Fayette County Genealogy Project

First Methodist Episcopal Church, Connellsville - Marriages

Contributed by Dawne Temple

From a book Compiled by Mrs. Ralph B. Cox of Connellsville

and typed by Miss Almetta P. Gay also of Connellsville.

Connellsville, Apr 1st, 1864

Rev. C. W. Smith
Pastor M. E. Ch. C'ville

Dear Bro:
I place in your hands the only Church Record now in possession of the society,--The old record was sent away by some one and lost. I have tried to find its whereabouts in vain. In it was much valuable information wh. can be gotten from no other source. Since the time it was lost our pastors have left us no record of baptisms or marriages-The entries made in the new record by Bro. Weaver are very indefinite giving neither time or mode of joining.
Your Ty
L. Detwiler

Foregoing letter affixed to frontispiece of book of Records

C. W. Scott Minister Record of Marriages

1864, June 24, Prof. Aaron W. Rose & Miss Lizzie J. Horner of Carmichaels, Greene Co. Prof. Rose of Smithfield, Fay. Co., Pa., married at bride's home. Witnesses Mrs. Nicholas McCollister, & sisters, bride's mother and others.

1864 July 17, George W. Wigginton and Harriet E. Smith both of Connellsville married at bride's home in Connellsville. Witnesses Shem Smith and wife and bride's mother.

1864, Sept. 8, J. W. Coulter and Emma J. Smith both of C'ville. A. C. Holmes, minister

1864 Sept 27, Wm. M. Clayton of Cinncinnati, Ohio and Anna E. Detwiler of Connellsville married at bride's mother's C'ville. A. C. Holmes Minister, Charles W. Smith Minister

1865 Feb. 2, Edward Pegg of Fay. Co. Pa.and Maggie Mathews of Uniontown, Pa. married at Page House, Connellsville by Rev. Charles W. Smith

1865 May 18th George F. Washington and Maggie W. Huntley both of C'ville married at residence of bride's mother C'ville by Rev. J. J. Jones. Wit. Sidney Stahl, Mary A. Echols

1865 June 8 William McEwan and Prudence A. Couch both of Noblestown, Pa. mar. at bride's father Noblestown by Rev. J. J. Jones. Witnesses bride's parents John McMichael

1865 Aug. 24 John Neeb of Richville, O. and Samantha Campbell of C'ville at bride's fathers in C'ville by Rev. J. J. Jones. Witnesses J. Hobson Williamson & others

1865 Oct 17 Samuel Smutz and Florence Crossland both of C'ville at bride's father, C'ville by Rev. N. C. McBride, Wit. J. Newcomer & A. Crossland

1865 Sep 21 Stewart Simpson of Warren, O. and Drusilla Loor of C'ville at ?'s by Rev. N. C. McBride Wit. John Bishop and Emma Herbert

1865 Dec 14 Henry Palmer and Maria Balsley both of C'ville at J Cooley's by Rev J. J. Jones, wit. Eliza Cooley, Jam. Walters

1866 Jan 18 Peter Demuth and Anna Seidler both of C'ville at Mrs. C. Robinson's by Rev. J. J. Jones, Wit. Mrs. Cath. Robinson

1866 Aug. 28 John W. Sechrist and Susan Cooley both of C'ville at Am. Cooley's C'ville by Rev J. J. Jones Wit. Manda Cooley

1866 September 14 James D. Connell and Allie Francis both of C'ville at bride's uncle's by Rev. J. J. Jones. Wit. Kate Francis

1866 Oct 28. E. E. Hamill of Logansport, Ind. and H. Fanny Evans of C'ville at bride's Father's by Rev J. J. Jones. Wit. bride's parents, David Barnes, Ellie Barnes etc.


1867 Jan 22 Geo. W. Hagerman and Maggie Henry of Tyrone Mills, Pa. at Walter House C'ville by Rev J. J. Jones. Wit. James Walter, Wm. Walter, J. C. Henry, M.D. and others

1867 May 5 James A. Collins and Maggie A. Artis both of C'ville at res. of Geo. W. Mauk by Rev J. J. Jones. wit:Geo. W. Mauk and Ann M. Mauk

1867 August 6 Daniel Gahring and Adaline Morrison both of Fay. Co. Pa. at James Cope's by Rev. J. J. Jones Wit: T. M. Fee, R. A. Fee, James Cope, Caroline Cope

1867 November 14 J. B. Welty of Pleasant Unity, West Co. Pa. and Mary M. Slater of Mt. Pleasant of West. Co. Pa. at "Yough House" by Rev. J. J. Jones, wit. David Mahaney, Mrs. Madaney et al.

1867 December 5, John Wilson and Ellen Freeman both of C'ville at C'ville by Rev. J J Jones. wit. S. I. McBride, Maria McBride, M. A. Heffley et al

1867 November 20. Joseph E. Newcomer and Mollie A. Stacy both of Broadford, Pa. at bride's parents by Rev. J J Jones. Wit: A. C. Tintsman, Martin Tintsman, Maria B. Overholt

1867 December 5 William P. Clark and Lizzie Nickels both of C'ville, at C'ville by Rev J J Jones, wit:S. I. McBride, Maria McBride, M. A. Heffley et al

Charles W. Smith, Minister


1868, January 22, Henry J. Moreland of Pittsburgh, Pa. and Amanda Bedker of C'ville, at C'ville by Rev J J Jones. Wit: A. B. Morton, Amanda Morton, R. Evans, Belle Walker

1868 April 24 Joseph W. McGinnis of Little Falls, Pa. and Lizzie Cooley of C'ville at bride's Father's by Rev. C. W. Scott. Wit: Mr. John Cooley & family, Miss Tillie Giles

1868 Nov 5 G. W. Gween of Carroll Co., Ohio and Roxana Brewer of Fay. Co. Pa. at "Yough House" by Rev C.W. Scott. Wit: Wm. Vance, Saml. Porter, M. F. Porter

1868 December 21 Adley McCune and Nora McCausland both of Buena Vista, Pa. at res. of Rev A. S. Fields by Rev. C.W. Scott, wit. Mrs, Mary Fields, Miss Hattie McCune

1868 December 29 John W. Porter and Lizzie Giles both of New Haven, Pa. at Dunbar House by Rev. C. W. Scott. Wit: Henry McClay, Mrs. Smally, Hattie Rose


1869, Feb. 16. T. C. Weaver and Elizabeth Tarr both of Smith's Station at Rough House by Rev C. W. Scott, Wit: Mr. Mahaney, Mr. Baker

1869 Aug. 2 George W. Porter and Martha Scott both of Dunbar at Mr. H. Porter's res. by Rev. C. W. Scott Wit: Melinda Porter, Hattie Rose, Miss Kate Thomas and Nannie Knox


1870 Feb 3 Philip Wilkey and Mary White both of Fay. Co. Pa. at Catherine White's residence by Rev. C. W. Scott. Wit: James Wilkey, Catherine White

1870 May 5 Robert Duncan of Pittsburgh, Pa. and Emma R. Giles of C'ville at bride's father's by Rev. S. W. Horner, Wit. bride's parents, S. McBride and wife, 7 others

Marriages, J. F. Jones, Minister


April 14, Peter Kooser and Sarah Myers, both of Fay. Co. Pa.
May 19, Franklin Chisler and Joan Miller, both of Broadford.
May 27, Lowrey S. Miller of Broadford and Rachel F. Waggoner of Dunbar Pa.
June 10, S.C. Price of Falls City, Pa. and Minerva Byers of Connellsville, Pa.
June 26, Franklin P. Kincell and Linnie O. Janes both of Wheelersville Pa.
July 21, McClain Crossland and Mame (unclear if this is correct name) L. Ulam both of Latrobe Pa.
August 8, Samuel N. Springer and Maggie Washington both of C'ville
August 25, Bailey Kennedy and Alice A. Woolf both of C'ville
Oct 27, Joseph Smith and Jane Morris, both of White Rock
Dec 2, J. A. Ferguson and Laura V. Garber, both of Farmington Pa.
Dec 2, John Rutherford and Sarah Marietta, both of C'ville
Dec 8, James E. Fitts and Isabella Rush, both of C'ville
Dec 28, Eilliam (William?) A. Bryson and Annie Beggs, both of Dunbar
Dec 30, Ellen Herbert and Mary Workman, both of C'ville


April 19, Keepers M. Newcomer and Eliza L. McCoy, both of C'ville
April 26, Walter Scott and Mary Emerson, both of Broadford
July 25, Clark Collins and Margaret A. Shallenberger, both of C'ville
Aug. 24, Frank Wallace and Mattie Smith, both of C'ville
Sept 4, Joseph Johnson and Gertrude M. Sehon of Clarksburg, W.Va.
Sept. 12, T. S. Layton and Mary Soles of McKeesport, Pa.
Oct. 29, Thomas H. Jenkins of C'ville and Hannah W. Rankin of Dunbar

Marriages J. F. Jones Minister


June 25, Samuel McClelland of Monongahela City and Margery Cropp of C'ville
July 14, Sanford Thom. of Jacobs Creek and Maggie Snyder of Layton, Pa.
Sept. 13, John Smitley and Fannie Dean of C'ville

John A. Danks, Minister


Feb 6, Peter Cassady of Cambria Co. and Minerva McPherson of Butler County
June 20, Barnes, Reece W. and Mrs. Mary B. Dull, both of C'ville
July 18, John McGill of Beaver Co. and Emma McElhaney of Fay. Co.
Nov 18, R. M. St. Clair and N. A. A. McComg of Indiana Co., Pa.
Dec 18, Frank M. Betker and Lillie M. Cruse of Fayette Co. Pa.

Jany 7, J. B. Ankney and E. C. Myer of Somerset Co., Pa.
Jany 13, S. Fuhrumer(hard to decipher) and Ida M. Nixon of Westmd. Co. Pa.
Feb 13, Howard Welch and Amanda Cooley of Fayette Co., Pa.
July 31, Aaron M. Shafer and Mary E. Wyatt, Westmd. Co. Pa.
Aug 7, John A. Barnhart and Nannie Crossland, Fayette Co. Pa.
Sept 9, Wm. H. Kerns of Fayette Co., Pa. and Isabella Kelley of Alegheny Co.,Pa.
Oct 18, D. E. Park and Mary Caton of Maryland
Oct 23, Rev. M. G. Marple and Mrs. E. Wrigley of Fayette Co., Pa.
Nov 25, Willard F. Rayburn and Julia Yahres, both of Sharon, Mercer Co., Pa.
Nov. 27, John W. Breegle and Annie Bare, both of Westmd. Co., Pa.
Nov. 27, Marry R. Dill and Eve Newcomer, of Fayette Co., Pa.
Dec 1, Alex St. Vincent of Allegheny Co., Md. and Lizzie Hood of Westmd. Co., Pa.
Dec. 25, Ludwig Grassman and Melinda Younkin, Sumersett Co., Pa. (sic)

Officiating Minister M. F. Weckly

July 14, Mr. S. T. Bliss, Fayette City, PA. and Miss Annie Wright, Dawson, Pa.
July 14, Mr. George A. Munson and Miss Ella Jones, C'ville Pa.
Aug. 14, Mr. Isaac Gaskill and Miss Lizzie Dunham, Fay. Co. Pa.
Sept. 7, Andrew H. Griffin, Dunbar, Pa. and Miss Nannie C. Ressler, Rainsburg, Pa.
Sept. 12, Mr. Beverly Butler & Miss Lina Ransey, C'ville, Pa.

Officiating Minister Robert T. Miller

Oct. 30, Samuel Wesley Hone & Mrs. Annie Herrington, Dawson, Pa.
Dec. 2, W. E. Eicher, Mt. Pleasant, Pa. and Jennie L. Burkholder of same

Rev. Miller

Jan. 17, Thorton Fleming Larew, Turtle Creek, Pa. & Angeline Pugh, Moundsville WVa.
Jan 26, Charles E. Patterson, Elizabeth, Pa. & Margaret W. Francis, Connellsville, Pa.
March 29, Michael P. Kane & Mrs. Armenia Hollyfield, Broadford, Pa.
Apr. 2, George Gibson Trump & Miss Mary Briley, C'ville Twp., Pa. both born in Fayette County, Pa.
May 2, W. S. Leonard, New York City & Anna B. Ritenour, Falls City, Pa.
June 1, Harry S. Stillwagon, Broadford, Pa. & Nannie Gallatin, of Scottdale, Pa.
June 15, Lewis F. McAbee & Emma J. Colley both of C'ville, Pa.
June 28, Marlin J. Triece, Blairsville, Pa. & Alice M. Vannosdeln (?), Connellsville, Pa.
July 4, Harrison Reagan of Broadford, Pa. & Mary Vance, Scottdale, Pa.
Aug. 10, Christian F. Schibley, C'ville & Martha Jane McCray of Uniontown, Pa.
Aug. 28, Robt. James Tennant, Pittsburgh, Pa. & Jennie P. Cropp of Connellsville, Pa.
Sept. 10, Charles B. O'Bryon and Leila Ada Hochheimer both of Uniontown, Pa.
Sept. 27, Jonathan Springer of Uniontown, Pa. and Emma Frazee of Monroe, Pa.
Sept. 28, Frank M. Tipton of Caldwell, Ohio and Fanny D. Cooley, Connellsville, Pa.
Oct. 31, John F. Martin, Johnstown, Pa. and Clara Francis of Connellsville, Pa.
Dec 21, Wm. H. Bryner and Lydia Shaw both of Connellsville

Officiating Minister B.B. Mansell

Jan 16, Stephen Randolph Coffman and Mrs. Catherine Shaffer of West Overton, Pa.
Jan 18, Henry J. Coughenour, Uniontown, Pa. and Mrs. Mary L. Davis, Indian Head, Pa.
May 18, James R. Brown and Miss Annie Miller, Connellsville
July 3, Green B. Handlen, Lemont, Pa. & Miss Lydia L. Holsing, Dunbar, Pa.
July 3, Silas Miner, Connellsville & Rachel S. Pritchard of Leisenring, Pa.
July 4, John A. Layfield, Ursina, Pa. and Miss Anna E. Johnson of Connellsville, Pa.
July 5, James McElheny and Miss Lizzie Helms both of Gibson, Pa.
Aug. 22, Andrew Jackson McElheny and Miss Cecelia Collins of Gibson, Pa.
Aug 23, J. B. McKinley and Miss P. A. Murtland of Layton, Pa.
Aug 23, Lewis Trump and Miss Harriet McElhaney of Gibson, Pa.
Sept. 6, Luton A. Miller and Miss Elida J. Mauk of New Haven, Pa.
Sept. 11, Samuel Austin Bearl & Flora Jane Fry, Connellsville
Oct 27, Wm. Henderson and Miss Belle Nicholson, Dawson, Pa.
Dec. 19, Finley Huston of Dawson and Miss Celia Mossburgh, Perryopolis, Pa.
Dec 25, Dora Miller of New Haven, Pa. and Miss Mary Hall of Springfield, Pa.
Dec 25, Herschel Huston of Dawson, Pa. Miss Alice M. Mossburgh of Perryopolis, Pa.

Officiating Minister Rev. Miller

Jan 1, John M. Mardis, Scottdale, Pa. & Miss Jennie S. Gordon, Trotter, Pa.
Jan 1, William Colman, Trotter, Pa. & Miss Lavinia Johnston of same place
Jan 1, James Frew, Jr. & Miss Minnie F. Vance of Connellsville
Jan 31, George M. Dewalt & Miss Belle Shallenberger of Owensdale
Feb 19, John B. Sykes & Miss Dora M. Balsley of Connellsville
April 12, Amzi Kind and Rosie Sanders of Broadford
April 17, Wm. B. Miller & Miss Emma J. Pool of New Haven
April 24, Grant Myers of New Haven, Pa. & Miss Maggie Bishop, Connellsville
May 6, George W. Gibbs and Miss Katie Koontz, of Mt. Pleasant
May 27, Charles Teets and Miss Annie Butler of Connellsville
June 15, David Trump & Miss Della Kern, of White Rock, Pa.
July 1, George Hensel & Miss Alcosta H. Rittenour, W. Leisenring
July 4, George R. Ridgway, Laurel Iron Works, W. Va. and Miss Rebecca J. Smith, Dawson, Pa.
July 9, James S. Harper, Vanderbilt & Miss Ella Strickler of Dawson, Pa.
July 27, David M. Kelly of New Haven and Miss Maggie B. Hawger of Connellsville
July 31, William T. Wilson and Miss Annie Shallenberger of Owensdale, Fayette Co. Pa.
Aug 24, Albert C. Keffer, Owensdale and Miss Mary E. Dagnall, Morgan Station, Pa.
Sept 4, Lionel Davis, Pittsburgh & Miss Emma Hall, Durham, England
Sept 18, Charles T. Kalbaugh & Miss Belle Jones, Broadford, Pa.

Officiating Minister B.B. Mansell

Oct. 16, James Murray of Philadelphia and Ella J. Wurtz, Dawson, Pa.
Oct 22, George B. Freed and Lizzie B. Kurtz, Connellsville
Sept. 18, Charles T. Kalbaugh and Miss Belle Jones, Broadford, Pa.

Officiating Minister, J.W. Baker

Jan 1, William E. McKinley, Layton's Station and Mary A. Miller, New Bethlehem, Pa.
Jan 1, Edgar Hixenbaugh & Addie B. Steen, Rostraver, Pa.
Jan 21, Elmer Ellsworth Nickel, Mt. Pleasant, Pa. & Emma R. Robb, Latrobe, Pa.
Mar. 19, C. A. Colborn, Philadelphia & Carrie M. Smith, Connellsville
April 22, Mr. Hood (no first name), Pittsburgh, Pa. & Lizzie B. Sykes, Connellsville, Pa.
May 13, James Scott & Viola B. Victor of Dunbar, Pa.
June 7, David Long, New Haven and Minnie Crossland, Broadford, Pa.
June 25, Albert A. Benford, Johnstown and Dora F. Wilkey, Connellsville
Aug 5, David J. Hirleman, Schuylkill Haven, Pa. and Amelia Steeber of Connellsville, Pa.
Sept. 23, Edward L. Rutherford, Glennwood, Pittsburgh, Pa. and Ada Seaton, Connellsville
Sept. 23, James W. Booth and Maggie L. Shupe, Scottdale, Pa.
Sept 29, W. A. Milliron, Ruffsdale, Pa. and Nellie Tuner, C'ville
Sept 30, Wm. M. Sprengle, Ashland, Ohio and Maud Lardin of Masontown, Pa.
Oct 7, Frank B. Luteman & Luvenia Nicola, Connellsville
Oct 22, O.H.P. Summerill, Washington, Pa. and Mattie C.Hall, East End, Pitts., Pa.
Nov 19, George Q. Morgan, Wheeler, Pa. and Adah Myers, New Haven, Pa.
Feb 19, George M. Stillwagon and Cornelia Valentine, Connellsville

Officiating Minister, B.B. Mansell

June 22, George C. Evans and May E. Miller, Connellsville
June 22, Martin T. Reagan and Kate Nolen, Broadford, Pa.
Aug 25,Leroy W. Rowen and Lawretta B. Coffman, Connellsville
Sept 23, J. F. Crowthers, Pittsburgh and Amanda Betker, Connellsville
Sept. 24, John Scott and Maggie Janes, New Haven, Pa.
Nov 4, P. Clark Stillwagon and Minnite Hatfield, Connellsville, Pa.
Nov 24, Wm. H. Jones and Louisa Gregg, Connellsville

Jan 8, John Whitehouse and Angelina Alexander, Leisenring, Pa.
Mar 23, Jas. Renwick Davidson and Maggie Davis, Connellsville, Pa.
May 19, Noah F. Porter, Bellaire, Ohio and Cora B. Porter, C'ville
May 31, Christopher Stockdale & Hellen McKney, Leisenring, Pa.
June 8, Florentine B. Jones & Nora Myers, both of Johnstown, Pa.
July 19, Frank M. Herring and Ida M. Smith, Connellsville, Pa.

July 4, Jacob Ezra Sigler and Emma Klink, Wheelersville by Rev. Robt. T. Miller

*This was out of place

Oct 17, Mr. John S. Patterson and Miss Kate Freeman at Parsonage
Oct 20, Thos. Fiddler and Miss Martha Foust at Mr. George Vance's

August 14, Myron C. Cole & Miss Carrie M. Baker both of the State of Ohio married by Rev. Baker at Bainesville, Belmont Co., Ohio
Sept 26, Harvey C. Hershey and Miss Nellie C. Vance at Robert Vance's
Dec 22, Wm, O. Bryant and Miss Lovica Gahring at White Rock
Dec 26, Frank O. (C?) Siller and Dessie D. M.Jones at Parsonage

Dec 11, George R. Wooldrge (?) & Miss Annie U. Kerr at David Trump's, White Rock
Dec. 25, Charles M. Momeyer & Miss Katie Keeper at Connellsville

Jany 15, Wm. H. Finfrock & Miss Maggie Hayden at Parsonage
March 5, Harry Crossland & Miss Jennette Haddock at bride's home, New Haven
April 8, Newton H. Byam & Miss Francis G. Hemphill at Mrs. Hemphill's Allegheny City
June 17, Charles S. Clark & Miss Maye Port at Connellsville at her home
July 4, Albert Johnston & Miss Minnie Vernen at Connellsville
Aug 6, Wm. Walter Shultz & Miss Rachel M. Cooley at Mr. John Cooley's
Sept 2, Timothy Clark Donovon & Miss Mary Amelia Fee at M.E. Church C'ville

Officiating Minister T. F. Pershing

Nov. 17, William Lutes & Bertie Harrison of Coal Center, license #3657
Nov 25, J. Louis Evans & Lizzie F. Connell of Cville, lic. #3667 bride's home
Nov. 26, Clarence A. Port & Clara B. Foster of Cville & New Haven lic. #3671 at parsonage
Dec 5, John Stevison and Hannah Pastorius of Cville lic. #3695, parsonage
Dec 10, W.G. Snyder & Effie B. Warner both of Cville lic. #3700 bride's home>

Jan 27, Leroy K. St. Clair of Wilkinsburgh lic. #3822 & Helen Gertrude Tennant of Cville res. of Oliver Mechene
June 23, George H. Hutchinson & Jennie Higby both of Cville lic. #4118 bride's
June 16, Charles D. Jarrett & Annie Myers both of New Haven lic. #4065 res. of S. S. Myers, New Haven
June 18, William J. Vandergrift & Lille Edmunds lic. #4113, bride's father's
Sept. 14, Charles D. Weir & Mary E. Hickman both of Beaver Falls lic. #4268 res of Mr. Loomis, Cville
Oct 6, David Snave of Uniontown & Mollie Gatien of Cville lic. #4307 at parsonage, witness Mrs. Springer of New Haven
Nov 24, L.M.Karney & Mary E. Foust Cville lic. #4396, res. of Mr. & Mrs. Fidler, bro-in-law and sister of bride
Dec 17, George W. Whipkey & Fannie Blosser, Cville lic. #4425, prange (sic)

Feb 9, Adrian C. Loomis & Emma C. Cunningham, Cville lic. #4541, at parsonage, presence of Jenny Taylor and others
June 7, Washington Hurd, nr. Wheeler & Mary A. Gorden, Cville lic. #4725 at parsonage
July 13, Walter B. Wiley of Graham, Virginia & Martha B. Mechling, Mt. Pleasant, Pa. res of George Mechling in presence of a large company (no license # listed)
Oct 19, Cassius M.Ridenour of Adelaid, Pa. & Carrie Cunningham, New Haven, lic. #4987, residence of bride
Nov 16, George Mechlin Hosach, Pittsburgh, Pa. & Della Gertrude Clark, lic. #5308, in the church before a large company of invited gueats
Nov 23, George Blakey of Pittsburgh, Pa. & Olive Herwick of Cville, res of bride's father South Side (no license # listed)

March 6, John C. Stillwagon, C'ville & Emma M. Reagan, New Haven, Pa. res of bride's father John Reagan, New Haven, Pa.
June 13th, Robert B. Keenan & Emma R. Dougherty both of Uniontown Lic. #5357. Hotel Dugan, New Haven, Pa.
Sept 3, Thomas S. May & Bella H. Wilgus, C'ville lic. # 5481
Sept 26, Joseph T. Walker & Mary F. White, C'ville Lic. #5483, Parsonage
Oct. 25, Thompson F. Peshing & Asenath H. Greenland, C'ville res. of A.M. Greenland, South Side, T.H. Woodring officiated.

Jan 10th, Lester R. French & Mattie F. Kooser lic. #5743 at parsonage, witness: Isaac Kooser & Kate Courtney
Feby 21, Alvin C. Edwards and Bird Crossland, lic. 5810, both of New Haven, at parsonage, wit Mr. & Mrs. Low, Mrs. Pershing
Feb 28, W. Harry Hamilton, McKeesport & Carrie A. Connell, C'ville, lic. 5828, res of bride's mother in presence of large assembly
Mar 27, John J. Enos & Olive Wilt, C'ville, lic. 5866, bridegroom's father's
Mar 28, John Mitts & Jennie S. Wigginton, C'ville Lic. 5872, parsonage
May 8, Lawrence T. Michael & Kate G. Trimbath, C'ville lic. 5943, bride's
May 28, William Bell & Letitia Miller, C'ville # 5989, home of groom
July 13, Fred E. Roderick & Clara E. Simeral, Juniativille (sic), Pa. lic. 6088
July 23, William T. Cameron & Janey Bell, C'ville, lic. 6086 at parsonage, Mrs. Pershing, Kate Kurtz, Ida Wolf and children
August 22, Charles H. Kennel & Ella Murtle Echard, C'ville, lic. 6155, parsonage, Mrs. Pershing, Rev. Cameron, Miss Cover & Thomas Echard
Sept 3, William R. Snyder & Lizzie A. Hovey, C'ville lic. #6175, parsonage
Sept 24, John C. Echard & Lillian L. Freeman, C'ville lic. 6220, Parsonage
Oct 17, Karl L. Cameron, Pgh. & Katherine Kurtz Pritchard, C'ville lic. 6254, at the Methodist Episcopal Church 9 o'clock a.m. before a large assembly
Oct 24, Herbet E. Walton, C'ville & Clara A. King, New Haven lic. 6306, res of Mr. Springer, Pitts. St. C'ville, presence of Mr. Hildbran & Mr. Howard
Oct 30, Albert M. Hanes, New Haven & Ettie J. Hawkins, C'ville lic. 6318 residence of W.H. Hugus, presence of the family
Nov 28, Perley B. Noon, Conemaugh, Pa. & Ida Nora Laughrey, C'ville, lic. 6385 at residence of bride's father, presence of immediate friends
Dec 22, William A. Maffatt, Bloomington, Md. & Ellie M. DeWitt, Royes, Md. lic. 6434, at parsonage, presence of Mrs. Pershing
Dec 25, Albert B. Vandergrift, C'ville & Margaret F. Thorndell, Uniontown lic. 6438, at residence of Thomas Thorndell, 18 Fayette St., Uniontown, Christmas 12 o'clock
Dec 31, William T. Pyle, Columbus, O. & Jennie May Mechling, Mount Pleasant, Westmd. Co. lic. 8591, bride's home Mt. Pleasant, in presence of company of friends.

Officiating Minister J. B. Risk

Nov 4, Samuel L. Balsley & Annie O. Wiant, C'ville
Nov 6, John A. Hobson & Miss Nannie Dawson, C'ville

Jan 19, Harry Dunn & Miss May Johnston, C'ville
Jan 20, William Owen Smythe & Miss Ida May Potter, C'ville
March 17, Charles J. Eubert & Miss Emma Bond, C'ville
April 6, Henry Hetsell & Miss Georgia Rankin, C'ville
May 15, Isaac Thomas & Miss Margarett Williams, C'ville
June 1st, Edward Colbert & Lizzie Klink, C'ville
Aug 24, Isaac F. Gilmore & Adah Jean Henry, C'ville
Sept 11, Lewis Morris & Mary Lewis, C'ville
Oct (no day listed), Ross Stumm & Shamus O. Kearns, C'ville (I feel this entry must be a transcription error in the original)
Oct 16?, H. S. Boyd & Myrtle A. Turner, C'ville
Nov 10, James L. Cypher, New Haven & Miss Carrie Myrtle Nez, C'ville
Nov 24, Harry DeBolt, New Haven & Miss Maggie Spence
Dec. (no day listed), George A. Marietta & Blanch C. McCormick, C'ville
Dec 31, Franklyn P. Reygor & Miss Emma J. Cunningham, C'ville
No date, John A Foust & Nellie G. Roberts, C'ville

Jan 24, Samuel F. Merriman & Mary Raggar
Jan 25, Peter Sifton & Elizabeth Trimbath
Feb 3, Wesley P. Francis & Anna Bell Weimer, C'ville
March (no day listed), Charles A. Berg & Ida J. Kidder, C'ville
March (no day listed), R.L. McElree & Catharine Wagner, C'ville
April 20, George T. Holland & Bessie Raley Layton
May 30, John B. Stauffer & Laura G. Bossart
June 29, Oliver Kirkland & Miss Lida Grimm
Aug 16, Enoch Miner & Sarah Phillipi, C'ville

Oct 10, Joseph Gray & Emma Kate Vance, C'ville

Officiating Minister, A. J. Ashe

Nov. 14, Harvey E. Burns, Uniontown, Pa. and Fannie Leah Brown, C'ville at bride's home Fay. Co. Lic. #18096
Nov. 28, North (Worth)K. Balsley and Mary Ray, #18154, at M.E. parsonage
Nov. 28, Geo. T. Potter, New Haven, Pa. & Annie B. Sliger, C'vile at M.E. parsonage #18144

May 16, Blair Seymour Swartzwelder & Mary Elizabeth Hicks both of C'ville, at M. E. parsonage, #18811
May 22, William Yound and Ethel Cunningham, C'ville #18854, parsonage

Feb 3, Robt. Earl Fite, Pennsville, Pa. and Nanna May Crossen #19920 at M. E. parsonage
Apr 9, Ray Rishebarger and Effie May Bixler, C'ville #20077, parsonage
Apr 30, Richard M. Miller and Mayme Sliger, C'ville #21025, parsonage
May 13, Alfred M. Franks and Iva Cowena Hendricks #20166, by Rev. A.L. Funk, M.E., parsonage
June 4, Geo. W. Gordon, Scottdale, PA and Ethel May Williams. C'ville #20233 at bride's home
Aug. 3, Geo W. Blasey, New Haven and Maude A. Harvey, Leisenring, Pa. #20418, M.E. parsonage
Aug 19, Charles E. Cross and Florence Jameson #20478, M.E. parsonage
Oct 6, James T. Hayes, Waynesburg, Pa and Ora Leone Williams, C'ville #20629, bride's home
Nov 19, James G. B. Beal and Lela Maude Palmer, C'ville, parsonage
Dec 24, Frank McDowell, Youngstown, O. and Mary L. Blasey, New Haven #19771, bride's home, New Haven (1907) Note: Date is as recorded in record

Apr 20, Harry E. Gilbert, C'ville and Nettie J. Shaw, #22234, parsonage
July 8, Wallace Gorley Kauffman and Nell McClure Kell, C'ville parsonage
Dec 24, 1907 Harvey B. Lee, Pittsburgh, Pa. and Cabanthan Edwards, Pawpaw, W. Va. at parsonage #19787
July 29, Harry Murphy and Grace J. Buttermore, #21099, bride's home
Aug 18, Stanley Pletner Ashe, C'ville and Mable Charlotte Huter, Monroe, Pa., bride's home, Monroe, Pa., Clarion. Co. license #5478, issued by A.F. Hess
Sept 15, Harry Warrick, Normalville, Pa. and Crora E. Dick, Zurich, Kansas, #21243 issued by Chas. O. Schoyer

Officiating Minister R.C. Wolf

Nov. 25, Harry W. Thompson and Mary A. Williams both of Latrobe, Pa.
Nov 29, J. Lenhart and Sarah Margarett Bear, both of Latrobe, Pa.

Feb 2, Samuel Trimbath and Margaret Shunk both of Madison. Pa.
March 31, Milton Andrew Burris and Grace Campbell, both of C'ville
June 15, John Edward Gogley and Florence Edna Moser both of Cumberland
Aug 24, Walter Croft, Braddock, Pa. and Ursula Morgan, C'ville
Sept. (no day given), Steward W. Flick and Fern Hough, both of Smithton
Oct 19, Clarence N. McClure, Beeson Miner and Lula B. Mangus, at Trotter Farm
Nov 24, John D. Whipkey, C'ville and Ionia L. Myers, Broadford at residence of father, Morgan Station
Dec 28, Guy F. Felty and Lola Mae Sherrick both of C'ville

Jan 3, Hays S. Ringer, Homestead and Capitolia Mason, C'ville
April 16, James Frazee and Erma Blanch Humbertson, both C'ville
May 24, Louis E. Porter and Ada Katherine Roadman, both C'ville
June 27, Arthur S. Brobts, West Va. and Etta M. Zimmerman
June 28, Lawrence W. Ghrist and Edith L. Carson, both C'ville
July 11, Frank Strickler and Nellie Orbin, both Dawson
July 19, Oliver A. Lemon and Cora E. Hammel, both C'ville
Nov. 6, Roy Janes and Jennie Parkhill, both C'ville
Nov 8, Albert O. Keck, Mt. Pleasant and Hazel F. Buttermore, C'ville
Nov 15, Albert F. Haas and Frances E. Taylor, Leisenring No. 2

Feb 8, Benjamin F. Kane, Scottdale and Olive P. Hennesey, Beaver Co.
May 15, Bernard Works and Anna Cole, C'ville
May 30, John E. Swan and Pearl E. Swan, both C'ville
May 8, Robert Alexander and Ida B. Davis, Connellsville
Aug 7, J. P. Burnworth, South Con. and Lucy Buckman, Rockwood, at C'ville
Sept. 4, Lawrence Galey, Mt. Pleasant and Luella Irvin, Connellsville

Feb 4, Robert P. Miller, Johnstown and Emma E. Ambrose, New Florence
March 20, Albert B. Ghrist, C'ville and Viola M. Webster, Scottdale
June 11, Kennedy B. Porter, Dunbar and Gladys P. Buttermore, C'ville
June 18, F. Lloyd Mountain, Brownsville and Katherine Hensel, Normalville
June 21, Edgar L. Aiken,C'ville and Mary Stoner, Scottdale
June 28, Andrew W. Leach and Mary Kerchner, both of Greensburg
Sept. 2, John Curry and Edna May, both of C'ville
Oct 8 Clarence Myers and Margarett M. Huff, both of Morgan Station
Oct. 5, Harry H. Wible, Butler Co. and Hazel E. McCall, Saxonburg, Pa.
Nov. 4, Frank Y. Herwick an Mayme Stillwagon both of C'ville
Dec 25, John Steadman and Sallie R. Turney both of Rochester, Pa.

Feb 16, William H. Richter and Bertha M. Harvey both of Leisenring #1 at Leisenring #1
April 9, Harvey S. Lancaster and Bertha R. Hetzel both of C'ville
July 16, Joseph Addis and Dasie Roberts both of C'ville
July 26, Bruce M. Speer, Wilkinsburg, Pa. and Ethel L. Cruikshank, C'ville Pa.
Aug 8, Frank E. Ducker and Nancy M. McDowel both of C'ville
Aug 13, Harry Williams and Murtle Brooks both C'ville R.F.D. 35
Aug. 17, Charles W. Laughrey and Agnes Gue both Brownsville, Pa.
Sept 5, William M. Lysinger and Clara A. Long, both C'ville
Oct 7, Lyell L. Buttermore and A. Rebecca M. Myers both of C'ville at bride's home

Officiating Minister G.S.C. Richardson

Oct 22, John Guhring and Olive Ruth #28989 Oct 22
Oct 31, Harry L. Reagan and Mary V. Lysinger both C'ville #29004
Dec 22, Marion L. Taylor and Lena L. Holt, West Viginia #29159

Jan 28 Warren W. Robinson and Helen J. Whitely, both C'ville #29304
Jan 30, Joseph Bricker and Naomi Ellenberger both Scottdale #29320
Feb 6, Wesley Stillwagon and Florence Rowe, of Broadford and Brookvale, respectively #29343
May 11, Lifus Runyan and Josephine W. Halley #29570
Aug 17, Leroy Colbert, Uniontown and Bessie May McGill, C'ville #29931
Sept 1, Frank B. Collier, Uniontown and Ruth A. Holland, C'ville #29984
Sept 2, Clyde Whipkey and Martha E. McManus, both C'ville #20001
Dec. 5, George D. Wetsel, Uniontown and Dasie Irwin, C'ville #30345 Wednes.
Dec 10, Mose M. Thomas, C'ville and Myrta L. Myers, R.F.D., Thurs. license #30366 at home of parents

March 4, James Willam Watson, C'ville and Olive Theressa Lysinger
Jan 31, Harrold B. Clasper and Marie Ganier both of C'ville
June 3, Ottis W. Chalfant of Perryopolis and Blanche G. Strawn, C'ville
July 12, Claude R. Miller and Donna Sutton
April 19, John T. Myers and Pauline M. Boyd, both of C'ville
November 7, Albert J. Hooper and Katherine Clara Kell both of C'ville
September 20, J. Leroy Gallatin of Salem, Ohio and Helen Collier of Uniontown, Pa. married at Uniontown, Pa.
Sept 20, Torrance S. Barner and Mary L. Euss both of C'ville
November 30, Harry Errett McCormick, Washington, Pa. and Gladys May Conway, C'ville

[no date]Jacob E. Welling and Eula F. Satterfield both C'ville

April 5, Robert S. Morton and Hester Elizabeth Anderson both C'ville
April 23, Paul H. Mardoff and Ethel B. Eaglin both Brownsville, PA.
May 2, Everett Irwin Satterfield and Sarah Louise Maust both C'ville
June 20, William Fuoss Owendale and Clelia Irene Dodson, C'ville
July 26, Samuel C. Conway and Marie Anderson both C'ville
Sept 17, Willard Joel Smith and Mayme Elizabeth Kincell, C'ville
Oct. 9, Robert W. Allen and Katharine Courtney both C'ville at Pgh., Pa.
Dec. 25, Geo. E. Eisenhauer, Pittsburgh and Jean E. Cooper, C'ville

Jan 1st, Jack M. Dunlap, Chicora, Pa. and Viola S. Smith, Uniontown, Pa.
Jan 10, Benjamin Cooper Cook and Mary Margaret Thomas, both C'ville
Feb 8, John L. Beatty, Rochester, Pa. and Lotta Irene Hurst, C'ville
Feb 9, Samuel M. Brown and Goldie Baer, both C'ville
April 20, Darley Taylor and Helena Hall, both C'ville
May 25, Dewy Minor and Ida Rose, both C'ville
Nov 5, Edward H. Miller and Maude Weaver, both C'ville

Feb. 6, Howard Smith Murry, Scottdale and Geraldine Elizabeth Buttermore, C'ville
April 28, Harry E. Young and Bessie R. Parkins, both Roscoe
Mar 20, William Paul Gallagher, West Newton and Charlotte Frazee Maust, C'ville
June 3, Freddie Melville, Pittsburgh, Pa. and Elizabeth Belle Burkholder, C'ville
July 17, Frank L. Woodmancy and Ella M. Corristan, both Ohio Pyle
July 19, John Erwin Armstrong, Russdale and Lanah Verena Murphy, C'ville
Aug. 1st Oliver Worman, Morrell, Pa. and Anna Stewart, Connellsville
Aug. 2nd John Raymond McCauley, Baltimore and Virginia Elizabeth Evans, Cville
Aug. 27 Daniel Roy Bennett, Brownsville and Cecelia Rossell, Coal Center
Oct. 22 Walter H. Ramsey and Lutta Peal Lenhart, both Cville
Dec. 3 Ronald Earle of Pittsburg, and Lulu Carmolate Brown, Cville
Dec. 20 Glenn J. Denny and Mray E. Thompson both Rice's Landing
Dec. 23 Samuel L. Miller and Mattie Richter both Cville

Feb. 26 Floyd C. Glover and Nellie T. Miller, both Cville
April 10 Albert B. Ghrist and Mary Frances Stephens both Cville
April 19 McKinley Duncan and Nellie Kemerer both Cville
April 24 John W. Rankin, Fayette County and Mura Fisher, Cville
June 16 James Elwyn Loggins, Washington D.C. and Lilian Elizabeth Hicks, Connellsville
July 14 Raymond L. King, Oakmont, Pa. and K. Gertrude Frantz, Arnold, Pa.
July 26 Irvin W. Stewart and Josephine Klein both Pittsburgh, Pa.
Oct. 5 Paul Alfred Hueskin and Ruth Estelle Cunningham, both Cville
Nov. 24 Geo. C. Brown, New Stanton, Pa. and Florence Morgan, Cville, lic. No. 49764 at parsonage, both of full age.

March 18, Forrest West Buck, Scottdale, Pa. and Elizabeth Anderson Morton, C'ville at bride's home in C'ville #50391
April 20, James Edward Murphy, Scottdale, Pa. and Ivy Marie Penrod, C'ville #5098 at bride's home

Officiating Minister W. Rufus Hofelt

Aug 31, Sam'l Furman Warren, Pittsburgh and Eurydice Livia Ruff, Ruffsdale, Pa. #62348, West. Co. License

June 26, Edward J. Sidehammer, Mt. Pleasant, Pa. and Emma Jane Stewart, C'ville #65083

Sept 7, Voucht, Elmer E. and Welsh, Mary R. both of Derry, Pa. #59075

End of Records