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Some of information from
Egle's Notes and Queries of Penna
1700s - 1800s 3rd Series Vol 1
1st & 2nd Series Vol 1
Pgs 144 351 444 Col 2 Pg 210
Sources of data include: Berks Co. Hist. Soc.
via Eleanor Shutter and
Wm. H. Egle's "Notes and Queries"
3rd Series, Vol 1, Pgs 185/186

Middletown Journal Saturday, May 4, 1895

"Thrown From A Wagon"

About 6:15 o'clock last evening Col. James Young met with an accident,
and those who witnessed it declared that it was a miracle that it did not
prove fatal. He was driving down Union Street with a very spirited, though
perfectly safe horse. While crossing the P. & R. track at Brown street, the
front wheels of the buggy struck the iron with great force and threw the
Colonel from the vehicle. He fell head foremost and struck the ground with
the back of his neck and left shoulder. A number of bystander hurriedly
went to Mr. Young's assistance and carried him into the residence of Mrs.
Rambler. Dr. Bowers was hastily summoned and after applying restoratives
ordered Mr. Young to be taken to his home. After he was placed in his bed
Dr. Bowers made a careful examination, but could find nothing of a serious
nature. At about 9:30 o'clock last night Mr. Young began to recover from
the shock, and this morning, although feeling the effects of the fall very
much, was reported better.

A young man by the name of Palmer, who was in the buggy, jumped out,
but was not hurt. The horse ran to the barn. The buggy was not broken.

In the Middletown Journal Saturday, May 11, was James Young's obit,
having died at 9:35 Saturday morning, May 4th.

James Young and wife Elizabeth Ann Redsecker

James Young and wife Elizabeth Anna Redsecker with Peter in back.

James S. Young and sister Sarah H. Young
James S. Young and sister Sarah H. Young, Middletown's Young plot
James S. Young died October 10, 1886

Young Family plot, Middletown Cemetery
Young Family plot, Middletown Cemetery

Two Samuel Youngs born 1822

SAMUEL YOUNG - 1822-1898
SAMUEL YOUNG - 1822- 1903
Obituary in The Middletown Press
Obituary in the Middletown Journal
Saturday, December 29, 1898
November 21st, 1903
Yesterday the funeral of Samuel Young,Samuel Young, brother of the late James
formerly of Middletown, was held atYoung, of this place, died at Grand
Middletown. Mr.Young was a former DeTour, Ill. Nov. 12th, 1903. He was born
resident of Steelton, but lived for some timeat Swatara Hill Oct 19, 1822.
in Nebraska. His death occured lastSamuel Young was the last of his family. He
Saturday while visiting his son on Chambers leaves three sons, all residing in the west.
Street, Steelton. Sergeant Samuel Lascomb
Post No. 351 Grand Army of the Republic,See Samuel's headstone (below)) in the
of which the deceased had been a member,Middletown Cemetery alongside his dughter-
turned out in a Leah Hahn

Obituaries compliments Anna Young Zimmerman

Samuel Young, Middletown Cemetery
Samuel Young, Middletown Cemetery

Samuel Young family, Middletown Cemetery
Some of Samuel Young Family

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