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Contributed by Keely Deuschle

NEWMEYER (p. 677)
Peter Neumeier (as he spelled the name), was born in Germany, his wife, Susanna, in Ireland. She came when young, with her parents, in a slow ship that consumed six months on the voyage. (See another Newmeyer sketch in this work.)

(II) Jacob Newmeyer, eldest son of Peter and Susanna Neumeier, after his marriage settled in Tyrone township, where he bought a farm of two hundred acres, heavily wooded, which he cleared and brought largely under cultivation. He was a Democrat, later a Republican, voting for Abraham Lincoln. He and his wife, Ann Shallenberger, were members of the Church of Christ. Children: 1. Susan, married Henry Stauffer, and lived near Everson, Pennsylvania. 2. David, married Rachel Hubbs, and lived in Tyrone township. 3. Peter, married Hannah Chamberlain and lived on part of the home farm. 4. Jacob (2), of whom further. 5. Joseph, married Elizabeth Strickler and lived on part of the home farm. 6. Lucinda, married Tillman Strickler and moved to Iowa. 7. John, married Rebecca Strickler and lived in Lower Tyrone township, later moved to Illinois. 8. Clarissa, married George McCormick, and lived in Connellsville.

(III) Jacob (2), second son of Jacob (1) and Ann (Shallenberger) Newmeyer, was born April 29, 1817, died October 30, 1901. He grew to manhood on the home farm in Lower Tyrone township, and attended the Cochran district school. He married young, and was started in life by his father with seventy-nine acres of the home farm, surrounding the old family brick mansion, "Cedar Hill," included in the gift. This house, built in 1820, partly burned and rebuilt in 1851, is yet a fine residence, but when built was the finest in that section. His father, on the marriage of one of his boys, always gave him a farm, and this house and seventy-nine acres thus came to Jacob. He was greatly attached to the old homestead, being very domestic and home-loving. In appearance he was a large man of hardy frame. Besides operating his farm he, with the aid of his sons, worked out all the rich coal veins underlying the farm. He married, December 1, 1842, Mary Strickler, born in Lower Tyrone township, March 8, 1821, died October 19, 1902, daughter of John and Margaret (Bowers) Strickler, of Upper Tyrone township. John Strickler died aged eight years, his wife aged seventy years. Their children were" Abraham, died in Illinois; Mary, mentioned above; Elizabeth, married Joseph Newmeyer, brother of Jacob; Caroline, married Sample Cochran; Susan, married Jesse Taylor, and after the civil war lived in Washington D. C.; John, married Nancy Bush, both living and residing on the old home farm of the Stricklers; Margaret, married Harry Cox, whom she survives. Children of Jacob (2) and Mary (Strickler) Newmeyer: 1. Celinda, died aged eighteen years. 2. Harriet, mentioned above; married Newton Shallenberger (See Shalleberger III). 3. John S., deceased, lived in Dawson, Pennsylvania; was a coal operator until his death; married Lucy Gallatin: children: Cora, married Frank Tucker; Bessie, married A. J. Wurtz; Mary, married O. R. Deggerman. 4. James L., deceased, a railroad agent at Irwin Station, on the Pennsylvania railroad; married Lizzie Welter: children: John W. and James B. 5. Belle, unmarried, lives on the old home farm. 6. Margaret A., unmarried, also resides on the home farm.

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