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Londonderry Township
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== Cemeteries Listings ==

Transcriptions by Charles E. Fies
donated for use in USGenWeb
by Mrs. Charles Fies and Family

Compiled by Chas. E. Fies
from Works by Many Others

Cemetery DescriptionsActual Link NameUpdated
Alleman / Baldwin allemanbaldwin.html5-3-5
Brinser's Cemeterybrinsercem.html8-18-1
Ebenezers L.S. Twpebenezercem.html9-6-3
Epler, Gingrich/Metzger
Rothrock Cemeteries
Forgotten in Middletown midforgottencem.html6-24-5
Forgotten (sorted) midforgottencem2.html7-5-4
Frey's, Emaus Orphan's Homefreysemauscem.html6-17-4
Geyer's Hillsdale Cemeterygeyercem.html6-4-5
Highspire Cemeteryhighspire.html10-16-4
Hummelstown Cemeteryhummelstownzion.html1-18-6
Londonderry's 36 Cems.cemetery.html2-11-5
Masonic Templemasonictemple.html3-31-2
Middletown Cemeterymiddletowncem1.html9-27-4
Middletown, Reinterrmentsmiddletownreinterr.html7-15-4
Mumma Cemetery, LS Twpmummacam.html2-3-1
Nissley Cemeteries nissley.html2-20-4
Old German Burial Groundoldgerman.html4-16-5
Old and New Blackblack.html2-22-5
Old Newspapersoldnews.html3-13-3
Saint Mary's Catholicstmarys.html12-3-3
Sant Peter's Kierchkierchcem.html3-28-4
Schaffner's Gaynor Lane schaffners.html2-22-4
Shenk's Church Cemetery shenkscem.html2-21-4
Shope's Mennonite, LS Twpmummacam.html2-3-1
Stoner Inn; Ye Olde - LS Twpstoner.html1-5-5
Sunset's Cemeterysunset.html8-3-2
Shelley Cemetery Hill Islandshelley.html3-22-5
Swartz Cemetery, LS Twpswartznissley.html3-1-5
Swatara Hill Brethren Churchswatarahill.html8-18-1
Young & Wealand Families youngwealand.html10-22-4

JIM (James Harold) MORGAN's
1976 Listings
Compiled, in part, from notes of
JIM (James Harold) MORGAN and Dr. Wm. H. Egle
on file Middletown Public Library and
the Londonderry Township Supervisors' Office

Plot Chart by Nathan E. Rux, Eagle Scout Project,
April 18, 1991
See also "Cemeteries of Dauphin County" by Karl Fox

Londonderry Township, Dauphin Co., PA
Contents Page Graves Location
Universal Transverse Mercator Grid Index 2. .
Brief Summary of Cemeteries 3..
Behm Cemetery 48252N, 59E
Brand(t) Cemetery 30951N, 57E
Breneman Cemetery 32151N, 55E
Brinser Cemetery 8 5048N, 56E
Conewago Presbyterian).349N, 57E
Detweiler/Martin/Ruth on Wright's Farm4913.
Ebersole/Hackenberger Cemetery44452N, 59E
Epler Cemetery13 1946N, 57E
Epler Cemetery (2nd one) 15148N, 57E
Espenshade/Gingrich Cemetery (Sunset)234848N, 54E
Garver Cemetery 12249N, 57E
Gingrich/Espenshade Cemetery (Sunset)234848N, 54E
Gingrich/Metzger Cemetery167245N. 54E
Gingrich Cemetery - Taylor's Farm29248N, 55E
Geyer's Hillsdale Cemetery...
Hackenberger/Ebersole/ Cemetery44452N, 59E
Kaylor/Reif Cemetery - Dr. Gingrich's Farm46550N, 54E
Kinsey (plowed under)..47N, 55E
Lehman Cemetery 45650N, 59E
Longnecker Cemetery 47451N, 59E
Martin/Ruth/Detweiler Wright's Farm4913.
Old Negro Cemetery - No Longer in Use3370+51N, 55E
New Negro Cemetery - Still in Use37124+51N, 55E
Negro Cemetery, Royalton - Not in Use.432+50N, 54E
Nissley Cemetery 263945N, 55E
Rambler's Farm Cemetery - No Trespassing..52N, 56E
Reif/Kaylor Cemetery - Dr. Gingrich's Farm46550N, 54E
Rothrock Cemetery - Tom Eckards/Railroad 5 2247N, 55.5E
Ruth/Detweiler on Goldie Wright's Property4913.
(Sunset) Espenshade/Gingrich Cemetery 234848N, 54E

*Introduction by Jim Morgan*

This is a record of the private cemeteries in Londonderry Township. It does not
include public cemeteries, or those run by churches, presently in use as of this month
of December 1976. The cemeteries I recorded were almost all either private cemeteries,
used and owned by farmers and now forgotten, or church cemeteries, used by a church
no longer functioning.
I do not mean to claim that this is a complete report of all the private cemeteries.
Certainly, there are those whose very existence has been forgotten. What I give
to you is a record of only the stones I found in only the cemeteries I know about.

A Word Of Caution...
This record is not meant to be used as the sole means of a geneological inquiry of
one's family tree. Due to the many possibilities of error, cemeteries furnish sometimes
inaccurate or totally false information. However, much of the information is valid,
and it does show marital and filial relationships.

In many cases, the stone was too worn to be legible, even with rubbing. These are
indicated by a _____, meaning totally illegible, or a ? indicating an educated guess.

I would like to point out that frequently a tombstone is the only record a person
had to mark his very existence on this earth. That to plow the cemetery under and
thus perhaps obliterate the last trace of an individual who once lived, worked and
died on this land, is indeed a crime against humanity.

Brief Summary Of Cemeteries - 1976

1. Rothrock Cemetery located on Tom Eckard's land; decendant, Mrs.
Ethel Rothrock Sauder (in 1976).

2. Brinser Cemetery located on Paul Garver farm; Mat Brinser created a $500
trust of which the interest is used to keep up the cemetery. Mrs. John Groff
of Elizabethtown helps administer the trust.

3. Garver Cemetery located in the woods on Leonard Garver Farm.
Contact Mrs. Louis G. Hail.

4. Epler Cemetery located on the farm of John Epler

5. Epler Cemetery located on the farm of John Zeager
between Zeager and Brinser farms on the fence.

6. Gingrich/Metzger, also called Hoffer graveyard, located on former
Hoffer farm; now owned by Met-ED/GPU; near Red Hill.

7. Espenshade/Gingrich Cemetery, also referred to as the unnamed ground
on A. S. Light farm near the recreation area of Sunset Golf Course; original
Geyers Church congregation worshipped near this cemetery.

8. Nissley Cemetery located on Russ Garver farm - Jake Nissley,
grandfather of Claire Nissley, fixed up the cemetery in 1958.

9. Gingrich Cemetery located on farm of William S. Taylor
former Jacob Geyer farm.

10. Brand Cemetery located on Frank Ziats' farm

11. Breneman Cemetery, located under back parking lot of 230 Diner; Plowed
under in order to make a larger parking lot; Harold Hoke salvaged only
remaining stone and gave it to Dr. M. Costik,

12. Middletown East (Old Negro) Cemetery located aside of Shady Lane
(Holtzman Manor), across from Rt. 230 Diner.

13. Middletown East (New Negro) Cemetery still in use located aside of
Joseph Ziat's place on Iron Mine Road.

14. Royalton Negro Cemetery located on corner of Dock and Shippen
Streets in Royalton.

15. Unknown Cemetery located on former Robert Seiders' farm, formerly
owned by Dan Rambler. Mr. Rambler did not allow
permission for the inscriptions to be recorded and published.
Also known as the Brand(t) / Booser Cemetery

16. Kinsey Cemetery (plowed under) located on former Samuel Martin farm;
now owned by Mrs. Goldie (Pappy) Wright; contacted Goldie who knows
very little about actual cemetery.

17. Ebersole/Hackenberger Cemetery located on Frank Zeigler farm

18. Lehman Cemetery located on farm of Mahlon Lehman.

19. Rife Cemetery located on farm formerly owned by Dr. Rife Gingrich
The tenant farmer was Noah Kreiser; purchased by Fox's Market owner LeRoy
Fox and then resold.

20. Longnecker Cemetery located on farm of Roy Roush.

21. Behm Cemetery located in back of Charles Forney's house.

22. Conewago Cemetery, former John Alwine farm; near entrance to Big M Market;
started around 1730 near site of Conewago Presbyterian Church; 1730-1796;
plowed under before 1907.

23. Ruth/Detweiler Cemetery. The entire selection was taken from Egle's Notes
and Queries, 3rd Series, Volume III, Geneological Publishing Company,
Baltimore, MD 1970.

Behm Cemetery
Across Turnpike from
Reif and Longenecker

No remaining markers - Cleared out about 1985

Elizabeth, w/o Behmb. Aug 4 1775d. Jun 4 185882 Years 10 Mo
Abraham Behmb. 1769d. 1847 .

BRAND(T) / BOOSER Cemetery

On Frank Ziat's Farm, formerly Dan Ramblers, Seiders
SE corner of Schoolhouse & Colebrook Roads (Route 341);
Estate settled by Mary Hamman, Frank Ziat's sister, now KOPPS

Note: German engraved "ss" looks like "ff"
Henrich Buferb. Dec 28 1759 d. Jul 25 183878Yr 6Mo 28DaRev War Vet
Anna Bufferb. Oct 26 1760d. Feb 16 184584Yr 3Mo 21Daysw/o Henry
Maria Bufferb. Aug 22 1800d. Aug 13 184039Yr 11Mo22Dayswife of Jacob
Johannes ?????b. Nov 16 1785d. Mar 13 186175Yr 3Mo 27Days.
Jacob Booserb. Jan 27 1797d. Jan 21 185052Yr 11Mo25Days.
Abraham Booserb. Dec 3 1833d. Apr 16 185824Yr 4Mo 13Days.
John Brandb. Nov 6 1801 d. Nov 31 1852 51 Years 25 Days.
Anna Brandb. Aug 27 1797d. Dec 11 1854 57Yr 3Mo15Days.
Anna Brandtb. Aug 29 1805d. Oct 22 184035Y ?M 23Daysconsort of John
Barbara Brandb. Nov 2 1843d. Aug 27 18539Yr 9Mo25Daysd/o John & Ann
Anna Maria Brandb. Nov 24 1849d. Sep 20 1851 1Yr 10Mo5Daysd/o Samuel, Susanna
Barburn Geufinb. d. Dec 29 182948Yr8Mo14DaysInterpretation?
Barbara Gensingerb. d. Nov 29 182948Yr8Mo14DaysTranscription?
Isaac Kumfyb. ?d. Sep 12 1826 31Yr 7Mo 20Days.
Harriet Cappb. Aug 11 1851 d. Oct 4 18532Yr 1Mo 20Daysd/o Jacob & Mary
Mary Youtzb. May 15 1829d. Mar 16 185222Yr 10Mo 1Days.
FrancesKeiperb. Oct 20 1846d. May 5 18525Yr 4Mo 15Daysd/o Samuel & Nancy
AlbertKeiperb. Feb 1 1847d. May 26 18473Months 25Dayss/o John & Nancy
Elizabeth Staretb. ?d. Apr 23 186160 Years.

Transcriptions by Jim Morgan and Thomas Lehman, on file Hummelstown Historical Society

Under 230 Diner's
Parking Lot
US Route 230 East of Middletown, PA
Joseph Y.BrennemanDec 15, 1832Dec 8, 1836 3 Yrs 11 Mo 24 Days

Joseph Y. Brenneman
Son of Heinrich and Magdalina Brenneman
B. Dec 15, 1832 - D. Dec 8, 1836
Age 3 Yr 11 Mo 24 Da

Conewago / Gainsburg
Presbyterian Burial Ground
Middletown Route 230 East (abt 4 miles)
Plowed over and forgotten
First NameLast Name Birth Death Age
JohnDunbarAbout 1695Oct 5th 174551 Years
GeorgeAllisonAbout 1729July 18, 179261 Years
WilliamAllisonAbout 1796July 18, 17925/6 Years

Copy of Egle's notes on file Middletown Public Library

Garver Cemetery
Old Leonard Garver Farm
recently owned by Louis and Lydia Hail

First NameLast NameBirthDeathAge
ChristianGarverb. 1771 ? d. 1771?unknown
EveGarverb. d. May 22 183256Yr10Mo7Days

Gingrich Cemetery
Old Geyer Farm
recently owned by Bill Taylor
First NameLast NameBirthDeathAge
DavidGingrichb. Dec 13 1768d. Dec 1 184981 Years
BarbaraGingrichb. Jul 18 1773d. May 183865 Years

LEHMAN / HESS Cemetery
On Mahlon Lehman's Farm
on Beagle Road beyound Braeburn from Deodate Road
First NameLast NameBirthDeathAge
Jacob Lehmanb. Oct 5 1793 d. May 30 187673Yrs7Mo25Da
Elizabeth RifferLehmanb. Sep 26 1800 d. Jun 12 185655Yrs8Mo16Da
RofinaLehmanb. Oct 23 1770 d. Dec 91849.
George, s/oHessb. Aug 19 1851d. Jun 13 185210 Months 1 Da
Anna, d/oHessb. Jul 15 1864 d. Sep 1518642 Months
Amanda, d/oHessb. Feb 19 1861d. Feb 29 1864.

Ebersole / Hackenberger
Cemetery - Rt 341 and
Roush Road where
Turnpike crosses under Rt 341
Schoolhouse Road & Route 341;
Formerly owned by Frank Ziats

First NameLast Name BirthDeath Age
Lydia Ebersole b. d. Apr 10 186611 Months 6 Da
ElizabethEbersole b. d. Feb 18 18557 Days
JacobHackenbergerb. Sep 17 1788d. Oct 26184759Yrs1Mo9Da
CatharineHackenbergerb. Aug 19 1789d. Aug 12185666Yrs11Mo22Da

Reif / Kaylor Cemetery
Dr. Gingrich's Farm
Foxianna Road and Foxianna Farm Lane

First NameLast Name BirthDeathAge
Peter Reif b. Sep 18 1814d. Nov 2 183420Yrs1Mo15Da
Froahnica Reifeb. Jul 25 1791d. Jan 10 184856Yrs7Mo3Da
Johannis Reife Bur or Bar ?b. Aug 2 1782d. Mar 9 1823.
Christian Kaylorb. Jun 24 1843d. Jan 7 18506Yrs6Mo13Da
George M. McNealb. Mar? 1844d. Aug 26 18446 Months 26 Da

Longenecker Cemetery
Roush Farm
near Ebersole / Hackenberger Farm
on Roush Road
First NameLast Name BirthDeath Age
Anna, w/o PeterBrenserb. Sep 4 1832 d. Aug 28 185219Yrs11Mo24Da
ChristianLongeneckerb. Nov 2 1807d. Sep 23 187068Yrs10Mo21Da
Polly, w/o Longeneckerb. Apr 1 1811d. Jan 20 186152Yrs9Mo16Da
Adam, s/o Grader b. Aug 20 1852d. Sep 9 18531 Year 19 Days

Iron Mine Run Graveyard
Unidentified by Dr. Wm. Egle, Notes & Queries,
Third Series Volume 1 page 511
First NameLast Name BirthDeath
HarrySmithb. Dec. 20 1772 d. Aug 8 1840
Catharine, w/o HenrySmithb. 1785d. Jan 20, 1851
Mary, w/o Amos Clouserb. Dec 14 1826d. Oct 11, 1848

Old Negro, Royalton
Royalton Black Cemetery
One remaining stone
Georgia E. Hughes Burkett prepared the 1891-1991 Borough of
Royalton Centennial book, in which is found the following:
"In 1864 a small group of slaves fled by way of the underground
railroad from Virginia to Chambersburg, then on to Royalton
where they settled along the (canal) feeder from the Swatara
Creek to Buck Lock. They built a small church at the corner of
Shippen and Dock Streets and named it "The First Zion
Primitive Baptist Church." Behind the church was a small
cemetery. Many tombstones remained in place until only a
few years ago, although in 1920 the congregation moved the
church, intact, to Keystone Avenue in Middletown, where it
remains to this day."
First Name Last Name BirthDeathAge
HaptonRansomb. 1823d. 190077 Years
Margaret LeeRansomb. 1820d. 188766 Years

The following is a description of all the headstones
on the ground with the exception of a few
that are marked with two letters only.
First NameLast Name Birth Death Age
Samuel Bell b. d. Jun 7, 1849 O. of O.A.M. #84
Leader Ruth b. Aug 15 1836 d. Nov 17 1841 .
Mary Ruth b. Mar 17 1787 d. Oct 6 1841 .
Catherine Ruth b. Mar 27 1828 d. Sep 18 1841 .
John Ruth b. Jun 10 1820 d. Aug 13 1840 .
Jacob Reiff b. Mar 12 1775 d. Sep 5 1807 .
John Detweiler b. Dec 8 1790 d. Dec 5 1833 .
Jacob Detweiler b. Dec 8 1798 d. Dec 6 1833 .
Barbara Detweiler b. Mar 3 1796 d. Oct 14 1819 .
Elizabeth Detweiler b. Apr 25 1825 d. Sep 17 1825 .
Mary Detweiler b. Mar 10 1826 d. Mar 10 18266 Hours
Elizabeth Sellers b. Nov 10 1800 d. Dec11 1849.
Jeremiah Sellers b. Sep 24 1799 d. Jul 3 1853.

The following communication, as an advertisement,
appeared in one of our Middletown contemporaries. It shows
the fate of the Farm Family Grave-yards. At another time we shall have
something to say of this contemplated vandalism, only reproducing the
advertisement in the hope it may meet the eye of members of the families


Notice is hereby given that a grave-yard on the property of the
undersigned (signed J. E. Martin, Hillsdale, December 1, 1887) in
Londonderry Township, Dauphin County, Pennsylvania, is in a disgraceful
condition, overgrown with brushes and weeds, which spread in the field.
This grave-yard is lying nearly in the center of a twenty-eight acre field.

No right or deed was given. The undersigned has paid the taxes
on this plot of land for the past twenty years, and hereby gives notice to all
persons having relatives buried on the above named plot of ground to
remove them and their grave stones before the First day of March, 1888,
as after that date the same will be cleared and plowed over. No one has been
buried on the above named ground for the last thirty years.

This tract is sixty-three feet long and fifty-seven feet wide.
If the headstones are not taken out before the day above
mentioned, they will be sunk down below plowing reach.
Hillsdale, December 1, 1887....................................J. E. Martin

(From EGLE's NOTES AND QUERIES, 3rd Series, Volume
III Genealogical Publishing Companuy, Baltimore, MD - 1970)
(C.E.Fies note: No record in the old or new Geyer's Cemetery,
so where are the graves/stones?)

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