Fayette County Genealogy Project

BASIL BROWNFIELD, great-grandson of Charles Brownfield, a pioneer settler of the county, was born in 1795 and died in South Union township, August 21, 1881. He was one of the remarkable men of Fayette county—a man of active intellect, retentive memory and large stature. He was a self-made man as his education was limited. Financial embarrassments led him into a career of litigation in the courts which won for him remarkable distinction. He was a great reader, generous and wonderfully hospitable, and a pleasing and entertaining conversationalist. He married Sarah Collins, who died in 1870. No man of more marked individuality ever lived in Fayette county.

Nelson's biographical dictionary and historical reference book of Fayette County, Pennsylvania : containing a condensed history of Pennsylvania, of Fayette County, and the boroughs and townships of the county : also, portraits and biographies of the governors since 1790, and genealogies, family histories and biographies of representative men of the county : illustrated.
Author(s): Shepherd, Henry E.; 1844-1929. ; (Henry Elliot),
Publication: Uniontown, Pa. : S.B. Nelson,
Year: 1900

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