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List of Obituaries 1905-1928 - Kept by Eva Hohenshal

Eva lived in Jacobs Creek
Contributor: Harold Spaugy
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WILLIAM J HILEMAN, son of G.W. Hileman, killed in Banning mines 08 Jun 1905

W.E. HOUGH died 10 Apr 1909

ALLEN CARSON died 10 May 1910 (originally 1909 changed to 1910)

EDWARD HUNT died 23 May 1910 (originally 1909 changed to 1910)

EMMA ROUGH died 24 Oct 1009

AGNES BEXTROM died 25 Oct 1909

HATTIE SISLEY died 30 Oct 1909

MAGGIE REYNOLDS died 04 Feb 1910

NEWTON HILEMAN, son of G.W. Hileman died 24 Feb 1910

BERTHA HILEMAN, daughter of G.W. Hileman died 26 Feb 1910

DAVID HILEMAN, son of W.G. Hileman died 05 Mar 1910

WILLIAM HILEMAN, son of Robert Hileman died 09 Mar 1910

ZURIA MARTIN, wife of Cyrus Martin died 23 Mar 1910

GRACE MARTIN, daughter of Albert Martin died 07 Apr 1910

EDWARD GINDER died 30 Jul 1910

DAVID MAXSON, son of Joseph Maxson died 12 Aug 1910

MAGGIE BREWER, wife of John Brewer died 13 Aug 1910

H.K. GOE died 17 Aug 1910

CHARLES HEATH WILKINSON, son of George Wilkinson died 22 Aug 1910

WALTER NILES COUGHENOUR, son of Lewis Coughenour died 11 Sep 1910

BENJAMIN ROBERTSON, son of James Robertson died 20 Sep 1910

ROBERT BOYD, son of Parker Boyd died 27 Sep 1910

WILLIAM KING, son of Frank King died 30 Sep 1910

MARY WILSON died 06 Oct 1910

VIRGINIA LUCILLE HOUGH, daughter of Earl Hough die 23 Oct 1910

WILBERT NEWINGER, son of Jacob Newinger died 24 Oct 1910

NANCY BOYD, wife of Parker Boyd died 11 Oct 1910

WILLIAM LOOR died 13 Jan 1911

MARY MARTIN, wife of LLoyd Martin died 04 Feb 1911

MATTHEW PASCO died 03 Apr 1911

JACOB PORTER died 09 Apr 1911

ELIZABETH LUCE died 18 Apr 1911

ELIZABETH SHEPARD died 23 May 1911

NANCY HOPKINS died 06 Jun 1911

DAVID RHODES died 05 Jul 1911

D.O. SMITH got killed 24 Aug 1911

WATTIE WATKINS died 10 Sep 1911

SUSANNAH WILKINSON, wife of George Wilkinson died 21 Sep 1911

JOHN KERN got killed 27 Sep 1911

VERAL HEATH, daughter of Dr. Robert Heath died 21 Oct 1911

C.S. BAIRD died 16 Nov 1911

GEORGE BOWYER died 18 Nov 1911

THOMAS NEWELL died 06 Jul 1899

MRS THOMAS NEWELL died 07 Aug 1899

JAMES M. FORSYTHE was killed 21 Apr 1903

PERCY SISLEY, husband of Sadie Sisley died 16 Aug 1903

JOSEPH H. WEAVER, Uncle, died 12 Jan 1906

CYRUS MARTIN, husband of Zuria Martin died 22 Jan 1905 (originally 1901 changed to 1905)

MARY A. WEAVER, wife of Joseph H. Weaver, Aunt, died 27 Jan 1906

SADIE LLOYD, wife of Charlie Lloyd died 25 Oct 1906

SOLOMON S. WEAVER, husband of Katie Weaver died 18 Nov 1907

CURTIS MORROW, husband of Pearl Morrow died 20 Nov 1907

OLIVER BRANTHOOVER got killed 11 Nov 1907

Dr. JAMES E. WHITTSETT, husband of Clara Whittsett died 18 Auf 1907

Dr. J.H. DAVIDSON, husband of Mary Davidson died 17 Mar 1909

BENJAMIN NICHOLSON, FRANK WARD, SOLOMON HOUGH husband of Annie Hough and his son ARTHUR HOUGH klled in Darr mine explosion 19 Dec 1907

ARMINTA GOUCHER MURPHY, wife of Allen Murphy died 19 Mar 1909

CLARENCE HOUGH, son of Solomon Hough got shot 03 Nov 1909

JESSIE REYNOLDS, son of Jessie Reynolds died 14 Mar 1910

JOHN JAMES died 14 Sep 1906

MARY STRICKLER, wife of Samuel Strickler did 07 Dec 1911

MRS MCCOLLISTER, wife of Benjamin McCollister died 08 Dec 1911

CHARLEY WEAVER, son of Eman Weaver killed at Eureka mines 25 Dec 1911

CHARLOTTE McTEVIS, Mother of Martin Hough's wife died 14 Nov 1910

MARY SHABLICK, wife of John Shablick died 15 Jan 1912

GEORGE HOHENSHAL, Uncle, died 16 Jun 1912

ARA MARTIN, daughter of Albert Martin died 10 Jun 1912

CONLEY GOE died 28 Dec 1911

CELIA HIXENBAUGH, wife of Arthur Hixenbaugh died 29 Jun 1912

CLARA WHITTSET (nee Clara Martin) wife of Dr. James Whittset died 05 Jul 1912

MRS EDWARD HUNT died 10 Jul 1912

JAMES DARBY (father of Jas Lee Jr's wife)died 17 Aug 1912

CAROLINE ORR, Perryopolis, died 22 Aug 1912

MRS SARAH PAGE, Perryopolis, died 05 Sep 1912

JOHN HOPKINS, son of Wm H. Hopkins, Esq., Perryopolis, died 09 Sep 1912

EDWARD STICKEL, Perryopolis, died 11 Sep 1912

JAMES SISLEY, near Perryoplis, died 28 Oct 1912

GEORGE JACKSON, near Perryopolis, father in law of Ernst Martin died 31 Oct 1912

ALEX. Lee, member of Banning Sunday School, killed about 6 O'clock PM by an engine at Smithton 24 Nov 1912

Wm KISSNER, Perryopolis, drowned at Layton 20 Dec 1911

JAMES STEPHENS, Perryopolis died Mar 1912

HARRY CARSON, son of Emmit Carson, drowned at Connellsville 21 Mar 1912

MARY JANE LUCE, wife of David Luce died 29 Nov 1912

MRS MARY BACKEY, Perryopolis, died 30 Nov 1912

WILLIAM BACKEY, Perryopolis died 07 Dec 1912

GERTRUDE STICKEL. Perryopolis, daughter of David Stickel died 01 Dec 1912

MARGARET HOOVER,Banning,daughter of Thos. Forsythe died 18 Dec 1912

HARRY ENGLEHART, Banning, son of Henry Englehart died 24 Dec 1912

MISS EMMA CLEGG, Banning, daughter of James Clegg committed suicide (Carbolic Acid) 05 Jan 1913

PHILLIP R. LUCE, near Whittset, (old settler) died 14 Jan 1913

JOSEPH NUTT, Perryopolis,father of Sadie Sisley died 28 Jan 1913

DAUGHTER, of Joseph Fisher, Star Junction died 29 Jan 1913

MR McTEVIS, father in law of Martin Hough, killed by B&O train at Jacobs Creek 03 Sep 1913

CHESTER MORROW, Banning, son of Cash Morrow died 17 Aug 1913

HAZEL RHODES, Jacob's Creek, daughter of Pierce Rhodes died 12 Sep 1913

CHARLEY MAXON, Banning, son of Milton Maxon died 18 Aug 1913

CECIL RHODES, Jacob's Creek, son of Pierce Rhodes died 23 Sep 1913

EDWARD GINDER, Jacob's Creek, died 13 Dec 1913

PHOEBE MARTIN, Perryopolis, died 09 Jan 1914

LILY KING (nee Hileman) McKeesport Hospital13 Jan 1914

DAVID BYERS, Perryopolis, at hospital died 20 Jan 1914

WILLIAM GOLDEN, husband of Jessie Layton , in McKeesport Hospital died 26 Jan 1914

ANTHONY HTXENBAUGH, Banning, son of Mrs Chas. James , at Mckeesport hospital Sunday morning 12:45 am 01 Feb 1914

Mrs M.L. WRIGHT (Sarah) formerly of Banning, died in Florida, had amputation of leg 12 Feb 1914

ROBERT SHEPARD, former B&O detective, died in Pittsburgh, interred in Hill Grove Cemetary, Connellsville 19 Feb 1914

PAULINE NESSEMEIR, killed at Jacob's Creek by B&O train No #9 22 Feb 1914

CHAS. B. SNYDER, Perryopolis, suicide by hanging at his home 22 Feb 1914

JAMES BATES, near Dawson, drowned 14 Feb 1914, body found 14 Mar in river near Hickory Run

ADAM SNYDER, father ofChas. B. Snyder, at Connellsville State hospital of hernia 17 Mar 1914

JANE McINTIRE,Perryopolis, at home of J.E.McIntire of Latrobe on 21 Mar 1914

PAUL BAKER, formerly of Banning, now Vanderbilt killed at Paull Works on 31 Mar 1914

JOHN R.PORTER, Connellsville, son of Peter Porter of Jacob's Creek, for many years a passenger conductor died Mar 1914

JOHN BRADLEY, Perryopolis, husband of Lizzie Patterson died 04 Mar 1914

INFANT, son of Pierce Rhodes died 17 Apr 1914

MAX GINDER, Jacob's Creek, (hotel man) died 27 Apr 1914

GUY HIXENBAUGH,Perryopolis, son of Anne Hixenbaugh died 17 Apr 1914

JAMES EBERHART, Pittsburgh, died 05 May 1914

DONALD MARTIN, Banning, killed by B&O train #47 near his home 15 May 1914, He was 8yrs 2 months old.

ADA CHALFANT, Perryopolis, wife of EPH, Chalfant died 01 Jun 1914 (cancer)

JONATHON RANKIN,Perryopolis, died 08 Jun 1914

JONATHON MURPHY, Flatwoods, brother in law of JOHNA RANKIN died 08 Jun 1914

DELILAH HILL, wifeof Dr. Hill, formerly Strawn died 09 Jun 1914

KATE ESSINGTON, sister of Daniel Essington, Perry died 09 Jun 1914

CARRIE LIMBAUGH, nee Shepard, wife of Peter Limbaugh died 03 Jul 1914

JOHN F. MARTIN, Perryopolis, son of Isaac Martin died 31 Jul 1914 (dropsy)

PATRICK CURRAN, Banning, father of Eva Hohenshal died 05 Sep 1914 at 8:45 AM

RENA SHAFFER SESLER, near Flatwoods, wife of Jon Sesler died 10 Sep 1914

KATHERINE McDONALD, Perryopolis, wife of Jas. McDonald died 07 Sep 1914

LAWRENCE NESSERMEIR was killed near Jacob's Creek, his home, by falling from a wagon of cement, died 28 Sep 1914

MRS ABRAHAM FISHER, near Layton died 29 Sep 1914 (paralysis)

COLUMBUS MARTIN, Perryopolis died 03 Oct 1914 (heart trouble)

MISS MAMY WILGUS,Layton, ( 70) died 21 Oct 1914

JOHN BREWER of Fitz Henry, killed by B&O train near Smithton, son in law of Orvill Huston--24 Oct 1914

JOHN G HOHENSHAL, son of Connly Hohenshal of Barren Run, killed near Hawkeye by West Penn RR car, while driving auto truck for Loucks Hardware Co.--28 Oct 1914

MARGUERITE FULLER, Perryopolis, wife of Alfred Fuller died 10 Dec 1914, she was 79 years old

ELIZABETH FORSYTHE, wife of Daniel Forsythe, formerly wife of Abraham Layton died 14 Dec 1914

JOHN COUGHONOUR, known as "Cokey" of near Van Meter, of lingering illness died Dec 1914

CHARLES BACKEY, Perryopolis, from drinking Bay Rum died 04 Jan 1915

JOHN HANSEN,McKeesport, of pneumonia, formerly of Perry died 29 Mar 1915

MRS JESSIE STRICKLIN, Banning, wife of Jessie Stricklin died 03 Apr 1915

ROBERT H. WRIGHT JR, of Dawson, age 63 of pneumonia died 05 Apr 1915

MARGARET SALTAN, mother in law of Jos. James died 03 May 1915

ORVIL HUSTON, father in law of William Hagerman at California, Pa. died 17 May 1915

EBER HAIR, Redstone, Blacksmith of Blood Poison on 14 May 1915

JACOB CLESS, formerly of Banning died 12 Jun 1915 ( cancer)

PERRY ELDER, formerly of Fayette City died 13 Jun 1915 at scottdale of heart disease

BOY FISHER, son of Jos. Fisher, brother of Emma Fisher of Star Junction died 17 Jun 1915 of dropsy of the heart

J.C. CRAIG of Newill, a brakeman on P&LE RR, husband of Katie Porter killed on 25 Jun 1915

MRS J.C. Craig, formerly Katie Porter of Heart failure died Jun 1913

ANDREW MADISON, husband of Mary Curran, formerly of Banning was killed near Fayette city in coal mine on 12 Jul 1915

HANNAH WARDLEY, Banning, age 66 years+ died 20 Jul 1915 ( cancer)

KATHLEEN, child of Ross Sisley, Perryopolis died 29 )ct 1915

JOHN LESKEFSKY, husband of Maud Lee, from operation at Mercy Hospital died 05 Nov 1915

PHILIP RIFFLE, Perryopolis died 06 Mar 1915

GEORGE MARTIN, son of John Martin, Perryopolis, suicide, he was 46 yrs old, died 20 Nov 1915

JONATHON SHEPARD MOSS died of heart disease 22 Nov 1915

HAROLD HAGERMAN, son of William Hagerman killed by B&O engine, on 25 Nov 1915

OLIVE SHAFFER, daughter of David shaffer, Perryopolis, died at the home of Thos. Martin on 26 Dec 1915

WILLIAM WEAVER, Uncle, 78 yrs old at home of his son Bert in Connellsville on 06 Jan 1916

ELI WEAVER, Uncle, at daughters home in Hazelwood, from complications of a broken leg, died 18 Jan 1916

JACOB STRAWN, son of Joel Strawn, Perryopolis, Pneumonia died 25 Jan 1916

JAMES STIMMEL, Perropolis, pneumonia died 25 Jan 1916

SAMUEL CARSON, Perryopolis, Paralysis died 23 Feb 1916

FRANK HIXENBAUGH, Perryopolis, heart trouble died 01 Mar 1916

ANNA MARIAH CULLER, 89, sister of Michael Browneller, grandmother of Albert Luce, teacher at Banning School term 1915-1916 died 01 Mar 1916

WILLIAM CHAMBERS, Perryopolis, son of LLoyd Chambers, brother of Mrs James Clegg died 06 Mar 1916

JOHN FASHION, miner, was killed near Peter Hough's ferry by B&O train # 53 on 11 Mar 1916

ROBERT DUNN, brother of Mrs Harry Hammer, next to D Hohenshel store, killed in company with John Fashion by B&O train # 53 11 Mar 1916

JOHN THOMPSON, Perryopolis, in hospital died 21 Mar 1916

WILLIAM HAMMER, age 84, father of Harry Hammer died 25 Mar 1916 of Asthma at Frostburg,Md.

WILLIAM WALSH, brother in law of Charles Porter died at Jacob's Creek 31 Mar 1916 of heart failure, he was 57

MARY HILDEBRAND, Perryopolis, appendicitis at Cottage State hospital 29 Mar 1916

NOAH MILLER, Layton, killed at Diamond Brick yard in Layton, 08 Apr 1916

NANNIE WARD SHARPENBERG, daughter of Alexander Ward died 08 Apr 1916

MARY HILEMAN, nee Federer, died of teberculosis at Jacob Hileman residence in Banning on 08 Jun 1916

SOPHIA HOOVER, wife of Walton Hoover died in Daytona, Florida on 21 Jun 1916

MARY BAIMBRIDGE, wife of Wm Baimbridge , Washington, Pa, died 06 Jul 1916

JAMES "DICKEY" CLEGG died 12 Jul 1916 of complication

EMMET MORROW,near Smithton died 19 Jul 1916 of heart trouble

LLOYD CHAMBERS, Perryopolis, father in law of James "dickey" Clegg died 15 Sep 1916 of paralysis

SOPHIA GUE, Perryopolis, from infirmilies of old age on 13 Nov 1916

FREDERICK WILLIAMS at County Home, formerly of Perryopolis and Layton died 25 Nov 1916

AMZI MORROW, 58, Canton, Ohio, formerly of Banning died of cancer 20 Dec 1916

MRS LYNN, 67, wife of "Commodore" Lynn, Jacob's Creek, died at home of her son George in Banning on 20 Dec 1916

JOHN TOWNSEND, Perryopolis, painter, father of Frank T Townsend died of Paralysis on 24 Dec 1916

DAVID HOUGH (STICKEL), 23, son of Alice Hough, born in Banning died in mine accident, Large, Pa on 18 Jan 1917

MARY MARTIN, wife of John Martin, Perryopolis died 31 Dec 1916

WALTER STIFFY, Banning, son of Alex. Stiffy, killed on Jacob's Creek bridge by train on 26 Jan 1917

SAMUEL LYNN, Smithton, Pa., killed by Western Maryland train 30 Jan 1917

MRS HANNAH DIHL, 102, oldest woman in the area, died at her home in Jacob's Creek from complications of diseases 04 Mar 1917

ESTELLA HILEMAM, daughter of Jakey Hileman died of tuberculosis at Banning on 20 Jul 1917

MRS ANNA DILLON, nurse of ALFRED Fuller of perryopolis died of heart disease on 14 Sep 1917

ALFRED FULLER, Perryopolis, died 18 Oct 1917 of old age. Mr Fuller was very generous. A Christmas treat was always given to the Sunday School pupils of all the churches in Perryopolis. Mr Fuller was reputed to be a millionaire

JEFFERSON CARSON, Layton, died in Florida from tuberculosis on 16 Nov 1917

MRS BUD SNYDER, formerly of Perryopolis of Bright's disease on 25 Nov 1917

MRS DEBBIE HIXENBAUGH, Perryopolis, wife of Orville Hixenbaugh died 28 Nov 1917 of stomach cancer

HENRY STRICKLER, near Concord Church died 28 Nov 1917

LUCY SISLEY, wife of Sam L. Sisley of Perryopolis, of Paralysis, age 68 yrs died 11 Jan 1918

ANNA GINDER PORTER, wife of Burney Porter, Jacob's Creek died 19 Jan 1918

LOUISA MARTIN, Grandmother, age 87 died 27 Feb 1918 of old age

DANIEL HOHENSHAL, father of Joseph E, Leslie F, Albert, William and Daniel W Hohenshal, of appoplexy on 23 Jul 1918. He was born 07 Jan 1836

CASH MORROW, son of Amzi Morrow, died at Mercy Hospital of stoppage of the bowels on 10 Aug 1918

BELLE HOHENSHAL, cousin, West Newton, died 21 Apr 1918 of cancer

ALBERT PIKE, Banning, brain tumor died 28 Aug 1918

MRS EMMA WATT, Banning, mother of Charley Hough's wife, stomach cancer died 03 Apr 1918

WILLA MAY SISLEY-THORPE, daughter of Viva and Clyde Thorpe, Perryopolis died 19 Aug 1918

FANNIE LEEPER, Wick Haven, sister of Parker Boyd's wife died 11 Aug 1918

HELEN MELVINA NEWILL, daughter of Daniel and Lizzie Whitelaw Newill, Banning, died 19 Sep 1918, stomach trouble

ROSS LEIGHTY, Banning, son of Mrs Jeff Forsythe died of influenza-pneumonia, 22 Oct 1918

CHAS. NICHOLSON, Jacob's Creek, of influenza on 24 Oct 1918

WILLIAM ASPEY, son of John Aspey, Jacobs Creek, of influenza-pneumonia, died 29 Nov 1918

LIZZIE HOUGH, daughter of David Hough, complication of diseases, died 23 Aug 1918

ALBERT SUTTLE, killed in wreckof #66 at West Newton on 23 Dec 1918

MILFORD MAXON, son of Milton Maxon, killed by a west bound express train at Banning on 02 Feb 1919

CHARLOTTE HOHENSHAL, wife of Daniel Hohenshal, deceased. Born 08 May 1836, mother of Jos. E., Leslie F, Albert, William A and Daniel W, died in her home at Banning on 04 Feb 1919. She died from hardening of the arteries, she was 82 years old

MYRTLE WEAVER, cousin, daughter of Eli Weaver died 12 Feb 1919

RACHEL CARSON, sister of David Carson of Banning, died at her home near Perryopolis, of cancer(71 yrs old) on 10 Mar 1919

ARTHUR CRISE, member of the U.S. Marines was drowned at Philadelphia on 03 Dec 1918 in some mysterious way. He was the son of Etta Weaver Crise. He was buried near his home in Pine Grove on 12 Mar 1919

CHARLEY SECHRIST, son of Joseph Sechrist, died in France. He was married to Eva Hagerman. died 01 Oct 1918, Funeral was on 04 Sep 1921 in Perryopolis, buried in Mt Washington Cemetary

WILLIAM BOYD, at County Home, son of Parker Boyd, formerly of Banning died 04 May 1919

MIKE BROWNELLER, father of W.H. and Frank Browneller, died of paralysis in Connellsville on 09 Jun 1918

CYRUS LYONS, son in law of James Lee, injured at Banning mine#2 died in Mercy Hospital on 02 Jun 1919

ALLEN GALLEY, ESQ., Perryopolis, long time Justice of Peace, died from cancer on 25 Nov 1918

HAZEL MARTIN, Flatwoods, daughter of John Martin died 24 Aug 1918

DANIEL FORSYTHE, Layton, father of Cyrus, William and Noah died at age 88, 25 Aug 1919

AGNES DRUMM,nee Carr, age 62 yrs, wife of Samuel Drumm died of cancer, 06 Sep 1919

LEROY MARTIN, age 43 yrs, son of Cyrus Martin died at Perryopolis, 23 Nov 1919

AMANDA GUYNN RHODES, daughter of John Guynn died of paralysis, 04 Nov 1919

JAMES CRISE, son of Daniel and Etta Crise, died from scarlet fever at his home in North Pine Grove, 12 Dec 1919

MRS ORVIL BRANTHOOVER, nee Whitehoover, of Van Meter died of blood poison, 04 Jan 1920

MRS CRISTOPHER ASPEY, of Jacobs Creek, of stomach trouble, 25 Dec 1919

WALTER EICHER, age 8 yrs, killed by P&LE train, 18 Nov 1919

RUBEN WHITELAW, husband of Rita Hough, Belle Vernon, died of pneumonia and typhoid. 23 Feb 1920

......MOCHOR, Banning, from pneumonia on 25 feb 1920

JOSEPH JAMES, an old resident of Banning, of pneumonia at age 57, 28 Feb 1920

PORTER MARTIN, son of John Martin, at Camp Lee 03 Mar 1920

EARY MARTIN, sister of Abner Martin, died of pneumonia at Perryopolis, 03 Mar 1920

ADA HELTEBRAN, nee Martin, Woodlawn Pa died at hospital in Pittsburgh, 26 Mar 1920

ADDA ELWELL, wife of Martin Elwell. Star Junction, 03 Apr 1920

WALTER WEAVER, son of Lawrence Weaver, Wyano Pa, of dropsy, 12 Nov 1920

JOSEPH L WEAVER, son of Joseph H Weaver,Banning, unknown cause, 19 Dec 1920

CATHERINE FULLER, wife of John Fuller, old age, died at Perryopolis 04 Nov 1920

MRS HANNAH GINDER, wife of Max Ginder, Jacobs Creek, died 21 Aug 1920 from cancer

SAMUEL FOUST, Connellsvile Pa (cancer), born 1846, died 05 Jan 1921

MRS EDNA BALDWIN, daughter of Jos. Sechrist, Layton Pa died 31 Jan 1921

MRS NELLIE SISLEY, wife of Wilbur Sisley, Brownsville, Pa 16 Feb 1921

CLARK McMULLEN, Perryopolis, Asthma on 02 Feb 1921

MRS ADA LUCE, wife of Joseph Luce, Scottdale, 17 Feb 1921

MRS THOMAS PATTON, Whittsett died 12 Feb 1921

LUTHAR SISLEY, son of Oliver and Annie Sisley, Hazelwood, Diphtheria, 21 Feb 1921

HENRY MOSBURG, Perryopolis, died age 87, at McKeesport 26 Feb 1921

CHAS. L MARTIN (uncle), Perryopolis, age 65, 28 Feb 1921

SARAH THRASHER, daughter of Edward Thrasher, Hazelwood, Diphtheria 21 Feb 1921

MRS ELIZABETH ANN HILTEBRAN, Perryopolis, age 84 03 Mar 1921

MERTIE MARTIN, Perryopolis, age 18 yrs, 13 May 1921

GEORGE RIFFLE, Perryopolis, heart disease died 17 Jun 1921

WILLIAM HILEMAN, brother of Jacob Hileman, Wick Haven died 27 Jun 1921

HARRY OLSEN, son of ohn Olsen, killed in auto accident at Wick Haven, 29 Jun 1921

JOHN OLSEN, Wick Haven, died 08 Jul 1921

DAVID HANNON, Vanderbilt, killed in mines, 08 Jul 1921

NINA CARSON ERSKIN, Perryopolis, 09 Jul 1921

WILLIAM NEWELL, Vanderbilt, father of Daniel Newell 07 Jul 1921

SAMUEL SISLEY, father of Viva THARP, Perryopolis, eczema, died 25 Aug 1921

MRS NANCY JANE RISBECK, Perryopolis, head injury, 30 Aug 1921

MARY DAVIDSON, wife of Dr. J.H. Davison, Perryopolis, heart failure, 13 Jul 1921

DAVID HOHENSHAL, son of George Hohenshal (cousin), Scottdale, died of cancer of liver, 15 Aug 1921

MARTHA JANE HAGERMAN FELGER, Scottdale, sister of Henry Hagerman of Banning died of cancer, 01 Sep 1921

JOSEPH FASHION, Banning, pneumonia on 17 Dec 1921

DANIEL REYNOLDS, husband of Laura Anne Hough, near Pittsburgh pneumonia, 28 Jan 1922

MAMIE WALTZ, daughter of William Waltz, Pittsburgh, died 09 Feb 1922

MATTIE WEAVER, wife of John Weaver, Suterville, mother of Chas. Curran's wife, pneumonia on 23 Feb 1922

SARAH ANN FORSYTHE, wife of Ezekiel Forsythe, Jacobs Creek 05 Jan 1922

FRANK GENUINE, Smithton, diphtheria 09 Jan 1922

ISAAC MARTIN, Perryopolis, known as " Uncle Ike" died 23 Nov 1921

ELIZABETH (DOT) COUGHENOUR, wife of Lute Coughenour, Jacobs Creek, cancer on 14 Nov 1921

BURNEY PORTER, son of Elias Porter, found dead in shanty at Suterville, lived at Jacobs Creek, 20 Dec 1921

MOLLIE HIXENBAUGH, daughter of Joel Strawn, mother of Edward Hough's wife, died of cancer, 09 Apr 1922

ANNIE V. STEWART, wife of Alexander stewart, Emsworth, died 15 Apr 1922

LESLIE F WEAVER, son of oseph Weaver of Perryopolis died 22 Dec 1922

NANCY HOUSE, wife of J.J. House, merchant of Layton, 22 Feb 1923

NETTIE SUTER, nee GUYNN, daughter of John Guynn die 09 Jan 1923

ELIAS STIMMEL, Layon, Section foreman, died 28 Feb 1923

JOHN WILKS, Perryopolis, died 03 Mar 1923

NEWTON GUE, Perryopolis, died Sep 1922

ADDIE BLAIR, Perryopolis, died 30 Nov 1922

LENA TAYLOR, nee HALL, Perryopolis, died 28 Dec 1922

ROCKWELL MARIETTA, Connellsville, complications, died 12 Dec 1922

ANNIE BAILEY, nee Jackson, Perryopolis, died 05 May 1923

BELLE HOUGH, wife of James Hough, Scottdale, died 24 May 1923

ELIZABETH CURRAN, died 29 May 1928

The following was clear in back of ledger:



Great Grandmother Eva M. Hohenshal died 13 Mar 1883

Uncle Frank Eberhard died 13 Aug 1883

Uncle Charlie Eberhard died 18 Jan 1886

Allen Carson died 18 Mar 1886

Isabella Curran died 16 Dec 1884, born 18 Jul 1851

Mary Ann White, born 1842, died 27 Dec 1916, she was 74 yrs, 11 months and 7 days

She had 2 visits from an Uncle Peter Curran and Aunt Kate Curran, one on 20 Oct 1921 and one on 02 Aug 1923

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