Golden  Jeremiah Sutton  Richard Reed  Philip Pearse


Motiond that a Day of fasting and prayer Be appointed once a month Conclusion postpond till after the association


meeting opened By singing & prayer  No Business Done

          November 13th 1790 Monthly meeting

Meeting opened By singing & prayer

Br. Joseph Thomas Moderator

Br. Joshua York Dismissed at his Request is gone to Kentucky

a complaint lodgd with Jos. Thomas & Thos. Bowells By David Goldin agt Wm. Wells that he tole Br. Golding it is a lye or you are a lyar the words that he tole Br. Golding told Wells was why you told me you Knew Loofburrow [s] principles before he came here says Wells it is a positive lye Br. Goldin Says that Br. Wells is wrong and upon that complains Church postponed this

Resolvd a Day of fasting and prayer to continue in this Church untill it appears inconvenient the Day to be the last thursday in Every month, time of meeting 10 O'clock


Meeting opend By prayer

Br. Thos Moderator

No Business to be Recorded


Br. Wm Wells and Br. David Goldin settled their Differences Between themselves

FEBRUARY YE 12th 1791

Monthly Meeting held By appointment at Br. Owen Davis

Began By singing and prayer

MARCH YE 12th 1791

Monthly meeting at Br. Owen Davis

Began By singing and prayer By Br. Loofburrow

Br. David Morgan Moderator

Shall the Disbelief of the Imposition of hands (upon Baptized persons) to be an Ordinance Be a Bar of communion

Seventeen Members present voted no Bar

Six present a Bar

Pg (20)


Proceeded to Business By singing and prayer

Br. Loofburrow Moderator

proposed for the purpose of Union upon the principles of the Baptist Confession of faith that no person be Receivd as a member of this Church without submitting to the Ordinance of imposition of hands yet that we Do admit into transient Communion such wo are Regular members in their own Church tho they have not submitted to that ordinance and that Br. David Loofburrow in particular be privelagd to hold Communion with us and to administer all the ordinances of the gospel amongst us Except the Imposition of hands as he Does not Believe in it himself

          the above Being put to vot was Carried in the affirmative and David Loofburrow accepted the Call for one year for two lord's Days in Each month untill the first day of April Next

MAY YE 7th 1791 Monthly meeting

Began By prayer and singing

Lewis David from the Church of Christ at Tonoloway Recd a member in this Church By letter

Resolvd By the Church tat another Elder Be Chosen

Resolvd By suffrace of the Church that Br. David Morgan is an Elder in this Church

Voted Br. Jeremiah Sutton for Deacon


Began by singing and prayer

Br. Bowells moderater

he being an Elder informs the Church that yesterday Being at the viewing of a Road he Did apprehend Br. Ashcraft to Behave in a manner not Becoming a prefessor of the Religion of Jesus

ordered that he Be Cited to our Next meeting of Business By Philip Jenkins


1 The above charge being proved against brother Ashcraft he is Suspended the Communion of the Church until he shall give Satisfaction 

2 Sister Elizabeth Carr Requested that the Church would Renounce their Minute of Aprile 9 1791 which was put to Vot and carried in the Negative

3 Brother John Taylor and his wife desired a letter of Dismission  

Pg (21)

4. A Complaint entered in the Church by Brother Joseph Thomas against Philip Jinkins for Saying he was established in the opinion of the Universal Salvation of all men Brother Jinkens being present acknowledged the charge The Church concluded to send the Revd David Loofbury and brothers Joseph Thomas and Thomas Bowell to go and converse with him and bring in their report of their Success to our next meeting

5. Appointed brother Jeremiah Sutton to prepare a letter to the Association and to bring it to our next meeting to be Revised


opened by Singing and prayer

Rev. David Loofbury Moderator

1st  Chose Jeremiah Sutton recorder

2 Voted that the Doctrine of universal Salvation Contained in brother Jenkin's written Declaration is Herisy

3 Voted that he be publickly Excommunicated, to be executed tomorrow

4 Chose for our Messengers to the Association Brothers Joseph Thomas Thos. Bowell 
David Morgan Owen Davis Philip Pearce Jeremiah Sutton Cornelius Williams

5 Appointed Brother Owen Davis to go to Philip Jenkens and get the writings that are lodged in his hands that belong to the Church


Opened by Singing and prayer

Revd David Loofbury Moderator

1 Apointed brother Owen Davis to keep the papers belonging to the Church which was formerly in the hands of Philip Jenkins

2 Brother George McKee and his wife Requested a dismission granted

Jeremiah Sutton to write the letter and signed it in behalf of the Church.


The Church met and opened the meeting by prayer. No business done


held at brother Owen Davis's Opened by singing and prayer Rev. David Loofborrow Moderator

1 Appointed brother Owen Davis to lay out the ground where the Meeting House and grave yard is so as to know how to fence in the grave yard

2 Concluded to Cite our brethren and sisters, Wm. Wells and his wife Joseph brown and Wife Richard Reed and his Wife and Mrs Carr to come to Our Next Meeting of business 

Pg (22)

to give their Reasons why they do not keep their place in the Church

DECEMBER 11 1791

Hanna Casto Received by letter


Opened by Singing and prayer

Brother Thos. Bowell Moderator

1 An accusation brought in Writing against brother David Loofborough by brother Thos. Bowell that is for Marying a Maried Woman to another man and for Marying a Maried man to another woman this accusation being Seconded the Church Concluded to Minute it in the Book and if he does not give us satisfaction to inform the Church to which he belongs of it

2 The Brethren that were Cited at our last Meeting to come and give an account why 
they do not keep their places in the Church. Thy came and after Some Conversation with them Concluded to wait a while with them in hopes they will do better for the future


Opened by singing and prayer then proceded to business

Chose Brother David Morgan Moderator

Appointed brother Charles Griffen to notify Negro Phill to come to our Next Meeting of business to let us know why he does not attend with us

Sister Aimy Meredith Departed this life March 2d 1792


Opened by Singing and prayer

1 Brother Loofborough Moderator

2 The charge against Rev. David Loofborough of January the 7th being attended to and he being present answered to the Accusation so as to give the Church Satisfaction

3 Appointed brothers Owen Davis and Philip Piarce to View the ground for the Meeting House and grave Yard and if they think it Needful to lay of (f) as Much more land on the side of Mr. Reis as they shall think Needful, not Exceeding one acre

4 Appointed a Meeting next friday at Brother Owen Davis' to consult about Employing Mr. Loofborough to supply us another year

Pg (23)

Friday March 16 1792

The Church a few of them Met according to the Appointment of March 10th and 
Concluded to draw a Subscription and Carry it Round to See how much we can Make up for him


Opened by Singing and prayer No Business done


Opened by Singing and prayer

As we have no Minister we Concluded to Meet at the Meeting house Every Lords day  and hold Society Meeting untill the Lord is pleased to direct us further what is left to do


Opened by Singing & Prayer Proceded

1st  to Agree with Revd David Loofborough to Preach for us the Second and fourth Lords  days in every Month for one year from the first of May last for the Sum of twenty three  pounds in tra(de)

2dly  Appointed Br. Jeremiah Sutton to write a letter in behalf of the Church to Brother and  Sister john Duese (Dewees) and his wife to Cite them to attend our Meeting of Business in August to answer a Complaint that is brought against them


Opened by Singing and prayer
Thos. Bowell Moderator

1st Proceeded to Consider the case of Brother Duese and his Wife who were Cited to Attend at this Meeting. They did not Attend so there was Nothing done. But there was and Accusation brought in against Brother Duese by two of the Brethren that they saw him a few days ago very much in Liquor and heard him use ver unbecoming Language Concluded to cite them to attend at Our Meeting of business in September next
2dlly Reced Sister Rachel Thomas by Letter

3dly Concluded to cite our Brethren and Sisters Philip Pierce and his wife Mary Springer Priscilla Rees Hannah Walker Jane Jenkins and Jacob Hall to attend at our next meeting to give a reason if any they have why they do not attend with us

Concluded that Brother Bowell cite Brother Pierce and Wife and Sister Springer: Brother Owen Davis cite Sister Jenkins and Sister Walker Brother Loofborough cite Sister Rees and Brother Joseph Brown cite Brother Hall

Pg (24)


Open by singing and Prayer

Brother Loofbourrow moderator

1st  The Letter to the Association being Read and Approved was Signed.

2dly  Proceeded to Examine those Members who were Delinquent why they do not attend with us; having heard their Reasons conclude they are sufficient and hope they will Endeavor to attend for the future

3dly  That Brothers David Morgan and Robert Hannah agree with workmen to put in the joice into the Meeting house and what other Work Appears Necessary and the Church Unite with them in Paying for it

4thly  Appointed Brothers Joseph Thomas, Philip Pierce, and Jeremiah Sutton to Meet Next Thursday at one o'clock at David Morgans to hear the difference between Brothers David Goldin and Jacob Hall and try to Settle the Matter between them.

Brother Davis Meredith Desired a letter of Dismission in order to join with the Seventh day baptist Church which was granted and Mr. Loofborrow appointed to write it and sign it in behalf of the Church.

Sept. 13th, 1792 being the day above Mentioned for to meet settle the difference with brothers Golden and Hall, we met and having heard their Allegations and Considered thereof did Conclude that brother Hall shall pay to brother Golden two bushel of wheat. brother Goldin Seemed to be Satisfied but brother Hall Seemed Much Dissatisfied with it and in their Discourse charged Golden with being a grand lyer and dishonest man


Opened by Singing and prayer

Revd David Loofborough moderator

1st  An accusation by Brother David Golden against brother Jacob Hall for abusing him with his tongue and using unbecoming language 
Concluded to cite him to Appear at our Next meeting of business, the Saturday before the second Lords day in November
Brother Joseph Brown to cite him


Opened by Singing and Prayer Brother Thos. Bowell moderator

1st  Proceeded to consider the Case between Brothers Golden and Hall brother Hall not being there and the Church considering the Difficulty that might be in his way of coming concluded to postpone it till he could attend

2  After Discoursing about the difference there is amongst us about the imposition of hands concluded to defer any Conclusion about it till our Next Meeting of business

Pg (25)


Opened by Singing & prayer. Rev. David Loofborrow Moderator

1st  proceeded to consider of the matter of Imposition of hands which was Deferred to this Day. 2d Concluded that those of the members that do hold the Imposition of hands to be a barr to Communion to be the Church. 3d Those that hold it no Barr of Communion to have their Dismissions whenever they Request it

Mary Jones request a letter of Dismission Granted Br. Owen Davis to get it wrote for her


Opened by prayer




No Business Done


Opened by Singing and Prayer and the Rev'd John Corbly being present was chosen Moderator

Proceeded to try to Settle the Difference amongst (us) about laying on of hands on Baptised persons, and after discoursing the subject a good while it was put to Vote whether it Should be setled on the Same plan as the Church was first Constituted upon Which was carried in the Affirmative


Opened by Singing and Prayer

1st  Chose Bro. Jos. Thomas Moderator

5  Brother John Crawford Received by letter

6  Sister Mary Smith Requested a letter of Dismission it was granted and brother Sutton to write it and sign it in behalf of the Church

7  Brother William Wells having Accused Brothers Joseph Thomas and Thomas Bowell by Saying that he believed that they had Enmity enough in their Hearts to take his life if it lay in their power. He did not see willing to acknowledge himself wrong in accusing them and the church Concluded that he had no Reason to entertain such a though of them but left any further proceeding about it till our Next Meeting

Pg (26)


Open by Singing and prayer

1st  Chose Br. Joseph Thomas Moderator

2 Proceeded to consider of the accusation brought against brother John Deweese in August 11th, 1792 (As he has not been here since till now) He acknowledged that he was in liquor but he denyed his using bad language. And this day sister Hannah Davis told him that she has been credbly informed that he had several times been Very much in liquor and curst and swore Which he denyed, so that it was deferred till our next Meeting to Enquire into it.  Brother Owen Davis to enquite into it

3 The Case with brother William Wells was Mentioned but not having time to attend upon it Concluded to postpone it till our next meeting then the Matter is to be stated by brother Bowell and proceeded upon as the Case may appear to Require

4 Chose for our Messengers to the Association our beloved Brethren Joseph Thomas, Thomas Bowell, Richard Reed, and David Morgan


Opened by Singing and prayer Brother Thomas Bowell Moderator

1st Considered the Case of Brother John Dewese. Brother Owen Davis informed us that he had Enquired into his conduct and Samuel Gaskin and Gedian Dunham told him that they heard Dewese talking about killing Deer out of Season and he said he would be Damn'd if he did not kill one if he had the opertunity  Likewise at another time that he told a Company of Wedeners (wedding guests) who were riding the Road that they were all Damn'd Rascals and Cursed Scoundrels.

Concluded to Excommunicate him

2  Brother Bowell brought in the case against Brother Wm. Wells Stated in the following manner. Viz

1st  Accusation against brother Wells for Saying he time after time Laid an Accusation before the Church against Joshua York and they would not Receive it but as Soon as Said York Laid an Accusation against him they Received it immediately.
2d  Accusation Sd Wells Said he often Laid the case of Said York and himself before Joseph Thomas and Thos. Bowell to lay it before the Church and they would not.
3d Accusation said Wells Said he knew Mr. Loofborrows Sentiments Respecting laying on of hands before he ever heard him preach and afterward Said he never Said So.
4th  Accusation when Said Wells was accused with Saying Joseph Thomas and Thos. Bowell had Enmity enough in them to take his life if it lay in their power he denied he said any such thing  But when Robert Hannah affirmed he heard him Say the Same, then Said Wells Owned he had Said he believed they had Enmity Enough to take his life if in their power

Brother Wells not being present it was Concluded that Brother Robert Hannah Should take the paper which Contains the above Accusations and go to him and talk with him about it and cite him to our next meeting of business

Pg (27)


Opened by Singing and Prayer  Brother Thomas Bowell Moderator

As Brother William Wells could not attend it was concluded to Postpone the Business with him until our Next meeting of Business


Opened by Singing and prayer:- Brother Bowell Moderator

Resolved that the case of Brother William Wells be Postponed till our next meeting. An all the Members to be Notified to be present if possible


Opened by Singing and prayer.  Brother Thomas Moderator

Proceeded to Consider the Case of Brother Wm. Wells concerning the Accusations brought against him as in the Minutes of October 12 1793

The first Accusation was Considered of. Concluded he was Guilty of telling that which is not true as none of the members does Remember that he ever did try to lay it before the Church

The Second Accusation Considered Brother Thomas and Brother Bowell being present testified that he never did desire them to lay it before the Church. Wherefore it was concluded that he told that which is not true.

The third Accusation Enquired into And Several of the Brethren testified that he did tell them and that Separately that he did know Mr. Loofboroughs Sentiments about laying on of hands, before he heard him preach wherefore it was concluded that he was Guilty of telling a falsehood.

The fourth Accusation Came under Consideration and the Church is of Opinion that he was guilty of telling that which is not true in first Saying he said no such thing then owning he said he believed they had enmity enough to take his life if it lay in their power.

Concluded to wait a while and see if he will comply to Own himself in fault and that the Brethren shall converse with him as they have Operunity ot see if they can prevail with him


Opened by Singing and prayer Brother Thomas Bowel Moderator

Concluded to Send a Request to Mr. Stone at Crooked Run in Hampshire County Virginia to Come and preach to us Brother Gaddis of Uniontown Church concludes to go in behalf of that Church and this likewise

Pg (28)


Opened by Singing and prayer

The business with brother Wm. Wells was talked of but he Requested a Copy of the Minutes that was Entered January 11- 1793 that he might consider of them. Which was Granted that he Should have it and the business was postponed till our Next meeting

And the Coppy was Sent to him about a Week after the above Meeting


Opened by Singing and prayer Brother Joseph Thomas Moderator

Proceeded to Consider the case of brother William Wells

He did not attend with us and the Church having long waited and tryed to Reclaim him but he Remains obstinate and will make no Acknowledgment to any of the Charges which were proved against him and has told us in times past we May do as we please with him, And told the last messenger that was sent to him by the Church to (cite him to attend his Meeting) that if he Should come and Acknowledge that he had told that which is not true that he Should go home with a Guilty Conscience. Therefore he should not do it and he did not attend according to the Request of the Church.
Therefore upon deliberate Consideration the Church looks upon it our duty to cut him off from being a Member with us by Excommunication untill he Shall give Satisfaction of his Repentance and Reformation - which we pray that God of his Infinite Grace may work in him.


Opened by Singing and prayer No business done


Opened by Singing and prayer Brother Bowell Moderator

Resolved that a few lines be drawn by way of Petition to the Association to See if they will Continue us in Fellowship, Our Principals of Laying on of hands being no Breach of fellowship, and we Appoint our brethren Joseph Thomas and Richard Reed to Represent the petition

Resolved that a letter be formed to Join the Intended Constitution at Union Church if we are Rejected at Association.

Brother Sutton to write the Petition and letter against our Next Meeting

Pg (29)


Opened by Singing and prayer:- The Revd Samuel Woodbridge being present was desired to Sit in Council with us. And was chosen Moderator  Then proceeded to business, Viz

1st  To Enquire into the Case of Brother Abraham Hardin concerning his being accused with having a child by one Hannah Williams After Discoursing a while on the Subject and Not having Sufficient Evidence present, concluded to postpone a final Decision of the Matter untill our Meeting of Business in November. When the evidences are to be present. Like wise it was Concluded that our Brethren David Morgan and Thos. Bowell are to go over where Harden lives and enquire into the matter before the time appointed to Settle it and Mr. Woodbridge concluded to act as an Assistant with them in making the enquiry.
2 Sister Rebecca Wells Requested a Letter of Dismission but in as much as she Declared herself not to be in fellowship with the Church it was Concluded that we could not legally grant her Request


Opened by Singing and prayer - No business done


Being Opened by Brother Woodbridge proceeded to Business

This Church agreed to Recommend it to brother Abraham Hardin to Apply to Some magistrate in the Neighbourhood Where he and Hannah Williams lives and Obtain all the testimony before a committee Nominated by the magistrate and then bring said Hannah Williams to hear her Accusers face to face before sd Magistrate and said Committee to Report in writeing their Opinion on the Subject to this Church


Opened by Singing and prayer- Brother Bowell Moderator

The accusation brought by brother David Goldin against brother Jacob Hall which appears by the Minute of our meeting October 13, 1792 having Never been settled and brother Hall does not attend our Meetings. The Church concluded to cite him to attend our next meeting of business to Answer said Accusation and give a Reason if he has any why he does not attend with us

Brother Morgan to Cite him in Writing.

Pg (30)


Opened by Singing and prayer. Brother Thos. Bowell Moderator

Brother Jacob hall did not appear but Sent a Letter by which it appears that he Either did not understand what the Church wanted of him or did not Incline to answer their Request wherefore it is Concluded that Brother Sutton Shall Write a Letter to him to inform him what we Request of him and to Cite him to attend our Next Meeting of business and if he does not attend to proceed against him. Brother Morgan to carry the Letter to him


Opened by Singing and prayer, Brother Joseph Thomas Moderator
1st  Proceeded to Consider the Case of Brother Jacob hall. He did not appear And after discoursing the Matter over the Church Concluded to defer the Conclusion of the Matter untill our next Meeting of business And Brother Joseph Brown concluded to go and talk with him and try to prevail with him to Settle the matter before or to come and Settle it at our Next meeting of Business


Opened by Singing and prayer No business done


Opened by Singing and prayer Rev. Benjm Stone Moderator

1st  The Church concluded to Call the Revd Benjamin Stone to take the Pastorel Care of this Church and he being present accepted the call

2dly  Jacob Hall Entirely Refusing and Neglecting to obey the Calls of the Church which have been frequently sent to him it is Concluded to Excommunicate him.

3  Brother David Goldin requested a letter of Dismission (as he is about to move down the River) his Request is granted and Brother Sutton to write it and Sign it in behalf of the Church

4  Sister Anne Griffin appointed to go and Converse with Sister Priscilla Rees (that was) to know the Reason why She has left us and Joined with the Methodists and to bring her Report to our Next meeting of Business.

5  Received Sister Martha Ashford by a letter from Bryn Sion Church in Delaware State


Opened by Singing and prayer. Revd Benj Stone Moderator

1st  Sister Griffin Reported that she has Seen Sister Priscilla Rees (Now Conaway) and She told her She would come this day to our meeting. But she did not come so it was Concluded to Postpone the Matter untill our Next meeting and any of the Members that may have Opportunity between Now and then to enquire More fully into the Matter.

Pg (31)

An accusation brought against Brother Richard Reed for leting Thomas Lewis have the value of 100 in Money and Produce And took a bond with Security of Said Lewis for the payment of four Tunn of iron within one year after After it was discoursed a while it was Concluded to postpone any conclusion of the Matter untill our next meeting of Business So that we may more Deliberately consider of it


Opened by Singing and prayer Brother Stone Moderator

1st  The case of Sister Priscila Conaway was talked of but She not being present it was concluded to postpone it till our Next Meeting.

2dly  The Case of Brother Richard Reed Brought on and discoursed of and upon Deliberate Consideration it was concluded to be Extortion and Oppression and he is held under Suspension untill his future conduct Shall prove that he has sincerely Repented of the crime


Opened by Singing and prayer Brother Stone Moderator

Signed the letter to the Association and Chose for our Messengers our Beloved Brethren Thos. Bowell, David Morgan, and Jeremiah Sutton
                                No other business done


Opened by Singing and prayer

Sister Rachel Coombs Requested a dismission. It was granted and Brother Jeremiah Sutton to write the Letter and Sign it in behalf of the Church


Opened by Singing and prayer Brother Stone Moderator

1st  Concluded to Send a letter to Brother Abraham Hardin to desire him to come to our Next Meeting of business to inform the Church what he had done in the affair the Church has against him which appears by the Minutes of November 8-1794 that Request he has not yet Complied with and if he does not Comply with the Request the

Pg (32)

Church must proceed against him. Brother Sutton to write to him in behalf of the Church

2dly  Elizabeth Roads and Rhoda Kendel offered for Baptism were Examined and Approved Concluded to Baptize them tomorrow


Opened by Singing and prayer. Then Proceded to Business

1  Received Elizabeth Rhodes a member of this Church

2ly  The case of Abrabm Harden Refard to Next meeting.

3ly  Agreed to cite Br. Pearce to our next meeting to give an account for Non attendance of meeting.  Br. David Morgan to cite him

4ly  Resolved that our Stated time of Meeting for Business to be Percisely at 12 O'clock

5ly  Resolvd that the Necessary Expences of this Church Shall be Bourn by the Members in Perportion to their abilatys


Opened by Singing and prayer.

Then Proceeded to consider of the case of Abraham Harden there being but a few of us together concluded to Postpone it till our Next meeting.

2ly  Brother Pearce being present was enquired of aBout his not attending with us. He Acknowledged he was wrong in not attending and promised to ty to do Better for the futer


Opened by Singing and prayer

1d  Proceeded to Enquire into the affair of Abraham Hardin he being present and Produced the Quoliafications of Several persons who had heard the sd Hannah Williams which Swore a child to sd Hardin say that she had wronged him and that if it was to do again she would not Do it for all the world. Upon which the Church Dismissed the sd Hardin and his wife


Opened by Singing and prayer

Receivd Thos. Healy a member of this Church

Monthly meeting April 9, 1796

Opened by Singing and prayer - Proceeded to Business

1d  Read the Letter of Dismission from the Church at Fredericktown in maryland recommending Brother Coleman and his wife to us

Jeremiah Sutton and his Wife Dismissed by letter

Pg (33)


Opened by Singing and prayer then Proceeded to business first

Thomas Bowell appointed Clark.

2ly  Receivd Brother Joseph Coleman and wife and Rhoda Kendal members of this Church

3ly  Resolvd to have Written Covenant for this Church to be Read at the Reception of Every member

Brother Benjamin Stone  Joseph Thos. Bowell appointed to draw one for this Church against nex meeting.

4ly the Church wanting a Deacon, Br. Robert Hannah chosen to Serve as Such at our Next Communion.

5ly  the Experience of Enos West heard and approvd of to be Baptised  


Opened by singing and prayer.

1  appointed Brother Stone to write the Association Letter.

2ly  Receivd Joseph Carman from the Welch Tract Church a member of this Church.

3ly  Heard the Experiences of Enoch Abraham  William Rhoads  Jane West and Amilla Williams. Approved of and to be Baptized tomorrow and Receivd them Members of this Church


Opened by Singing and prayer. Proceeded to business.

1d  Messengers appointed to the Association Brs. Thos. Bowell  Philip Pearse  Joseph Thomas and Enoch Abraham.

2dly  The Considering the cases of Mary Griffin  Cornelius Williams and Priscilla Conaway they Joined other Sociatys and thereby Disowning us, we Do consider them no longer members in fellowship with us


Opened by Singing and Prayer then Proceeded to Business.  first Bror. Joseph Thomas appointed to got to Sister Jenkins and talk to her about not attending our meetings, and bring the Report to the Church.

Pg (34)


Opened by Singing and Prayer first as Sister Carr has Left us and joined Elsewhere we consider her no longer a member with us

2ly Bror Robert Hannah Confirmed Deacon in the Church


Opened by Singing and Prayer  Received Miriam Stone By Letter


Opened by Singing and Prayer proceeded to business

first heard the Experence of Susanah Andover and approvd of and to be Baptised tomorrow


Opened by Singing and Prayer  Bror Stone Moderator

1st  Sister West agrees to take care of and Sweep the meeting house for 20 S pr year

2ly  Receivd Sarah Goodwin  Rhoda Williams and Anne Stone members of this Church all by Letter

3ly heard the Experence of Margret Bowell.  Approved of and Baptized 

the Day following heard the Experence of Susannah Cornell approvd of and  She Baptized 


Opened by Singing and Prayer Bror Bn. Stone moderator

After Preaching heard the Experience of William Stone  Rebecca Smith  Margaret Coleman and Mary Brownfield all approvd of and Baptized the Day following


Opened by Singing and Prayer Br. Benjamin Stone Moderator

Received as memebers into this Church John Gallent  Phenias Sturges and Elizabeth Sturges that was Baptized July 9, 1797 and also Sarah West  Jane Abraham  Lutishah Wynn  Sarah Robinson  Sarah Abrms  Elizabeth Abrams  Lot Abraham and Sarah Abrams tht was Baptisd July 23, 1797

2ly  appointed Br. Thos. Bowell to write the Association Letter

Pg (35)

3ly  an accusation laid against Lettes Wood for geting Drunk at James Heweys. Resolv that Sister Hannah Davis Cite her to our next meeting.

4ly  hear the Experence of Rachel Fowler  Marah Hannah  Frances West  Cathren Beekman  Elijah Stone  and Cathren West approved of and they Baptised the Day following


Opened by singing and Prayer

1  appointed Joseph Thomas, Thos. Bowell, Joseph Brown, and David Morgan as messengers to the Association.

2ly heard the Experence of Thomas Parmer, Jonathan Smith, Mary Smith, Samuel Hannah, Ruth Brownfield, William Coombs, Florance Stincen. 
approved of and they Baptised the day following


Opened by Singing and prayer Bror Stone moderator.  first Examined the case of Sister Wood it appears She Denies being Drunk and Dont attend meeting  We appoint Bror Owen Davis to cite her to our Next meeting of Business

2ly  Brother Beekman & Daughter Request a Letter of Dismission. Granted.

3  heard the Epxerence of David Well, John Cross, John Smith, Jesse Wells, Marthy Cross, Cathren Wells, Hannah Wells, Rebecca Brown, Kesiah Taylor, and Thos. Wells.  approved of and they Baptized the Day following

also heard the Experences of Jeremiah Kindal, Alen Oliver, Joseph Hannah, Mary Ann Wells, Rebecca Coleman, Elizabeth Oliver, and Susannah Smith.  all approved of and Baptized Octor 29, 1797


Opened by Singing and Prayer  first Examined the case of Ssiter Wood for Drining to Excess.  She confess the charges to be Just and Expressed great Sorrow for the Same; and promises to gard mor against it for the futer upon whic the Church forgave and Restored her.

2  William Stone, David Wells and wife request dismissions granted.

3ly  agreed to Cite Bror Pearce to our next meeting to give his Reason for not attending our meetings Bro. Morgan to cite hom.

4l  heard the Experences of Sarah Taylor, Elizabeth Hall, William Casto, and Joseph Coombes. approved of and Baptized the Wednesday following

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