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The first of this branch of whom we have record in Fayette county, Pennsylvania, is Jonathan Gray, who was born April 12, 1774, and came to Fayette county from New Jersey. He settled in South Union township, where he spent his life engaged in farming. His farm has been in the Gray name over a hundred years. He was a noted hunter, the forests on and around his land furnishing an abundance of game. He was a Whig and took active part in early affairs. He died at his farm, October 15, 1864. He married Hannah Reinier, who died at the home farm, August 18, 1882. Children: 1. James, born May 30, 1817, died in infancy. 2. Anna M., born August 5, 1819, died October 29, 1851; married James Henshaw. 3. Sarah Jane, born September 9, 1821, deceased, married John N. Wood; they lived at Wenona, Illinois, here he died. 4. Nathaniel C., of whom further. 5. Lillian, wife of Levi Downer Crossland. 6. William S., born November 10, 1828, died February, 1911, at Newark, Ohio; married Temperance Brown. 7. Phoebe J., born January 17, 1830, died October 3, 1857; married Dr. Jacob Post; he died at Wenona, Illinois. 8. Franklin J., born September 14, 1832, deceased; married Ann Crossland. 9. Louisa B., born January 14, 1835; married Elias Trader and lives in Uniontown.

Children of Levi Downer and Lillian (Gray) Crossland. 1. Jonathan N., born August 11, 1860, a coal merchant of New Florence, Westmoreland county, Pennsylvania; married Anna Brownfield; children: Isaac N., married Jessie De Witt; Lillian Elizabeth. 2. Hannah Alice, born January 12, 1862; married Hames Hazen, deceased; children: Lillian Caroline, born June 18, 1884; James Levi, June 21, 1887; Eugene Robert S., August 7, 1890. Mrs. Hazen resides with her father at the South Union farm, her sons carrying on the active work.

(II) Nathaniel C., son of Jonathan and Hannah (Reinier) Gray, was born at the home farm in South Union township, Fayette county, October 1, 1823, died in German township, January 14, 1901. He was educated in the public schools and the academy at Uniontown. He remained with his father at the farm until after his marriage, when he located in German township, on his own farm. He spent his life engaged in general farming operations, devoting special attention to stock raising. He was a man of good business ability and succeeded in his business through careful attention and industry. He was a Republican in politics, and served as school director for many years. In religious faith he was as Presbyterian, as was his wife. He married Susan A. Campbell, died in German township, Fayette county, January 14, 1901, daughter of Lewis Campbell, who died in German township, Fayette county, July 1, 1882, aged eighty-six years; he married Deborah Antrim; children: 1. Martha, married Jesse Coldren; both deceased. 2. Susan A., wife of Nathaniel C. Gray. 3. James, died unmarried. 4. Mary Ann, married Elliott Hibbs (deceased). 5. Joseph Morgan, deceased, married Sallie A. Swan. 6. Elizabeth, died in infancy. 7. Milton, died in infancy. Children of Nathaniel C. and Susan A. Gray: 1. Sarah Elizabeth, married Albert K. Sessler, both deceased; children: i. Frank G., married Mary L. Kyle, and resides in German township with children; Paul, aged ten years; Margaret, aged one year. ii. Thomas Hays, married Irene Shaffer, and resides near Flatwood, Franklin township, Pennsylvania; children: Allen, aged ten years; Elizabeth, eight years; Morton, six years; Philip, four years. iii. Lily C., married Hiram Brockway, and resides near Beaver, Pennsylvania; their three children are deceased. iv. Nathaniel C. (2), married Sarah Palmer, and lives at Flatwood, Pennsylvania: child, Lillian. 2. Hannah Louise, married William R. Richey, now living retired at Charleroi, Pennsylvania; children: i. Eva A., married George Ewing, and lives at Charleroi; children: Marie Wayne and Irene. ii. Maude E., married Charles Sangston, of Charleroi; children: Glenn, Mildred, Paul and Pauline, twins. iii. Nora H., married Jesse Arison, and lives at High House, German township, Fayette county; no issue. iv. Georgie R., married Ross Blackford, and lives in Brownsville, Pennsylvania; children: Edith, Thelma and Homer. v. Nathaniel G., died young. Vi. Jesse, a student at Washington and Jefferson College. vii. Bessie, unmarried. 3. Emma Frances, married William A. Keener, a store manager of Orient; children: Nathaniel C., Daniel, Lulu and Robert, the first three deceased. 4. Lewis William, of whom further. 5. James F., of whom further.

(III) Lewis William, eldest son and fourth child of Nathaniel C. and Susan A. (Campbell) Gray, was born in German township, Fayette county, Pennsylvania, March 3, 1862. He was educated in the public schools and grew to manhood on the home farm, where he still resides, and is one of the successful men of his town. He is a member of Uniontown Grange, Patrons of Husbandry; is a Republican in politics, and a member of the Presbyterian church of New Salem. He married, October 8, 1884, Ida B. Funk, born in New Salem, Fayette county, Pennsylvania, March 3, 1863, daughter of John Funk, a cabinet maker, who died in New Salem, aged sixty-five years, son of Henry and Margaret (Price) Funk. John Funk married Mary Deffenbaugh, born in German township, died in 1882, aged fifty-two years, daughter of Joseph and Nancy (Black) Deffenbaugh. Children of John Funk: 1. Albert N., of Aurora, Illinois, married Cora B. Jackson. 2. Elizabeth, died unmarried in 1893. 3. Ida B., wife of Lewis W. Gray. 4. Mattie E., resides in New Salem, Pennsylvania. 5. Annie Me., married Frank L. Cooper, deceased; she resides in New Salem. 6. Charles E., died aged twenty-six years. 7. John William. Children of Lewis W. and Ida B, (Funk) Gray: I. Mary Leona, born October 4, 1885; married J. Russell Sessler, an automobile agent, and resides in Uniontown, Pennsylvania; child: Donald Gray, born July 1, 1908. 2. Charles M., born June 21, 1894, a student.

(III) James Franklin, youngest son of Nathaniel C. and Susan A. (Campbell) Gray, was born in German township, September 8, 1864. He was educated in the public school and New Salem Normal School. he spent his early life on the farm, leaving there only to go to a farm of his own, which he later sold, retaining his own use fifty acres, on which he resides. He was elected auditor of Fayette county in 1905, serving on the board of auditors three years with John S. Ritenour and William J. Ruble. He is a Republican in politics, and has always taken an active interest in public affairs. In religious faith he is a Presbyterian. He belongs to the Patrons of Husbandry; treasurer of Lodge No. 1103. He married, November 12, 1896, Maude Leona Carson, daughter of Lucius Alexander Carson, born in North Union township, died near Hopedale, Harrison county, Ohio, October 30, 1911, aged sixty-five years. He was a carpenter. He married Rachel Frances Gaddis, who is still living at Hopedale, Ohio, the mother of fourteen children: 1. Maude Leona (of previous mention). 2. John Gaddis, now in Alaska, unmarried. 3. William Clarence, a farmer of Ohio; married Elosia Copeland, and has Harriet Frances. 4. Anna Virginia, married Wood Antrim, and lives at Grand Ridge, Illinois; chldren: Raymond and Kenneth. 5. Robert L., a carpenter in Ohio, unmarried. 6. Charles N., now living in Oklahoma, and has Mary Isabel and Charles Lawrence. 7. James Barton, a carpenter, living at home. 8. Frank H., a carpenter of Denver, Colorado. 9. Mary Ellen, married Thomas De Witt lee, a farmer and mail carrier of Jewett, Ohio. 10. Edwin S., at home. 11. North, a baker living in Ohio. 12. Ruth P., at home. 13. Grace M., at home. 14. Helen, died aged three years. Children of James Franklin and Maude Leona Gray: Susan Frances, born September 20, 1901; Virginia Barton, October 12, 1905; Robert Edwin, December 17, 1910.

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