Highland Cemetery
Highland Township
Elk County PA

Highland Cemetery as transcribed by Bob Nay with special thanks to Sally and Iris Caskey for their permission to reproduce this information from their Cemeteries and Burial Plots of Elk County Pennsylvania. The intent is to share those that I can best identify as being buried here. If you have other information that was missed or misread please let me know.

The cemetery is located on Route 948 in Highland Corners.

May 23, 1992
Last Name First , Middle Name Date of Birth Date of Death Other Notes
AlderferDan'l D.19011966
AlderferHelen F.19101988
Dec 18 187472yrs. 1mo. 24days;Wife of Chas. Stubbs
AndresGabrielle KristinJan 19, 1993Sep 16, 1993Little Pookie
AndresKristin Diane.Oct 12, 1978Aug 26, 1991Meister
AnnapleJohn A.18471889
AnnapleOra M.18591917
AnthonyElmer C.19061980
AnthonyLillian M.19061979
BeerHarriet C. 1912

BeerAlbert W.19051988
BennettA. 18571913
BennettA. Minerva18831957Mother
BennettCharley R. 1916

BennettChristina M. 19091989
BennettGeorge R. 18811929Father
BennettHazel R.19171988
BennettMary E.19041970
BennettMelvin M.19181919
BennettRuth N.19201987

BlackMyrtle 1919

BoydCecil A.Feb 27, 1897Jan 29 1967Pvt Co A, 132 Engr WWI
BoydMadge N.Jan 24, 1916Sep 3, 1969
BurtonAlice M. 1920Infant
BushleyMable L.18921895
CampbellSalle A.19461986
CarlsonRose MarieApr 18, 1944Dec 4, 1995
Carter   CIVIL WAR, GAR 1861-1865
ChamplinFrank L.19061910
ChapmanCarol A19451991
ChapmanAlden L.19171977
ChristalSpeary P.  1951
DarnofallJanell HNov 22,1975Dec 2, 1995m/o Varick
DarnofallVarick C JNov 22, 1993Dec 1, 1993baby
DechanoFrank PaulMar 11, 1936Feb 24, 1994
EdingerDoris E.19181981
EdmistonHenry A.19071985
EdmistonMary E.1912

EllithropCasper Grant19651912
EllithropHannah 12 June 183327 April 191170y10m
EllithropLeviJune 9,1830 December 12, 188353y6m3d
EllithropMary Emma18591941
June 23,185450y6m6d
EwingsDonald P.19291985
FairweatherGoldie M. 19071969
FairweatherIrwin A. 19071976
FairweatherMyra A.18861950
FairweatherOscar M. 18761967
FederoskiLorraine E 19281993Rainy
FederoskiWilliam J. Mar 15, 1915Nov 12, 1990Pee Wee US Navy WW2
FoltzMabel M. 19031975
FrazierEarla L. 19071972
FrazierZella E.18811971
FullerHillary Ann Jan 27, 1993
FullerMark A. 19791988Son Brother
GarityCarol D 19411992
GarityTimothy E 1935-
GeerEdith B. Ishman1922
Children of Edith & Marti L.: Gary, Jack, Jim, Karen, Larry, Patty, Rick, Robert T., Scott, Steve, Tom, Vicki, Cheryl
GeerMartin L. 19601990married 48yrs.
GibsonAnn M.
February 14,186732y 4m;w/o C. B.
GortonEdith E. 1922
w/o Ray H.
GortonElizabeth 18541930w/o Harmon
GortonGrace 18921894
GortonHarmon 18461908Father
GortonIra 18851930
GortonRay H. May 22,1922July 24,1975T/5 US Army WW2

no data
GuignonJoseph E. 18931894
HaulikAlice M. 19131971
HaulikJoseph A. 1908

HeeterMaxine 19261988
HeeterOrren A Mar 16, 1919May 2, 1990Pvt US Army WW2

Father, Son
HuckaboneEnid M. 1914

HuckaboneErnest 19091987(Ernest A.)
IshmanEdith B. Geer1922
w/o Martin L Geer
IshmanElma C. 18991975
IshmanWalter M. 18991983
JacksonHattie E. August 1880June 1945M
JacksonRobert S. 18691950
JohnsonAmelia A. 18501930w/o Andrew J.
JohnsonAndrew J. 18471913
JohnsonC. F. J.

JohnsonDaughter 1879

JohnsonE. Malla 18921892
JohnsonGustaf F. March 8,1884
1y 18d;Son of A. C. & E.
JohnsonHildur A. 18931899
JohnsonMargareta Nelson 1812/831886Grandmother
JohnsonMary Louise 18781926
JohnsonMathilda A. 18811886
JohnsonOscar E. 9 June 1880
4yrs. 5 mos. 15days;Daughter of  A. C. & E.
JoshnickEvelyn M. 18991988
JoshnickHarold L. 19131989
JoshnickLarry W. 19121983
JoshnickLouis O. 18881971
KesslerGladys N. 18941936w/o William C.
KesslerHarold Lewis September 14,1909 January 12,1981Cpl USA WW2
KesslerMinnie M. 18751956Mother, w/o William
KesslerMyrtle D. 1915

KesslerWilliam 18671936Father
KesslerWilliam C. 18981954Father
LindseyBaby girl 19531953
LindseyHarry J. May 20,1910 July 29,1975Pvt USA WW2
LindseyWilliam E. March 3,1913 October 21,1976Pfc USA WW2
LuboldEmanuel 18861914
MarshJohn 18111908

no data
McClainMabel A. 18971973
McClainScott Alan 19681968
McClainThomas E. 18901970
McCrackenInez H. 18971966Mother
McCrackenWilliam R. 18871957Father
McCrackenWillis E. 19301963Cpl Army Security Agency Korean War 1950-55

no data
MooreFlorence 18971969
NearingGrace V. Jul 13, 1908
NearingIra Lee 19031972
NearingRegina M. 19461980
NelsonMargareta 1812/131886Grandmother, buried with Johnson
NicklasGeorge J Sep 12, 1915Feb 10, 1991
NicklasGladys Aug 25, 1920-
OgrinJosephine 18961977
OgrinValentine 18861978
PattersonJohn E. April 23,1919 November 3,1988Pfc USA WW2
PaulsonLuella E.
PaulsonCarrold H. 19071979
PenceJames K. 1936

PenceNeva D. 1939

PooleCecil A. 19071975
PooleRuth Lare 19101970
RansonRuby K. 19111988
RansonW. Wade 19121958
RappPatricia J Mar 15, 1936Oct 10, 1993
RappWayne D May 26,1936 1988m Nov 10, 1956
ReaEdessa 1911---
Reasons --George F and Lyle V
ReaVirgil P Dec 10, 1909July 14, 1995-
RickerAbbie M. 18851893d/o G.C. & --
RodgersLeatrice E. 1931

RodgersLeona M. 19080963
RodgersWilliam V. 19051979
RodgersWilliam V. 19281988
RosseyBeatrice L. 19121975
RosseyJoann L 1936-
RosseyWilliam L 1932-
February 1,188962y 6m 15d;w/o S. Sheeley
SheeleyCharles David19321938
SheeleyDavid A. 18541923
SheeleyElizabeth E. 18611930
June 1,188421y. 2m 10d;d/o P. C. & C. A.
SiegelE. Josephine 1910

SiegelWalter M. 19001980
SloanHarold Arthur March 4,1935 May 20,1967Pa Sr USN
SloanHelen M. 19061983
SloanMelvin G. 19061977
SmithGeorge 18271901"Hunter"
23 December 187779y 3m 20d
StubbsMary 18391936d/o Charles & Sarah
StubbsSarah Allen
December 28,187172y 7m 4d;w/o Charles
StubbsWilliam J. December 28,1821 November 26,1893
TomassoniThomas L July 18, 1968Mar 3, 1993
Van (Kirk)

Infant children of John & Mary
WallickBarbara R 19211995Babs
WallickClyde A Sr 1924-Bud
WilsonLucille K 19101993
WilsonWilliam H 19051991
WondersCharles N. 19511976Pfc USA Vietnam 1951-76
WondersJackie L. 1955

WoodfordCharles F. Jr. July 15,1931 August 28,1973PA SP3 USA
WoodfordTheresa 1931

WoodwardAmanda V18861983
WoodwardArthur E.18791969
WoodwardArthur W.Feb 1, 1925Nov 12, 1995
WoodwardLeroy 1 November 19521 June 1896
WoodwardMother 18561923
Zoretichmatt Jr19161993m Aug 1, 1959
1863d/o ----dag. 1y

buried with Gorton, no data

Father, GAR 1861-65, Civil War

Contributed by Bob Nay (with permission and thanks to Iris and Sarah Caskey)

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