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Remembering the Baratter(Barattieri) Family of Elk County PA
Submitted by Rick Baratter

Domenico, son of Francesco Baratter or Barattieri; b. Mar 10, 1860 in either Albaredo which is a hamlet of Vallarsa or Rovereto, both in the province of Trento, Austria (Italy); d. Jul 20, 1934 in Helens Mills, PA; bur. with his wife Domenico Baratter in Holy Cross Cemetery, Brandy Camp, PA; m. about 1887 probably in Trento to Guiseppa “Josephine” Cumerloti; b. Jul 04, 1867 probably in Trento; d. Jul 22, 1955 in Penfield, PA; bur. Holy Cross Cemetery, Brandy Camp, PA. (both tombstones have the surname Baratter on them). Vallarsa and Rovereto are in the Trentino-Alto Adige region of northern Italy. From 1509 to 1918 the province of Trento was ruled by Austria. Domenico came to America in 1889, and sent for his wife and their oldest son Eugenio in 1891. The family settled in Crenshaw, PA, where Domenico became a coal miner. Somewhere along the line the surname Baratter became Bart, and all descendants have gone by this last name. Domenico and Josephine's children were born with the surname Baratter, but on some of the vital record copies, Josephine Baratter such as marriage records of their children, the name Barattieri or Bart is used. During the 1900 Census, Domenico “Baratiere” and family were living in Horton, Elk County, PA, where he was a coal miner. He was listed as being born in Austria as were his parents and immigrating in 1889. Guiseppa was also listed as being born in Austria along with her parents, married for 13 years, and being the mother of 6 children all living. She and Eugenio immigrated in 1891. During that same census year living next to the family was John Nasoni; b. Jun 1844 in Italy, his wife Anna; b. Feb 1861 and their children. They had been married for 14 years, and she was the mother of six children, 5 alive. The Baratter family except Eugenio and Lindo was on the manifest of the S. S. Duca d’ Aosta that sailed from Genoa, Italy Oct 16, 1912 and arrived at the Port of New York Oct 30. Someone overwrote the surname Baratter with Bart, some of the original names with American names, and their nationality was listed as Croatian. The children’s place of birth was also overwritten with “US Born”. On the manifest it was stated that Domenico was visiting his father Francesco and returning to St. Mary’s to see his sons Eugenio and most likely Lindo although the spelling is hard to make out. He had previously been in the US from 1889 to 1909. And someone overwrote across his physical description “[Possibly Domain Place] Ridgeway, PA May 22, 1899”. In the 1920 Census Domenico and Josephine “Bart” and family were living in Horton where he was a coal miner. According to this census record, Domenico immigrated in 1890, and was naturalized in 1899. Josephine immigrated in 1891. Their “Mother Tongue” was Italian. In 1930 Dominic, Josephine and Narciso Bart were on Toby Road in Fox Twp, Elk County. His birth place was listed as Italy.


Eugenio Baratter, also known as Daniel Bart; b. Dec 01, 1888 in Rovereto, Austria; d. Feb 12, 1920 from pneumonia at his home in Brandy Camp, PA; bur. Holy Cross Cemetery, Brandy Camp. Eugenio Baratter was on the S. S. Konig Albert that sailed from Naples, Italy Jun 02, 1905 and arrived at the Port of New York Jun 14. His last residence is illegible and his final destination was Taylor, PA. Eugenio “Baratteri” arrived at Ellis Island Dec 26, 1910 on the ship LaBretagne. The ship’s port of departure was LeHavre, Seine-Inferior, France. According to the ship’s manifest, he could read and write, he was a miner, had family in the US, and his destination was Dagus Mines, PA. This was not his first arrival in the US; he had $25 with him, and was described as being 5 feet, six inches tall, with auburn hair. When Eugenio Bart filed his WWI draft registration card Jun 15, 1917 in Elk County, he was residing in Brandy Camp, and he was employed by the Shawmut Mining Company. He listed his place of birth as Austria, and also stated that he served for three months in the Austrian Army. At that time, Eugenio was described as having a medium build, grey eyes and brown hair. His funeral and his brother-in-law Guillermo Tomasetti’s was concelebrated at Holy Cross Roman Catholic Church in Brandy Camp.

Lindo Baratter; b. Dec 10, 1892 in Crenshaw, PA; bpt. Jan 08, 1893 in St. Boniface Church, Kersey, PA by Reverend B. J. Raycroft (with surname Bart on a copy of baptismal certificate dated Feb 18, 1951); d. Feb 13, 1964 from stomach cancer in Brockway, PA (surname Bart); bur. with his wife in Holy Cross Cemetery, Brandy Camp, PA; m. Aug 30, 1915 in Brandy Camp, PA, by the Reverend Francis Ferrara, to Marianna Mariucci; b. Nov 25, 1897 in Sigillo, Province of Perugia, Italy; bpt. Nov 30, 1897 in Sigillo; d. Sep 05, 1964 in Brockway. She was the daughter of Domenico and Angela (Nasomi) Mariucci, and came to this country at age seventeen. Lindo began working for the Lindo Bart Northwest Mining and Exchange Company at age 14. He started in the Brandy Camp Mines, and worked in the Kittaning and Oysterville mines in Helens Mills. He must have made a trip back to Austria because he was on the S. S. Lorraine that left Havre on Sep 09, 1911 and arrived in New York Sep 16th. On that manifest, his surname was spelled Barater and he came from Proverto [correct spelling Rovereto], Vallarsa, Tyrol, Austria. [Note: These two towns are in the present day province of Trento, Italy]. Lindo listed his father Domenico Barater as his nearest living relative living in Vallarsa, Austria and his final U.S. destination was Ridgeway, PA to see his brother Eugenio Barater. His description on the manifest was listed as being 5’ 6 ˝” tall, “chestnut” eyes and “chestnut” hair with a fair complexion. On his WWI draft registration card, he stated that he was employed as an electric motor man for the Shawmut mining company. He was of slender build, had grey eyes and light hair. Lindo and his wife also ran a general store in Brandy Camp that sold fruits, vegetables, gas, and coal mining supplies. He played the tuba in the Brother Worker's Band in Brockway. He was also active in the Eagles Club and worked at election times registering new voters in the area, using his bilingual skills to help the newly arrived Italian immigrants. He was a staunch Republican. The first house they lived in had no running water. Sons Louie and Angelo would walk to the mines with their wagons to haul coal back to the house for heat. (about five or six tons a year), and on the weekends, it was their turn to bring in water from the well. According to my Aunt Norma, the favorite meal in the Baratter household was sauerkraut and mush (polenta). They ate more German food than Italian. In 1942 Lindo filed his WWII draft registration card. He and Marianna were living on RD 1 in Brockport, and he was working for the Northwest Mining Company in Oyster, Brockport, PA. The last residence of Lindo and Marianna was at 1008 Railroad Street in Brockway.

Lena Baratter; b. Dec 13, 1894 in Crenshaw, PA; d. Feb 1976 in Long Island City, NY; m. Vitorio “Victor” Nicolli; b. Sep 25, 1885 in Solemo, Trento, Austria [Italy]; d. Jul 1962.

Henry Nicola Baratter; b. Aug 04, 1896 in Crenshaw, PA; d. Aug 17, 1978; bur. with his wife in Long Island National Cemetery, Farmingdale, NY; m. Apr 23, 1923 at St. Nicholas Church in Clarion County, PA, to Mary Battaia; b. Jul 04, 1902 in Dysart, PA; d. Jul 31, 1986.

Luigi Baratter; b. Oct 10, 1898 in Brandy Camp, PA; d. Oct 30, 1918 in Pennsylvania; bur. Holy Cross Cemetery, Brandy Camp, PA. Luigi resided in Brandy Camp, when his WWI draft registration card was filed in Sep 1918, he signed it Louis Bart, worked for the Brandy Camp Mines, was of slender build, and had grey eyes and light hair. Louis also claimed he was a subject of Austria.

Alice Baratter; b. Mar 1900 in Brandy Camp, PA; d. Sep 28, 1954 in Bronx, NY; m. (1) Aug 15, 1918, Angelo Tomasetti; b. Jan 29, 1893 in Austria; d. Oct 30, 1918 (the same day as her brother Luigi) from a burst appendix. He was the son of Sobato and Luigia (Ferigoli) Tomasetti. Angelo arrived in NYC Apr 24, 1913 on the Steam ship Cedric which left from Liverpool, England. His place of residence in Italy was listed as Avia. On his WWI draft registration Tomasetti card, he listed his place of birth as Austria, was a resident of Brandy Camp, and worked as a miner for the Brandy Camp Coal Company. He was of medium build, had brown eyes and brown hair. Alice m. (2) Feb 22, 1919, Angelo’s brother, Guillermo; b. Dec 02, 1894 in Austria; d. Feb 12, 1920 (the same day as her brother Eugenio) from the flu epidemic in the Ridgeway Hospital. On his WWI draft registration card, he listed his place of birth as Austria, was a resident of Brandy Camp, and worked as a miner for the Brandy Camp Coal Company. He was of not tall, nor short, but medium, of stout build, had brown eyes and brown hair. On her application for marriage (no. 7287) to Guillermo filed in Elk County, PA, Her parents are listed as residents of Kersey, PA, and have the surname Bart.

Narciso ("Ciso", pronounced Cheezo) Frank Baratter; b. Oct 03, 1903 in Brandy Camp, PA; d. Jun 05, 1997; m. Sep 14, 1940 in Brandy Camp, Betty Jane Clark; b. Mar 07, 1923 in Brockway; d. Jan 30, 1982 in Warren State Hospital; bur. St. Boniface Church, Kersey, PA. She was the daughter of Merle and Zella Belle (Jones) Clark. During the 1930 census Narciso and his parents Dominic and Josephine Bart were living on Toby Road in Fox Twp, Elk County, PA. Narciso was single and working as a shagger in the coal mines. "Ciso's” delayed birth certificate filed in 1944, lists his surname as Bart.

Mabel Baratter; b. Sep 02, 1905 in Brandy Camp, PA; d. Dec 04, 1980; m. (1) 1924, Steve Pihl; b. about 1893 in Sweden; d. Jan 1950 while waiting for his car to warm up. He died from carbon monoxide poisoning caused by a defective auto tail pipe. Mabel moved back to Penfield, PA after Steve died, and m. (2) David Bogue Smart; b. Aug 20, 1893 in Arnot, Tioga Co, PA; d. Jan 1976 in Penfield, PA. He was the son of William B. Smart; b. Feb 1849 in Scotland and Anna Jeffrey; b. Apr 1852 in Scotland.

Hazel Rosalia Baratter; b. Dec 02, 1907 in Brandy Camp, PA; d. Nov 24, 2001 in Penfield, PA; m. (1) Armando Stagi; b. Feb 02, 1905; d. Feb 21, 1932; bur. Holy Cross Cemetery, Brandy Camp, PA. Armando arrived on Ellis Island Jul 03, 1922 aboard the Guglielmo Peirce from Naples, Italy. His residence was listed as Terringa, Italy. Hazel m. (2) Irven Carl Caliari; b. Mar 03, 1912 in Mill Run, PA; d. Mar 04, 1976 in Mill Run, PA. Irven was on the ship’s manifest of the S. S. Queen Mary that sailed Jun 14, 1956 from Cherbourg, France and arrived at the port of New York Jun 19th. His destination was Penfield, PA.

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