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REPPERT (pages 861-862):

The family herein recorded is a branch of the famous Reppert family of Germany, whose members have been prominent in the history of the fatherland almost as long as the fatherland has been prominent in the history of the world.

(I) The earliest authentic records of the family in the United States is of George Reppert, born in New York City in 1792, only a week after his emigrant parents landed in that port, died 1852. His early life was spent in Greene county, Pennsylvania, and there while a young man he learned the trade of glass-blower, which he followed all his life. He and his wife were communicants of the Methodist Episcopal faith. He married Sarah Launtz, born in Greene county, Pennsylvania, 1800, died there in 1870. Children: 1. William, died aged seventeen years. 2. Allen, deceased, was a glass-blower of Belle Vernon; married Mary Sheppard. 3. John, died aged nineteen years. 4. Curtis L., of whom further. 5. Allison, deceased; was a glass-blower; married (first) Mary Craven and married (second) Elizabeth Tunp, now living in Belle Vernon. 6. Charlotte, married George Shunk, deceased and lived in Brownsville, Pennsylvania. 7. Louise, deceased. 8. Maria, married Alexander Lowe, deceased. 9. Elizabeth, married Frederick Shively and lived in Brownsville, Pennsylvania.

 (II) Curtis L., son of George and Sarah (Launtz) Reppert, was born near Queensboro, Greene county, Pennsylvania, May 19, 1830. He was able to attend school but for a very short time, owing to the necessity of beginning at a very young age to contribute his share towards the maintenance of the family. Poverty proved, as usual, to be a hard task-master, and when he was nine years of age, a period in which only the lightest of childish duties should have been his care, he was manfully doing his part in the unceasing fight to keep his ever-present wolf from the door. His place of occupation was a glass factory, where he learned the glass-blower's trade, following it for twenty years in Belle Vernon, Pennsylvania, where his home had been since he was fourteen years of age. In 1877 he established a furniture and undertaking business in Belle Vernon, later admitting his two sons, Alfred and William, into partnership in the business under the name of C. L. Reppert & Sons. Now that his business has become so firmly established with a reputation that reaches for miles around he has given up the actual supervision of the business, and his declining years are being spent in ease and quite, a reward well earned. Although living retired he keeps in close touch with all the details of his business, and has a keen interest in all public affairs. With his wife he is a regular attendant and member of the Methodist Episcopal church, which has claimed his allegiance for years. He also holds a membership in the Royal Arcanum.

He married, February 27, 1851, Mary Louisa Jordan, born in Belle Vernon, Pennsylvania, where she spent her entire life, died October 28, 1907, daughter of Edward and Eliza Jordan. Children: 1. Allen, died aged four years. 2. Elmira, married Newton Springer and lives in Ruffsdale, Pennsylvania. 3. Mary Louisa, married Leonard Thompson, a carpenter, and lives in Belle Vernon, Pennsylvania. 4. Alfred, born February 25, 1859; a partner in the firm of C. L. Reppert & Sons; he also conducts a transfer business in Belle Vernon; he married Elizabeth Pierce, deceased; children: i. Edna, born July 23, 1883, has kept house for her grandfather since the death of his wife; ii. Paul, born February 26, 1888. 5. William, born August 9, 1861; is in active control of his father's business; married Amanda Bliss, born March 11, 1864; children: i. Emma, born January 20, 1883, married Harry Robinson and lives in Belle Vernon, Pennsylvania; ii. Mary, born November 2, 1885, married Harry L. Moulter and lives in New Kensington, Pennsylvania; iii. Curtis, born March 6, 1891, lives in Belle Vernon; iv. Edward, born April 10, 1896. 6. Ackley, died aged three years.

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