Fayette County Genealogy Project

First Methodist Episcopal Church, Connellsville - Baptisms

Contributed by Dawne Temple

From a book Compiled by Mrs. Ralph B. Cox of Connellsville

and typed by Miss Almetta P. Gay also of Connellsville.

C.W. Scott Minister, Record of Baptisms

July 19
Fuller Crossland-Adult, res. Broad Ford
Samuel Myers-Adult, res. Connellsville

W. P. Clark, res Connellsville, wit. Mary A. Heffley
Lizzie Clark, res Connellsville, wit. Mrs. Jno. Wilson
Dela, dau. of W.P. & Lizzie, res Connellsville

Mary Bell Cooley, res. Connellsville
Nannie Orbin, res Connellsville
Kate Dawson, res. Connellsville
John Miner, res Broad Ford
Margaret Evens, res. Broad Ford
Sarah Ann Gassoway, res. Broad Ford
Mary Freeman, res Broad Ford
Mary Cawdy, res Broad Ford
Mary Bell Newcomer, res Broad Ford
Emma Hains, res Broad Ford
Mary Stillwagon, res Broad Ford
Christina Conley, res Broad Ford
McClaine Crossland, res Broad Ford
Newcomer Do, res Broad Ford
John Stroud, res Broad Ford
John Beatty, res Connellsville

Fe. 13
Hattie Wolfersberger, res Broadford

Feb. 5
Henry Maxwell son of J. W. & Susan Williamson, res C'ville, Minister Charles W. Smith

Dec. 22
Thomas Manley son of Thomas M. & Rachel F. Fee, born Aug. 15, 1868 C'ville, wit. Eliza Newcomer & Mrs. Hair

Dec. 22
Minnie Ellen dau, of Thos. M. & Rachel F. Fee, born April 5, 1864. Same witnesses.

Feb. 22
Rebecca Esther, dau. of John & Eliz. Turner, born March 1, 1867, Wit. Mrs. Newcomer & Lucy Miller

Feb 22, Emma Maria, dau. John & Eliz. Turner born Feb. 1, 1865

Feb. 12
Henry Angell, son of Mrs. Bertie Stone

Feb. 18
Isaac Francs son of Henry & Emeline Wilkey, born June 27, 1868

Feb. 18
John Emline son of John & Emeline Wilkey born Aug. 30, 1869

End of Records