Webb Cemetery
Jay Township
Elk County PA

Webb Cemetery

Webb Cemetery, Jay Township, Elk Co., PA as developed by Helen Scott Lovenduski and others for the Mt Zion Historical Society in September 2008. We thank Helen and the Society for use of this cemetery transcription. I've modified this listing based off other information available- most recently info (based on permission thanks to Sally and Iris Caskey) from their Cemeteries and Burial Plots of Elk County Pennsylvania). Many thanks to Iris and Sarah Caskey for their willingness to share their infomation with the genealogy community in general. Many old grave markers are very difficult to read. In addition, occasionally a typing mistake occurs. We apologize for any errors which may occur, and would appreciate any information that would help keep update this list.

DIRECTIONS TO THE Webb CEMETERY. located on Hemlock Avenue Force On private land

Name Birth-Death Other
BIXBY, CLARA FORCE 1896-1921 d/o John & Ermina
FLANDERS, BERTIE J. D Jan 8,1872 Infant so M.H. & JF
FLANDERS, EMILY d March 22,1873 wo M.H. - 22Yrs10m7d
FLANDERS, WALLIE M. d Aug 26,1870 so M.H & JF. 3Yrs3m9d
FORCE, ERMINA WEBB 1853-1926 do Charles W/wo John M.
FORCE, JOHN M. 1853-1922
McKINNON, LACKEY Drowned July 24, 1867 ho Harriet Webb Age 22Yrs1m
SCULL, EDWARD D. Sep 3,1906-Mar 2, 1956 WWII Pfc,US Army
SCULL, ELMER C. Jan 4,1872 - Dec 21,1955 Spanish American war
SCULL, GEORGE H. 1848-1905 'Father"
SCULL, JOSEPH Webb 1888-1949 Father"
SCULL, LAWRENCE E. Dec 3,1875-July 24,1897 so G.H. & L. J.
SCULL, LUCY J.Webb 1850-1936 do Charles Webb "Mother"
SCULL, MARY J. June 20,1882 - June 18,1927 Mother"
WEBB, CAROLINE S. HEWITT July 11,1823 - June 28,1896 wo of Chas.
WEBB, CHARLES Mar 26,1807 - Mar 2,1879
WEBB, COL ISAAC WEBB* July 28,1765 - May 11, 1840 Revolutionary War Marker*
WEBB, GEORGE Jan 8,1800 - May 6,1831 so Isaac Webb
WEBB, ISAAC* 1761-1840 *Two marker - Rev War Pvt.
WEBB, WILLARD H. d July 14,1867 - so C. & C. 17yrs11m13d
WEBB, ZENAS M. Dec 8,1843 - Mar 14, 1883 so Isaac

Contributed by the Mt Zion Historical Society

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