Fayette County Genealogy Project

Fayette City Cemetery
By: Sherry Shondelmyer  2005

The following came from Funeral Notices, Death Notices and Obituaries found in the following newspapers Charleroi Mail , Monessen Daily Independent, The Valley Independent

 According to the obits or death notices they are listed as being buried in Fayette City Cemetery.

Anderson, Alexander 19-Sep-43 78 Sister Margaret Hamilton survives 1943-09-20    Charleroi Mail
Ashton, Edmund J. 30-Nov-34     1934-12-03     Charleroi Mail
Athey, William J. 24-Apr-44 83  * Buried FRAZIER Plan 1944-04-24    Charleroi Mail
Baker, Mrs. Arthur 13-Feb-16 56 Wife of Arthur 1916-02-16    Monessen Daily Indpendent
Batton, Richard 12-Aug-20 34   1920-08-16    Charleroi Mail
Carroll, James 17-Oct-15 66 Wife & kids survive 1915-10-19     Charleroi Mail
Connelly, Jennie B. 13-Mar-60 92 * Buried FRAZIER Plan 1960-03-15     Charleroi Mail
Cooper, William S. 27-Dec-32 92 Veteran of Civil War 1932-12-27    Charleroi Mail
       Co. D 79th reg. PA  
Crawford, Mabel 12-Sep-09 31 Wife of Hawkins 1901-09-13    Charleroi Mail
Dale, Richard T. 25-Jun-28     1928-06-29    Monessen Daily Indpendent
Dinsmore, Jennie 19-Sep-39     1939-09-20    Monessen Daily Indpendent
Dolan, Charles 1-Feb-16 24 Son of  John W. Dolan 1916-02-02     Charleroi Mail
Hall, Rev. William  W. 15-Jan-38 76    1938-01-18    Charleroi Mail
Hancock, Wilmot D. 2-Jun-13 33 Wife & kid (3 year old)  1913-06-03    Charleroi Mail
Hare,(Farquhar) Lourena Mae 10-May-42 67 Wife of J.M. Hare 1942-05-12    Charleroi Mail
Humphries, William 22-Dec-47 71    1947-12-23    Charleroi Mail
Jacobs, Mrs. William H. 15-Sep-10 61  Wife of Will 1910-09-15    Charleroi Mail
Johnson, Mrs. Jacob 18-Oct-20      1920-10-18    Charleroi Mail
Jones, Ida Mae 4-Jul-55 82      1955-07-06     Charleroi Mail
Keefer, John Jr. funeral service held Son of M/M John Keefer  1923-04-23    Monessen Daily Indpendent
      April 22, 1922      
Kent, Athalia 14-Apr-42 20 Daughter of Frank H & Elizabeth 1942-04-17    Charleroi Mail
Kent, Jacob 24-Feb-11 72 Husband of Lizzie Householder 1911-02-25    Monessen Daily Indpendent
Masters, Marie 1-Apr-17   Niece Mrs Jasper Rockwell 1917-05-01    Charleroi Mail
McCrory, Carrie Mae 31-Dec-45 90   1945-12-31    Charleroi Mail
McCrory, James Bird 28-Oct-52 69 Husband of Emma 1952-10-09      Monessen Daily Indpendent
Nicholas, Levi 17-Oct-15 65 Wife & kids survive  1915-10-19     Charleroi Mail
Nutt, Thomas H. August 16,1920 79   1920-08-18    Charleroi Mail
Olesevsky, James  6-May-75 56 Husb of Mary Betty Vaughan 1975-05-08      The Valley Independent
Parks, William Jr. 18-Feb-29 11 Son of  Mr.& Mrs. William Parks   1929-02-19   Monessen Daily Indpendent
Peden, Williams Anna 9-Dec-39 82   1939-12-11    Charleroi Mail
Pendlebery, Mrs. John H. 11-Aug-13 65 Wife of John Harry 1913-09-11    Monessen Daily Indpendent
PFC  Devers Frank S. jr. 11-Jun-53 22 Son of Frank  Sr. & Janet 1953-08-11     Monessen Daily Indpendent
Pfleghardt, William Emmet 19-May-13 25 Son of John 1913-05-21    Monessen Daily Indpendent
Read, (nee Hancock) Laura 21-Apr-51 81 Son & daughters survive 1951-04-23    Monessen Daily Indpendent
Rigby, (nee Campbell) Eliza 6-May-28 61 Son & daughters survive 1928-05-09    Charleroi Mail
Rohland, Daniel 4-Jul-37 65 Husband of Helen 1937-07-06    Monessen Daily Indpendent
Roush, John P. 23-Apr-44 83   1944-04-24    Charleroi Mail
Shetterly, (nee Gaunt) Jennie 2-May-35 62 Wife of  Charles 1935-05-03    Monessen Daily Indpendent
Smith, Mrs. Andrew 5-Nov-42   Dau. of  Mr. & Mrs.Arthur Booth 1942-11-07    Charleroi Mail
Stephens, Frank S April 30,1912 36 Sister survives 1912-04-30     Charleroi Mail
Treasurer, Caroline 13-Apr-04 42 Wife of John W. Treasurer 1904-04-14     Monessen Daily Independent
Urban, Leo 14-Feb-37     1937-02-16    Charleroi Mail
Wasicek, Male 5-Jan-16 infant Son of August Wasicek 1916-01-06    Charleroi Mail
Williams, Martha B. 25-Aug-26   Dau of  W.W. Williams 1938-08-26    Charleroi Mail
Willson, J.A. 29-Jun-25 60  Mrs. Brightwell (sis survives) 1925-06-30    Charleroi Mail
Young, Ester 8-Dec-46 61 Wife of Frank 1946-12-10    Monessen Daily Indpendent

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