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BARNES, James, p. 871-872
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Many of the sturdiest pioneers of the early American colonies came from Scotland, and the citizens of that cold and frugal country have always proved themselves valuable and acceptable when transplanted as citizens in this more fertile and agreeable region across the Atlantic. This branch of the Barnes family, represented by James R. Barnes, of Uniontown, is no exception to the rule.

(I) James Barnes, father of the American emigrant, was born near Glasgow, Scotland, and died there. He was a farmer by occupation. He married, probably a Glasgow woman, and had issue, including son Thomas.

(II) Thomas, son of James Barnes, was born in Hopwood, Pennsylvania, died in Fayette county, Pennsylvania, where he followed farming, and was a quite unassuming man. He married Eliza, daughter of Tigel and Elizabeth Trader, whose grandparents were of Irish extraction. Among their children was a son named Staten, of whom further.

(III) Staten, son of Thomas and Eliza (Trader) Barnes, was born at Hopwood, Fayette county, Pennsylvania, in 1838, died November 27, 1892. During most of his years of business activity he owned a coal mine at Hopwood, and later part of his life was spent in the lumber business. In religion he was a Methodist, and in political belief a Democrat. He married Martha Ann, daughter of James and Lucinda (Brown) Tibbs.

Children of Staten Barnes are: James R., of whom further; Staten Franks, Eli Cope, Joseph E., Anne, Sarah.

(IV) James R., son of Staten and Martha Ann (Tibbs) Barnes; born July 9, 1860, is a resident of Uniontown, Pennsylvania. He attended the public school at Uniontown. For several years he worked in the mines with his father at Hopwood and learned the mining business on a larger scale. Then seeing the advantages of the coal and coke industry, he became an operator in those two valuable commodities himself. His keen business instincts, splendid handling of the materials involved, shrewd methods and sturdy honesty of principles have built up a fine business, and Mr. Barnes has made of himself one of the best known men in a community of prosperous merchants and financiers, although his start upon the ladder of life was obtained in the humble and unhealthy occupation of a coal miner. Such a man whose head has multiplied the work of his hands a thousandfold, is one of the most valued citizens of Fayette county, and highly esteemed by all who know him. Mr. and Mrs. Barnes are faithful attendants at the First Presbyterian Church in Uniontown. Mr. Barnes is a Democrat, devoted to the principles and standard-bearers of his party.

James R. Barnes married Martha Belle, daughter of Thermar and Hannah (Sutton) Frazee(?), December 10, 1883. Children: Estella, married Dr. A.C. Howard, of Uniontown, and they have one child, James Ross Barnes Howard; Gwendolin; Thelma Elizabeth; Martha Frances; Jamie Ross.

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